1. MONOPOLY Plus Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes


Exalted Entity

Welcome to my achievement walkthrough for MONOPOLY Plus. I will be taking you through this game in the most efficient and fastest manner, and I will try my utmost best to make it easy for first time Monopoly players.

MONOPOLY Plus is a board game where you use Monopoly money to trade and buy properties, get out of jail, and pay rent if you land on a property owned by someone else. What makes this game different from previous games is that you not only get amazing graphics, but you are also able to choose a new type of board that makes you feel as if you are actually buying a real building and moving around a real city.

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You can choose to either play against the public, you can play all by yourself, or sit in a group of friends and either pass the controller around or have individual controllers. For this walkthrough, we will be playing alone, and pretending to pass 1 controller around for 6 different people. This game should take under 2 hours to complete if you follow this walkthrough.

I will also include a 100% video guide on the final page in case written walkthroughs are not your desire.

Alright, flip the page and we can get started.

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