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    19 Jan 2009
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    MLB 2K6 had the unique position of being the first baseball game for the XBOX360 but also it was the only one with the Major League Baseball License. This meant this was the only official game. Real players names, real teams and actual stadium locations. Please keep in mind that I will only compare this baseball game to other baseball and or sports games released prior to this game release. It would not be fair writing the review now after four years of initial release otherwise.

    Game play: 7/10

    The concept of baseball for me is strategy. Matchups matchups matchups, pitcher versus batter, pitcher versus runners catcher versus runners, left hander batter versus right handed pitcher. I can go on and on. One might think baseball is boring taking a few hours to play in real life. While the game play is pretty much the same in real life its a bit faster in terms of game action. The depth of the game is shown with the various modes. The game play is much more fun at harder difficulty levels where you have to do much of work. The team management does provide some good features for those who just want to manage a big league ball club. Each team has different sets of goals that makes running each organization unique. The multi player options are very basic on and off line. The menus system could also use some work as accessing some features or stats can be a chore.

    Graphics: 7/10

    While having any game move from the original xbox to the xbox 360 gives any game an instant visual upgrade, I find that there could have been more work done to have smoother images and rendering. The game has trouble with camera angles during foul ball sequences as it display the action.

    Sound and Music: 6/10

    The game announcers has only a limited amount of lines so after a few games the anecdotes can be quite repetitive and annoying. Surprisingly there wasn't a big selection of songs playing while navigating menus like its other sports counterparts. The game ambiance is decent with a few hecklers in the crowd.

    Difficulty: 6/10 (Degree of skill to enjoy the game)

    One the easiest of setting the game is rather simple and generate vast amount of runs for players. On harder setting, requires a lot more skill and hand eye coordination for hitting the ball. Pitching on harder setting involves a bit more patience on pitch selection and location. Team management is relatively easy with trades to get players you desire.

    Final Thoughts:

    If you're a baseball fan there are much better releases now but none for the price as the market is littered with used copies of the game for a very good price. While the replayability is there, as with most sports games there is a certain degree of repetitiveness.
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    clarkfballreplay value = 0
    Posted by clarkfball on 23 Nov 09 at 00:20
    P4NDA CAKESi have MLB 2k9 and im beast in that 11ks per game and at least 2hr but i cant do anything in this game lol i just picked it up cuz it was 3 bucks and "easy" 1000gs but i couldnt do anything cuz im use to 2k9 =/
    Posted by P4NDA CAKES on 18 Jun 10 at 01:52
    DEVILS UMBRAI disagree with replay value = 0. It's actually a pretty good baseball game, and as of now you can get it for about 5 bucks. Can't beat that.
    Posted by DEVILS UMBRA on 29 Sep 10 at 04:19
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    Up yours, Major League Baseball.

    The dumbass stepbrother of the family of the piss-easy 2k6 sports games (the others being NHL, NBA, and College Hoops), MLB 2K6 was also the first next-gen baseball game released. Did it fare well, or was it just was it is today: a quick gamerscore injection?

    Unfortunately, 2K6 had one crippling flaw right off the bat: crashes. This wasn't an isolated incident either, there were TONS of angry posts on the 2k forums about this. I got lucky if I got past the 2nd inning. They've said they fixed it, but... nope, or not for me anyway. It's all luck if you can play longer than a few innings.

    As for the game itself, it's just baseball. You either hit balls, or catch balls. Pitching is a one-two-three button press, determining where the ball with go, and you have several pitches. Hitting is determined when you hit the ball and where you aim the analog stick. The fielding is sluggish because the fielders can't turn around very well.
    Other standard features of baseball, like stealing bases, are here.

    The game itself is FUGLY. It's barely an upgrade from xbox graphics, and the fans in the stands look hysterically awful. The actual players look fine, on the flip side. You do see the dirt on a batter's uniform if he slid to a base. Again, standard stuff at best. The soundtrack is expectably taking a backseat to the action, and approrately... awful, they must have tried for Indie Bands like Amped 3 did, but Doominator loathes Indie music. It's all personal taste though.

    I dont need to talk about achievements; it's the only reason you're playing the game. It's forgivible how there are so few and how easy they are since this is a launch window game, but good luck trying to get them without the game crashing on you. Getting to the 5th inning alone to get the "strikeout 15 batters" achievement is a nightmare.

    I'm not the biggest fan of baseball (which is ironic since everyone in my house plays or has played the sport recently), but I like it enough to game it. MLB 2K6 is pretty much a broken down mess as a whole. It doesn't look next-gen at all, it doesn't feel next-gen, and it sure as hell wasn't tested before release. At least they learned from this for future installments.

    If you want a fun, albeit unrealistic baseball game, go play The BIGS or something. Hell, go buy MLB 2K7 or later. But if you are desperate for a gamerscore boost and aren't afraid to be infurated by crash bugs abound, MLB 2K6 is a decent starting hitter.

    Just don't be surprised if he strikes out.