5. Machinarium Story - Part 3

This final chapter contains THE FOURTH AND FINAL missable achievement. It will be detailed in a box like this one for your convenience.

Greenhouse Balcony

Image 7

  • Head down the little staircase to your right and place the oil can beneath the machine
  • Go back up, and put the sunflower seeds into the machine
  • Move the handle up and down several times until the can is filled with sunflower oil
  • Collect the can, cross the bridge and slide down the pipe
  • You should recognise this area. You can use the pipe to go up in the future
  • Head to the right to get back to the disabled robot in the temple area
  • Give him the oilcan. He'll give you an arcade entrance ticket
  • Head up the stairs on the rear left of the screen to go back to where you collected the cat
  • On the left, use the entrance ticket on the slow to open the arcade.
  • Head inside to EXIT

The Arcade

Image 8

  • Go to the exercise bike on the left, and make sure the lever on it is set to position 1, at the top
  • Get on the bike and pedal until the first arcade cabinet is powered
  • Go to the cabinet, and play a Space Invaders clone until you reach 1,000 points, at which point you'll auto-win
  • The cabinet will have dispensed a coin in a small slot. Collect it

MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT 4/4: Go straight back to the arcade cabinet you just played, and play again and again until you've destroyed 500 aliens. This should pop on your third game if you do well. And that's it, the final missable out of the way!

  • Go back to the exercise bike, and move the lever down to slot 2 in the middle
  • Get pedaling to power the second cabinet
  • Go to the cabinet for a puzzle game where you have to combine two boxes to unlock an exit
  • You'll have to complete all five levels to beat the game
  • Use the images above for the solution and unlock an achievement



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

  • Now collect a second coin from the small dispenser on this cabinet, giving you a total of two coins
  • Leave the arcade, go back down the steps into the Temple area
  • At the far right is a vending machine. Use both coins on the machine to collect two batteries
  • Near the disabled robot will be a bandage. Collect it and combine it with the batteries
  • Go down the stairs to the left, extend upwards and climb the pipe back to the guard
  • Give the batteries to the guard, who will let you through the door
  • Go through into an elevator to EXIT

The Elevator

Image 6

  • Click on the base of the plant to scatter soil on the floor, summoning a cleaning robot
  • Try and collect the robot, which will give you a light bulb
  • On the left, there is yet another control panel
  • Examining the panel, you'll see there are two missing bulbs
  • Place the bulb you've just collected into the TOP RIGHT socket to being a puzzle
  • Starting with the top bulb, draw a pentagram as seen in the image above
  • This will take the elevator up to the top floor. Leave via the bottom of the screen to EXIT

The Lobby

Image 5

  • Use the switch to the right to turn the power on
  • the far left is a lever that can be moved up or down
  • Move it DOWN four times until the cleaning bot disappears off the right of the screen
  • Follow it through the door to enter a bathroom. Climb on the robot to reach the scissors above
  • Go back left all the way to the lever, and move it UP twice so the robot is beneath the chandelier
  • Now turn the power off by accessing the right-hand power box near the bathroom
  • Climb onto the robot, stretch up and cut the chandelier with the scissors
  • Climb back down again and attach the chandelier to the robot
  • Go to the lever, and move it down twice to send it back into the bathroom. Follow it in

The Bathroom

Image 4

  • Attach the chandelier to the toilet like a grapnel
  • Exit the bathroom to the left and go all the way back to the lever
  • Move the lever UP a couple of times until the robot comes back through
  • Don't worry about the crunch! Go back through to the bathroom
  • Use the toilet roll and descend!

The Bomb

Image 2

  • We're finally here, the one thing we need to do before rescuing Berta and getting out of here!
  • Descend the toilet paper until you are level with the bomb on the left
  • Swing left and grab the bomb
  • Open the panel on top of the bomb for a puzzle
  • You need to match the wires and fuses as displayed on the inside of the panel
  • The correct order to place the fuses is D, B, E, A, C
  • Congratulations! The bomb is taken care of and you get an achievement for your trouble:



1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

  • Climb back up the toilet roll and into the bathroom
  • Go to the left back into the corridor, and go up the stairs on the far left
  • (There's a little easter egg here for anyone who played Samorost. Click on the statues on the left before ascending)

The Dome

Image 3

  • Take in the tragic scene
  • Go to the far left and open the roller door on the umpteenth control panel
  • You'll be presented with a puzzle where you need to get the green snakes in their correct places
  • The solution is displayed in the image above
  • Completing this puzzle will unlock a cabinet with an extension cord inside
  • Collect the extension cord and use it on the large head of the overseer
  • You'll be presented with a minigame where you have to destroy the viral invaders
  • Using the map above, manoeuvre to the lower-left corner to collect a key
  • Backtrack to the room with the gun, and unlock it with the key
  • Collect the gun, and go and blast the viruses scattered around the maze
  • When you get close to one, it will be marked on the edge of the screen
  • I recommend going back to where you picked up the key first, then doing the top left section, then top right, then finally bottom right
  • Upon killing the last virus, the minigame will complete and the overseer will give you a light bulb
  • You'll also unlock an achievement:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

  • Backtrack to the elevator and use the bulb in the panel like you did last time
  • You must now make an octagram using the bulbs
  • Think of it as a clock face. Start with 12 o'clock at the top, then move to 5, 9, 2, 6, 11, 3, 7, 12
  • The elevator will take you to the basement

Bar Basement

Image 1

  • Exit the elevator, walk to the right-hand side and pick up the hammer
  • Use the hammer to smash the glass and collect the key
  • Take the key into the elevator and use it to unlock a panel on the right-hand side
  • Collect the freeze spray from inside, and exit the elevator
  • Spray the padlock to the left of the hammer
  • Pick up the hammer and whack the padlock until it breaks
  • Climb up the ladder to rescue Berta and head back to the overseer's room and get an achievement:



Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

  • In the left of the room, click on the orange display and set the dials so they read 7.0 and 108
  • Head through the door on the far right to EXIT


Image 18

  • Go around to the far left side of the tower top
  • Notice the Berta stands by a cross-shaped handle
  • There's a panel on the wall here. Activate it
  • You need to play the notes by pressing the five levers which match the dial settings from earlier
  • The correct order to press the levers is (from left to right), 1, 4, 2, 3, 5, 2, 3
  • Have Berta rotate the cross-shaped handle to keep the stairs accessible
  • Climb up the stairs and into the helicopter.
  • Fly away and enjoy the moment, and your final achievement:



1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Congratulations, you've just completed Machinarium, one of the most beautiful adventure games ever made!

As always, many thanks for using my walkthroughs and for TrueAchievements for exclusively hosting them.

See you again real soon...

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