3. Machinarium Story - Part 1

There are NO missable achievements during this chapter! If you wish to play blind, you can safely continue until you PASS UNDER RUNNING WATER BY USING AN UMBRELLA. That bit is really obvious, don't worry! Then begin on the next walkthrough page, which is called "Story - part 2"

The Junkyard

Image 29

  • Click on the bathtub to reveal yourself
  • Click on yourself a few times to move near your head
  • Click on your head to attach it
  • Stretch up and collect the teddy bear
  • Use the teddy bear on the mechanical rat to retrieve your legs. You can now move around!
  • Collect the string from the floor and the magnate from the fan. Combine them in the inventory
  • Click on the pole over on the right
  • Use the magnet and strong to collect your arm
  • Exit to the RIGHT and unlock your first achievement:



1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

The Patrol Station

Image 28

  • Climb up the street light by removing the bottom rung and placing it in the hole above several times
  • Collect the bulb from the light
  • Click on the traffic cone pile to collect one
  • Continue clicking on the cone pile until you find the small bucket of paint
  • Use the cone you've collected with the larger bucket to give it a white coat
  • Now use the small bucket of paint with the larger one
  • Use the cone on the larger bucket of paint
  • Combine the cone with the light bulb in your inventory
  • Use the resulting combination on yourself
  • Pull the handle to call the guard, who will extend the bridge
  • Walk across the bridge to EXIT. Don't worry, that's supposed to happen

Valley Trench

Image 27

  • Squat down underneath the tank to the right
  • On the dial, you can now reach to the right, set the controls to 2 and A
  • Press the red button on the control panel
  • Go back left, and walk up the stairs
  • Pick up the curved piping and attach it to the railing
  • Stretch up, grab the pole above you and shimmy across to the right
  • Pick up the knife, then use it on the tracks by the bottom of the banister.
  • Pull the handle on the bottom of the bannister. Watch out!
  • Pick up the cart wheels and use them on the track to sit on them
  • Pull the handle on the bottom of the banister again to EXIT



1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

The Furnace

Image 26

  • Collect the key from by the door on the far right
  • Just to the left of that, push the glowing button to open a control panel
  • Set the three switches inside the panel to bottom, top, bottom
  • Push the plunger on the right of the control panel, and immediately run and enter the cart on the left. You have to be quick!
  • As soon as you are picked up, click on the arrow which appears by you to jump to the left platform
  • Use the key on the control panel, and use it
  • Move the wires on the top connectors so it goes black, red, red, black (entwined as in the picture above)
  • Go back to the panel on the right, and click the plunger
  • Run to the cart and get in again, and click the open pipe on the top right of the area as you pass it to EXIT

Prison Cell

Image 25

  • On the right, collect the weeds from the pipe
  • On the left, use the weeds on the light above the door to dry them
  • Collect the toilet paper and combine it with the dried weeds to make a... cigarette
  • Give the cigarette to the prisoner in exchange for his arm
  • Squat down by the hole on the left of the cell
  • Use the arm on the hole to the left, and stretch it through the top hole in the next room
  • Grab the leg of the cabinet and pull repeatedly until the broom falls off
  • Collect the broom and pull it back through the hole
  • Above the pipe where you picked up the weeds, turn the tap twice
  • Combine the tap head with the broom to make a sewer key
  • Use the sewer key on the manhole cover in the floor of the cell
  • Drop in, and waddle to the right to EXIT

Prison Control Room

Image 24

  • Use the sewer key on the manhole cover in the roof of the tunnel
  • Stretch up through the manhole to survey the scene
  • Grab the leg of the chair the guard is sat on and pull it
  • Collect the ball bearings from the table quickly
  • Wait for the guard to walk to the right to collect his ammo and throw the ball bearings to the left of the table
  • Quickly grab the key of the guard's belt before he heads back to the chair
  • Push the guard over again and steal his ammo again
  • When the guard is once more collecting his ammo from the target, climb out of the manhole and head left
  • Use the guard's key in the left-hand lock to free the prisoners and get rid of the guard, taking safety back in the manhole
  • Head left through the door in the room to EXIT



1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Prison Corridor

Image 23

  • Head into the middle cell and collect the plunger from the ceiling
  • Go back into the corridor and use the control panel on the far left
  • Enter 04:45 to unlock the left cell door. Head inside
  • Click on the cabinet for a randomised puzzle
  • You need to get the green lights to the inside to form a green triangle
  • You do this by rotating the three rings the lights are attached to
  • I find it much easier to concentrate on getting the 6 red lights to the outside of the three circles!
  • Once unlocked, grab the gun and combine it with the plunger
  • Leave the cell and head right to EXIT
  • Head up the stairs and exit via the door here


Image 22

  • Simply go up the stairs and use the telescope
  • Oh no! We'll have to deal with that now as well
  • Click the switch by the door
  • Open the door and walk through to EXIT

Catch the Dog

Image 20

  • Go to the right of the crate stack and push them to the left, continuing off-screen
  • stop pushing the crates when they are under the crane magnet above
  • Use the control panel on the wall near the umbrella robot for a puzzle
  • You must swap the location of the buttons by moving a button to an empty space
  • You have to get all the UP buttons to the TOP three slots, and vice versa
  • Number the slots 1 to 7 from top to bottom
  • Now move 5, 3, 2, 4, 6. Then 7, 5, 3, 1, 2. Then 4, 6, 5, 3, 4
  • You can now use the lever to collect the top crate. Make sure to lift it into the air.
  • Now that's out of the way, push the remaining crate back to the right to EXIT

Catch the Dog Continued

Image 21

  • Keep pushing the crate all the way to the mooring bollard on the right
  • Climb up the bollard and the crate, and up into the control room
  • One the control panel, click the right button until the dial points to 4 o'clock
  • Click the top button to move the oil container
  • Click the bottom button to squirt oil a few times onto the opposite dock
  • Get down to the mooring bollard, and use your plunger gun on the dog to collect it
  • Walk left to the next screen and trade the dog for the robot's umbrella
  • Use the umbrella on the running water on the left to EXIT



1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Take a break if you wish, before saving the game and going on to part two!

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