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    Forward Notes:

    Luxor 2 is a game I picked up on my arcade compilation disc ($5 used) at my local game store. I was enticed mostly by Pac Man CE and Boom Boom Rocket, but in due time I did check out this game. I have to say my original opinion of the game has changed over time as I have slowly moved forward in the game modes trying to unlock the non-stackable achievements. Let’s get to it.

    Single Player:

    Considering there is no multiplayer in Luxor 2, this is where you will be spending all of your time. Luxor 2 is best described as a fast paced puzzle game. Colored balls come out of one hole on a side of the screen – your job is to destroy these colored balls before they reach the “end”. You can do this by matching up three balls of the same color, which is done by shooting from your scarab located at the bottom of the screen. Once a match is created the balls will explode, shortening the chain and adding to your score. You complete a level when you reach a certain score in the level, at which point the balls stop coming and you progress in the gameplay.
    The game complicates your experience, or simplifies, depending on your perspective, by adding power-ups.

    These are activated by destroying a couple of groups of balls in rapid succession, which causes an item to fall from that area. Catch it with your scarab and you have yourself a power-up. These range in effects, from having random lightning bolts destroy random balls, to backing up the whole line of balls that currently exists from the exit. The game also throws in a bonus point system activated by completing lines of balls and levels, which allows gems to fall from above.

    Now while I understand that this isn’t the easiest thing to imagine in your mind, it’s not a complex concept whatsoever. But that doesn’t mean the gameplay is easy whatsoever. Now, as you start this game, no matter what difficulty, you might say, Tasty, you lied to me. To that I respond, “just wait”. This game is unnecessarily long – over seventy levels per “complete game”. I say complete game because there are three difficulties to play on, all of which you’ll need to play on if you want all the achievements. After that you unlock the Challenge of Horus, which is an exceptionally hard gameplay mode.
    Here’s the thing: depending on how you feel about puzzle games really determines how much you’ll like this game.

    There is no gray area here – you either like it or you don’t. I will admit, initially, I completed the first three levels or so and went “Meh, I’ll do something else now”, only to not go back to it for a year. It’s unbelievably stressful watching that line of balls slowly creep forward, and you might find yourself yelling at your tv to “give me the correct colored ball already!”. That being said, I have started to enjoy it more as I’ve been playing it, working on my completion percentage. I wouldn’t say it’s my go-to game when I power up my xbox, but I’ll play it once every two months or so. Of course, that doesn’t justify it whatsoever as an all-around excellent gaming experience. My score is going to lean towards what most people believe this game to be (from my experiences in chat and forums). If you’re one of the other people that truly enjoyed the puzzle style of this game, please focus more on the points I make instead of the score.

    Single Player Score: 4/10


    There is no multiplayer. While they could have made it into a “tetris” type battle (split screen), I think it would have been too small and cluttered to really be effective.

    Multiplayer Score: N/A


    Keeping in mind that the game is, indeed, an arcade game, I was still disappointed with many of these aspects. There is no DLC, which is fine, considering that there are already an excessive amount of levels to play, and that could be the only thing that comes to my mind that they could add. The graphics are…all right. The balls look like they should and often times you’ll find yourself on an ingeniously created level for the balls to travel across. Mostly you should focus on the fact that they made the levels capable of being beaten in their design, which is the most important part of the gameplay.

    To be honest the sound is where I felt this game suffered the most. There is a really cheery elevator music type tune that will play when you aren’t in peril – that is, when the balls aren’t within X space of the “end” of the level. That being said, the balls are almost constantly at the end of the level, even when you’re good at the game. This turns on a “peril” type music that will have your heart beating a little faster. When you realize that each level (past the first couple sets) lasts somewhere between ten and twenty minutes, this can get unnecessarily stressful. I’ve grown accustomed to muting my television and turning on some music on my computer.

    As I’ve said, this game is something you need to figure out if you’ll love or hate. Do you like puzzle games? Do you like puzzle games with time limits? Do you like puzzle games that have time limits that are excessively long? While it might appear that I’m spinning this negatively, there is something to be said for the game – it’s challenging. It’s so challenging that there is some real reward when you beat each level, to the point that I’ve often found myself grinning. This reward has gotten so large that I’ve actually grown to kind of like the game, when I have the patience and mindset to play it. Let me make that clear: this is not a game you should play when you have a headache. It is a game for when you are in a good mood, looking for a challenge.

    DLC/Graphics/Sound/Intangibles Score: (N/a+4+1+5)/3 = 3.3/10


    This is where most people will be interested, since this game has exceptional ratios. There are three specific achievements for beating the game on each of the difficulties – easy, normal, and expert. They don’t stack, which is a rather big deal. As of writing this I have beaten the game on easy and am three fourths of the way through medium, which is around fifteen hours of gameplay. And don’t think just cause it’s titled “easy” that it is indeed, easy. You’ll have to manipulate the game’s save system if you want to be able to beat this game, which is annoying in itself. You will be rewarded with ridiculous ratios for beating these, including one around twelve for beating the game on hard.

    Beating the game on the expert difficulty will unlock you the challenge of Horus, which is kind of like an extra expert mode, which has an achievement related to it as well. There is also a very time consuming achievement that requires you to reach a certain rank, which is triggered by gaining so many points, which can be obtained by falling objects in levels.

    There are also some more obvious achievements that you’ll trigger right away (complete a level with 100% accuracy, match 12 or more spheres with a single shot, collect 15 or more coins in a single level). As of writing this, here are the top ratios in this game:
    12.59, 12.66, 11.11, 10.19, 6.14, 5.11. That’s a ridiculous amount of hard achievements. Are they doable? Yes. Are they time consuming? Yes. Do they require you to at least mildly like the game? Yes. Figure out if you can deal with that. Personally I think the game is just plain too long for the achievements they chose, making the game even more painfully long. I wouldn’t be surprised if 100%ing this game took you around fifty hours plus. However, the achievements do follow the one thing I described before – feeling like a real accomplishment. These achievements are true achievements – you don’t feel like they were given to you.

    Another minor thing that doesn't bother me personally, but I know it bothers a lot of people, is that the achievements have odd values. Think like 17 achievement points. This means that your score wont end in a 0 or a 5.

    Achievement Score: 5/10

    Final Score: (5+3.3+4)/3 = 4.27/10 = 2.13/5

    Final Thoughts:

    This game is stressful, long, and demanding. But if you’re capable of grinding through it you’ll feel nothing but pride and joy in your success. This game isn’t for a person looking for their first puzzle game, or the completion percentage junkie. This is the game for someone with extreme patience who also finds joy in a challenge. Thanks for reading my review!
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    Big samaThe game is just soooo boring.
    Posted by Big sama on 30 Jul 10 at 09:44
    TsubakiCalamityBy the time I read this review, this really helped me out on how is Luxor 2 is gonna be like. At that time, I thought it's thirty levels long, but instead it's seventy! Oh, lord, that takes too long for me to handle it. I only played the trial version and all I can say is that it's best suited only to skilled players, not completion junkies. Many of the XBLA games' 200 GS I have completed is based on skills (and not a whorish 200 GS from some games such as Battle: LA for example).

    As for Luxor 2's length, that has to be the longest XBLA game I have ever heard after reading your review (much longer than Bejeweled 2, though, I enjoyed it a lot more than Luxor 2). While this game isn't too bad, it feels too frustrating to most people, and I probably think it's best for me to save my MSP and think about this title later (unless I changed my mind to drop my plans). Oh, yeah, the odd value achievements is ridiculous and bothersome.
    Posted by TsubakiCalamity on 05 Aug 11 at 13:29
    KinectKid333"Tasty, you lied to me."

    Best part of the review.
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 04 Aug 15 at 05:24
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    Luxor 2 is what is referred to as an "action-puzzler". The game is themed with Egyptian settings as beautiful backdrops. A row (or sometimes rows) of colored spheres run a set path through the setting. You are in control of a scarab at the bottom of the screen that has randomly colored spheres as well. The object is to shoot those spheres at the path matching at least three spheres together so that they disappear. The end result is that you want for all of the spheres to disappear and then move on to the next level. Along the way you can get power-ups that allow you to do different things such as shoot lighting which destroys more spheres or fire a color cloud that will change many spheres into the same color. It's not nearly as simple as it sounds as the paths sometimes block each other making it difficult to find matches.

    Developer MumboJumbo must have really liked this game because they give you a lot of it. 88 levels and 4 difficulty settings can keep you playing this game for weeks. There are even bonus levels between some stages. Unfortunately all of the levels tend to repeat and can get quite monotonous.

    It is an attractive game to look at but playing it can wear you out if you tire easily of the same things. To complete this game requires patience and skill. One good thing is there is no time limit and it is very easy to horde lives so failing a level isn't the end of the world.

    I do believe the 800 points ($10) price tag is a bit steep for a game like this, but it is $20 for the PC so you do get a break on the 360 if you are interested in the game.

    There is no question the game is relaxing at lower levels but can be very taxing at higher difficulty levels. This game should only be recommended to players looking for a time consuming challenge. There are better and more enjoyable puzzlers out there.

    Note to achievement hunters: this game does not give up points easily so avoid it if looking for a quick score.
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    This review will be my fist I'll try to keep misspellings and grammatical errors to a minimum, but I'm not good with language and English is obviously not my native language.
    I made this because i thought the other reviews were not negative enough because this game will make you hate it while trying to complete it
    This review is more focused on getting the achievements than on playing the game for fun. But that what most of us are after on TA
    Luxor 2
    As most of us i got Luxor 2 as one of five games on the Arcade Compilation disk.
    The disk came with the Xbox arcade for a couple years

    This was before i became dedicated to completing games and is just played the game for fun on normal difficulty.
    But about half way through the game the fun was gone and i just let it be.
    The main reason for this was that it was hard to play through and seemed like it was never going to end, as i later discovered this was true.

    There are 25 different levels that reoccur every now and than and give you the feeling you've already done this part once. The only difference might be the speed of the balls and/or the filling bar that determines the duration of that level.
    Some levels might take up to 30 min. This is not a good thing considering there are 88 levels on three difficulties that do no stack.....
    The difficulty of the level is determined by the path of the balls <--(haha)
    Long straight means you've got some space to make combo's but this is only possible half the time.

    After joining TA i started playing Luxor again and quickly got reminded why i stopped playing it in the first place. When you lose the level you have to start over again this gives you the feeling that you just spent the last 10 min playing for nothing and this gets extremely frustrating after a couple times in a row.
    To avoid this you can back out of the game at a point where you made some progress, and there is no risk of losing in the next few moves. This way you continue at the point were you backed out
    As you progress through the game the point where you best should save becomes shorter to the previous save sometimes just after a few combo's.

    During the game lets say around stage 7-X it's mostly a constant battle right in front of the pyramided, and there are not much tactics involved
    The weird thing about Luxor 2 is that the difficulty is non consistent
    e.g. i had loads of trouble completing the end of stage 7 on easy but stage 8 and 9 were much less trouble
    Also the expert difficulty is not really harder than easy in my experience
    This might be because you get use to the speed and get better in the game But i constantly had the feeling that difficulty was fluctuating a lot.

    Most achievements will come to you sooner of later by just playing the game but the following deserve some special attention

    Feather of Ma'at/Horns of Hathor/Magic of Isis:
    Complete the game on easy, normal and expert difficulty
    These do not stack so have to be completed separately 3 times 88 of the same levels that only take more and more combinations/time to complete
    This is the main reason to hate Luxor 2....

    Glory of Osiris:
    Achieve a perfect rating on all bonus rounds.
    When starting a new difficulty just start saving before a bonus round and reload if you miss any ball

    Challenge of Horus:
    Consists of the same 25 levels (1-1 till 5-5) you already completed at least 3 times only now even faster... Without abusing the save system this would be impossible
    Weird thing is that the first levels seem to be the hardest stage 5 was pretty easy..

    Pharaoh of the Two Lands:
    Just plain stupid...
    No skill involved just getting 280.000.000 points
    Playing through expert and the Challenge of Horus gave me about 41.000.000
    So either do that 6+ times or take a turbo controller set up pharaoh's challenge on balance of maat and let it push A for 50 hours

    Backup your save game!!! The menu has a weird option where you can start a new game by pressing X just after you've loaded your save game
    This overwrites the original and leaves your back at stage 1-1
    This happened to me once and it will not make you happy
    I made a backup after every "session"

    To avoid to much stress set a goal of how much 2 do in a certain “session”
    e.g. In early stages do a stage a day but in stage 10+ make it 2 or 3 levels a day