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    15 Feb 2017
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    MX Nitro Review
    Developed by: Saver Interactive
    Published by: Miniclip
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    Miniclip have been well known for their games on mobile devices in the past. But now that is changing as they delve into the console market. Publishing what is being called by many a "Trials" clone. Now at first glance, you could well say that. After all, 2D gameplay in a 3D world riding a bike sounds very much like Trials. But it's also fair to review MX Nitro on its own merits without referring to Trials.

    So what does MX Nitro have to offer you? What does it do different? Well for starters, it focuses more on MotoX rather than intricately designed courses. There is a plethora of stunts that you unlock, allowing for more points for boss battles. You will have plenty of chances to execute these gravity defying moves by grabbing some serious air on the games many tracks. Or if you're feeling confident, the online ranked portion of the game. Which works well with no noticeable lag. The races are short, but fast paced giving you plenty of chances to show off your skills. Although you will only unlock more tracks through career progression which forces your hand to complete everything MX Nitro has to offer.

    Going back to the Trials reference, MX Nitro is just as challenging. The AI rarely makes a wrong move if at all. So you'll have to have your game face on. The rage is real too. But I couldn't get enough, and kept coming back for more punishment until I beat the track I was struggling with. It does however start off with some easy tracks to get you in the swing of things, but that difficulty curve is almost vertical at times.

    The various challenges you can get, which are 2 per track, see you attempting certain stunts, a set amount of points from stunts performed and many more. Don't worry if you miss them first time around as you can go back at any time once you've unlocked new tricks, bikes and upgrades. There are 6 bikes, each with different ratings, so a bike for every occasion. Should that be a race, stunts or one for handling of our so choose. And choose wisely. Some will make a track easier or harder.

    To sit here and pick any faults with MX Nitro is surprisingly hard. If you really want to be fussy, then calling it a Trials clone is your best form of put down. Maybe the steep learning curve? Yes it's a hard game, but don't let that deter you. MX Nitro is by all accounts a fantastic game to pick up and play, an I for one have not been disappointed with it.

    Lastly, there are plenty of cosmetic upgrades you can buy if you fancy. More unlock as you progress through levelling up and rewarded with a Gear Box which awards you with new stunts, cash and other unlockable content.

    The visuals are definitely better than would be expected from an Indie studio. Frame rate issues are non existent in my time with the same, and runs smoothly. Background details and level design are also worthy of note. Desert, construction site, forest and even a bowl arena. Plus other locations offer a diverse setting for your MotoX antics.

    A generic guitar led track plays during the menus, which isn't a place you will spend a lot of time. The roar of engines, and the woosh of the nitrous are sounds you will hear a lot of. A voice over during the menus can seem drowned out by the music, but does explain enough for you.

    Button controls work well on console. Face buttons are combined to perform stunts, triggers for acceleration and nitrous and your analogue stick to spin clockwise or anti clockwise. A great help in keeping it simple as you grow your rider about each location.

    Plenty of tracks and locations to unlock. Both offline and online. You won't breeze through the game unless you have a godly amount of skill. So you may be here a while. Careful of the rage though.

    A good mix on offer from the 27 available. Essentially, you will need to do pretty much everything with regards to unlocking all tracks in Career, then gaining all stars in the online ranked mode. Gaining credits in certain environments, completing 50 challenges and even pulling wheelies for a total of 1000 seconds. Not an easy 1000g but if you manage to grab all the achievements, consider bragging rights.

    Overall, MX Nitro has similarities with Trials. That can't be denied. But it does remain its own game. A whole lot of fun with plenty of tracks to unlock, online ranked, and a lot of unlockable content. A fun game that should be given a chance, especially if you enjoyed that other game.

    A copy was provided for review purposes.
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    SimmSounds like a fun game.
    Posted by Simm on 15 Feb 17 at 12:29
    FullMoonBeaverIt's a great Indie title. But it's bloody hard.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 15 Feb 17 at 15:56
    PsymonGreat review! Thank you for saying that it is not a trials clone and that it has its own merits. I told Rich that during his stream and he laughed at me, so I proceeded to remain silent and watch him suffer instead of giving some tips. I had a really fun time with the game despite the fluctuating difficulty. There is substantial content here for $19.99. Glad to see you are enjoying it too :)
    Posted by Psymon on 15 Feb 17 at 18:59
    FullMoonBeaverI've had a great time with MX Nitro. Knew beforehand what the same was about, but was pleasantly surprised just how good it is. Even if it's sodding hard. I've already rage quit once today. But I'll keep going back, as it's just one of them games.

    As for the Trials "clone" comments, it's bound to happen. Side viewed bike game after all. But Trials is about conquering intricately designed obstacle courses. MX Nitro is about racing and stunts. So for me, it becomes its own entity. The content in game is generous, and I will one day beat the Career mode. Even if it sends me insane. Glad you liked the review.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 15 Feb 17 at 19:19
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