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  • PhatDaemienPhatDaemien933,356
    02 Mar 2016
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    I have got to start by saying that I am very impressed with this title. Movie games usually seem to be lacking something whether it be content or quality or something else all together and this game does not do that. I have not seen the film so I cannot compare the content to the movie. Do you want to read the book before you see the movie or would you rather go to the movie first as the book always seems to have more in it than they can pack into the movie? I feel in many ways this title has to have far more stuff in it than the movie.

    The gameplay is nice. There were a couple of occasions (maybe 3 in 80 hours) where it got a little choppy with many enemies on the screen. It locked up one time on a load screen. That is it. Pretty good I would say.

    The story content is short, really, and if you did not have to clean up a few things in the world you could probably blow through the story missions in a couple of hours.

    What makes this game is not necessarily the story, good as it was, but everything there is to do in the world of Mad Max.

    I am done with talking about the story and off to the achievements. This IS an achievement site after all!

    None of these achievements are terribly difficult. A few of them are story based and can't be missed but if you were to just try to blow through the story you could finish the game with as few as about 9 of the 49 achievements. This somewhat reinforces the fact that the story is not the main part of this game.

    Collectibles are the love of some games for some and others' nemesis. I guess that if you want to be technical there is only one collectible achievement in this game and that is the history relics. It can be a bit tricky to find them in some of the locations, but really, if you are going to complete this title it won't be too much added to the plate as most of these are found in the scavenging locations (191 I believe) which you will have to clear for another achievement. I feel that other achievements should be considered collectible achievements as you are doing the same thing in pretty much all of the locations. Top Dogs camps drop your colors, convoys drop your hood ornaments, and all of your parts for the projects are in the camps and scavenging locations. So, when gazing at these achievements and you see that there are camps to clear, top dogs to kill, scavenging locations to loot, etc., etc., it really is not as much as it sounds like as they are all somewhat tied together. Scarecrow and sniper achievements are simple and there really aren't that many if you pick them off as you drive by. Clearing the territories of threat, well that comes with doing all of those other things while gathering those collectibles.

    The one achievement that can become overwhelming if you let it is completing all of the non-repeating challenges. I think the number of completions on this game is rather low and it is probably because of this achievement. I didn't have a problem with it as I read up before hand and found that if you pay attention to these challenges as you play through the game they won't be very grindy at all. If you finish the game before doing the challenges, well you are probably going to be grinding your butt off as the enemies become rather sparse after you clear the threat.

    My strategy for this was to do everything I could that was not story related as early as I could. I pretty much had all threat in the lower 3 territories completed and all the challenges that I could complete prior to the third act. You cannot complete all challenges before then simply because you don't have a V8. Once I completed that act, I then started working on the remaining challenges mixing in the actual game mission and by the time I was done with the game I had a very short road to travel to 100%.

    Then you have the driving achievements. These achievements are not bad at all. I saved them until last simply because I usually don't really enjoy racing for achievements. This, however, may not have mattered at all as the races were not all easy but they were a heck of a lot of fun and ended up putting a tidy little bow on the game for me. Another thing about the racing is that if all you do is work on the Archangel vehicles you can complete all of the driving achievements without having to run all of the cars. You can't even try to do this until after you have the V8 which is another reason why I saved that until everything else was done. I think having threat cleared and just being able to go down the list of cars/locations made getting this one done rather simple and added to the fun.

    I found a few things about this game amazing. One was that even though there were over 225 separate locations you had to visit whether it be camps, top dogs, or scavenging locations, every last one of them was unique. I recall a couple looking similar, but nothing was an exact duplicate. Another was just how different the kinds of cars drive. If you set up your car with different stuff, well it definitely changes how it acts. I have played many games where the difference was almost not even noticeable. Not in this game, it was definitely fun and worth the time I put into it. I couldn't take it out of the console!
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    Death Metal JimThis is definitely NOT a 5 out of 5 game, but it's not a 0 out of 5 either. It's decent, but very glitchy with questionable controls (left trigger for jump is just asinine). That driving section in Gastown is just horrendous. Framerate drops, slowdown, enemies and vehicles disappearing in the middle of combat, and voices not synced correctly to the cutscenes were just a few of the flaws that I encountered in this game. But it's still fun to play for an hour or two here and there. It is a collectathon going for the 1000 though, so completionists should be aware of that.
    Posted by Death Metal Jim on 05 Oct 20 at 19:27
    Dark BearcatRemember goggs, reviews are opinions. The author of this review gave his honest opinion. I have no reason to believe he is intentionally misleading us. I happen to agree with his review. While not perfect I really enjoy the game. Feel free to take the time to write a well thought out review and see how it is received by others on this site. I would love to see you put out that effort!
    Posted by Dark Bearcat on 03 Dec 20 at 16:55
    NewbieKenobiJust hit 1000g in this game, and I gotta say I enjoyed every single gamescore :) I agree with the reviewer on this one, totally. Plus I REALLY enjoyed the story. It may be short, I didn't notice that much, but it really caught me. It felt like it had a message, and you could really feel Max regretting some of his choices in the game, even if you couldn't affect the story outcome. I think Avanlanche did a really good job. The environment is really nice as well! If you like sand :) They really caught what the world might turn into if we screw it up really bad.
    I completed the last story related achievement as my last achievement for this game, so no clean up for me. But it was an enjoyable game, and I woulndn't have mind staying for a bit cleaning up collectbles should I have had to.
    Sure, there was some glitch here, and a frame drop there. Once my entire mini map dissapeared. So what? It's a game, run by code. Sometime code makes a wrong move. No biggie. Just restarted the game and I was right back on track. It was actually surprising how few glitches I ran into. The Quick Resume function on Xbox Series X worked really well also.
    Posted by NewbieKenobi on 28 Sep 21 at 08:59
  • Lolo KeeganLolo Keegan263,028
    08 Sep 2015 09 Sep 2015
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    Citizens of Gas Town...

    I give you:
    External image

    Mad Max starts off as any player would expect, Max is being chased by Scrotus and his henchmen through the unforgiving wastes as he tries to make his journey to the Plains of Silence only to be pulled from his car and attacked. Fighting off meaningless warriors, Scrotus, and even a cute pup who affectionately is called "Dinki Di" ends up being meaningless as your kicked off the Land Mover. Sure enough Max loses his car and you're left to die in the sands. Praises to the Gods of Combustion as Dinki Di is there with you, and he leads you through the sands where you meet your cohort...

    External image

    An old Blackfinger from Gas Town, tossed away like used garbage. His name is Chumbucket, and he tried to eat your four legged companion!

    I know... What a schlanger, right?

    Thank the heavens he thinks you're some sort of Saint, sent by the Gods to help him in his quest of building the perfect vehicle:
    The Magnum Opus
    Your quest for your car... Your Life... And revenge starts now....

    Given a 8.4/10 by, a 6/10 GameSpot, and a 3.5/5 by Metacritic just doesn't really say much about this game. You're probably sitting at home, on TrueAchievements thinking:
    "Oh Great, another piece of movie crap that is going to disappoint so hard!"

    WELL YOU'RE WRONG. Mad Max is filled with adventure! Explosions, Car racing, Fights, Explosions! Did I mention explosions?

    External image

    The Good:
    Mad Max brings with it an open world sandbox style of gameplay set in the Post-Apocolyptic world we've all come to know and love from the series. As well as a Wasteland full of opportunities, and sometimes a bit of grinding. The fighting style is like that of the Batman series, but is less forgiving during combat so that you can keep your combos.

    The Bad:
    Some of the story missions are locked behind completing certain objectives in other areas of the map, or reducing threat levels in certain areas. The Plot is predictable, with a few "Oh wow, no way!" Moments but those are few and far between. The vehicle handling isn't at it's Max (Haha, get it.), but it isn't horrendous, with the upgrades to your car you shouldn't have TOO MUCH of a problem, if you can understand that a bigger engine = more speed, less handling (i.e.: Don't FANG IT!). The main thing you'll find challenging is keeping your controller from flying across the room when you first start as the scrap you need to upgrade your car is found in such small quantities (1 Scrap. No seriously... 1 scrap.) But that will change as you upgrade Max.

    The Worst:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • MarvzMittsMarvzMitts570,309
    14 Dec 2020 31 Dec 2020
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    Mad Max is a marvelous games that I had to wait to long to play because of so many other gaming distractions. It's such a well designed game in it's mechanics, visualizations, characters, and world building. The game is set in the 2015 Fury Road world of Mad Max and not the Mel Gibson era. Of course they don’t use Tom Hardy’s likeness because then they would have to pay him. You begin the game losing everything you own at the hands of Scabrous Scrotus, one of Immortal Joe’s sons. Soon after you meet up with a black finger (a creative name for mechanics in this world) named Chumbucket (another creative name considering where he resides when you meet), with his help you build a new vehicle called The Magnum Opus to enact vengeance in this desolate world. As you open up the world map you will immediately notice it’s huge. Your starting area is a dried out coral filled sea bed full of aquatic antiques from navigation buoys to submarines. With this landscape I imagine that somehow man’s destructive nature has cracked the earth open and the ocean just disappeared into it. This kind of wondrous detail creates ambiance that draws you into this apocalyptic setting. The sea floor is also littered with ships, bridges, docks, pipelines, and wind turbines. These rusted out remnants of a once thriving world just suck you into the fantasy further. I loved playing in this world so much that I took a ton of photos and started a Mad Max Monday showcase of my adventures on my Twitter & Minds feeds (links will be provided at the bottom of the review). The world the developers created is just pretty, even if it is an apocalyptic wasteland.

    In this amazing setting as your backdrop you then have to build up your character and vehicle by fighting the crazed factioned gangs of the wasteland. There are roaming gangs on the roads as you move to mission objectives like camps and outposts that keeps the game very interesting. Which brings me to the combat. Some have said that the hand to hand fighting style is a clone of the Batman Arkham games. I can agree with that some and that is not a bad thing because it is still a good deal of fun. Also take into consideration that Warner Brothers has a hand in both games, so why wouldn’t they utilize a good asset. However, Mad Max combat may be better with the additional abilities you gain. Throw into the mix that you can also choice to use your iconic shotgun, shivs, or even improvised explosive devices. It has been some time since I played the Arkham game and from my recollection that game was more about stealth. It was fun in its own way, Mad Max’s style is a lot more of an all out brawl.

    What Batman doesn’t have is vehicular carnage. This aspect of the game can also be a lot of fun because of the many choices at hand, such as using a harpoon hook to dismantle other vehicle’s tires or other targetable parts. You can use your shotgun to target week points like gas tanks or even shoot the driver. You have rims that will grind into the enemies vehicles and even explosive tipped spears. You can also go the stealth route and snipe enemies from afar, while Chumbucket slowly maneuvers the car into position. There are lots of dangers and your car can easily get wreaked. However, you can salvage it by stopping and jumping out of your car. You then get to fight off the other vehicles on foot as they circle around you while Chumbucket quickly makes repairs. If that is not enough, in the middle of all this you may even get hit with a violent blinding sandstorm. You can survive, but it is hard with all the flying debris and lightning strikes. This isn’t your normal apocalyptic sandstorm after all.

    You will spend a lot of time fighting and scavenging for scrap, special parts, food, and water while you build your character, your car, and the territory bases you have formed agreements with. Fighting off the factions and reclaiming their camps and outposts will loosen Scrotus’ grip in the area freeing the terrirtory from his tyranny. The game has many upgrades for both Max and his vehicles to chose from. As I mentioned before the world is pretty, so you will be exploring the different landscapes the developers have distinctively created. The further inland from the sea bed you go, the closer you get to Gas Town an engulfing black pit of muck that is a speck on the horizon when you start the game, but it looms over you with reckless abandon. It’s an environmentalists nightmare through and through. There you will find a powerful V8 that will run the Magnum Opus. It’s the ultimate goal of the game as you face off with many of the citizens of the wastelands to acquire it.

    Along the way you will meet all sorts of characters. Chumbucket is the first of course. He is a mechanically gifted hunchback who has managed to survive despite his appearance, which some would consider a disadvantage. He will be the closest thing to a friend you get in this world. He fixes your car, he gives you info, and advise. Throughout all of it he is your guide and he also gives you great little quips enriching the gaming experience. He rejoices with “We Are Feared!” when vanquishing your foes. I loved his name from the start. He is the device that enables all the carnage in the world. He builds the cars that attract the sharks, like blood in the water. The faction and the leaders are diverse. The game has a really great and easy system that keeps track of all the collectables in the game. It also inform you about the vehicles, factions, and bosses. Reading their descriptions are enjoyable considering the atmosphere.Their roles in this world are as creative and detailed as George Miller’s film which adds flavor to the game. It’s the totality of the game’s aspects that makes this one of my favorite games from the Xbox One generation. I just wish I had played it sooner.

    Note - The following achievement will be unattainable:
    Up To the Task

    Mad Max Monday Links:
    Twitter -
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    I also have a Mad Max playlist that will give you a taste from the Wasteland here:

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    17 Dec 2018 17 Dec 2018
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    A direct prequel to the movie Mad Max: Fury Road Avalanche brings us the gaming treatment Max deserves. The game opens with an inciting action sequence that makes you crave the vehicular warfare that is sure to follow. A good story, however, is marred by several issues.

    First off the game has a survival aspect. You must eat to regain health or drink water. Water is scarce as it should be but within an hour of game-play you can completely remove this obstacle. Rare was the time I needed water.

    The scope of the game is quite large which is nice, however, it frequently takes an annoying amount of time time travel between points particularly when you get sent halfway across the map for a fetch quest.

    If you are an achievement hunter be cautious. The car combat challenges are best done as early as possible as when you lower threat levels in regions enemy vehicles you need to destroy for specific reasons become scarce.

    Boss battles, although enjoyable, are far to easy compared to many of the Top Dog sub-bosses. In particular the climatic convoy battle that finishes the game is actually easier than a couple convoys that are part of regions.

    In my opinion the stronghold leaders never get sufficient development as characters and you never feel any true connection.

    The game itself though is fun, rewarding, and if you are a fan of the movies you will love it. Just don't expect mind-blowing story telling as the game very much focuses of the combat over story. More so than other games by the developer such as the Just Cause franchise, and let us remember that franchise is all about the big booms.