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Exalted Entity

Welcome to my walkthrough for MONOPOLY Deal. In this walkthrough, I will be taking you through the the game in the most efficient and fastest manner towards obtaining all of the achievements. I will also try to make it easy for first time Monopoly players. For that reason, this walkthrough will assume that you are boosting with 1 partner in a private match. For this reason, it is listed that you need 3 playthroughs and it will take 1-2 hours. If you can double box, or have a partner that doesn't care about achievements and is letting you get all the wins, then it will only take 2 playthroughs and 1 hour. This walkthrough also presumes that you are the primary booster / leader, so for achievements available, it will tell you how to get them, and then if possible, how to give them to your partner in the same game.

MONOPOLY Deal is a adaptation of the Monopoly board game. In this game, you use cards instead of actual properties, and rather than bankrupting the other player, your goal is to be the first to have 3 property sets (any colour).

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You can either choose to play in a public match, or in a private match. Either way though, you cannot play locally. You have to have someone else on another Xbox One console to play with you. You can do all of the achievements with just 2 players though.

I will also include a 100% video guide on the final page in case written walkthroughs are not living up to your expectations.

Alright, flip the page and we can get started.

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