7. Mad Max Death Runs & Vehicle Specific Challenges

Death Runs & Vehicle Specific Challenges

Death Runs are races across the Wastelands. At each location have one type of race. You don't have to win all of them for the Achievements. It's another story if you're going for 100% completion. Common for all races is that you will fail immediately if you leave your car.

Barrel Bash: The races have a set route and checkpoints with rows of barrels. You need to destroy at least one barrel for the checkpoint to count - and you must have all checkpoints to finish. Needless to say you want to be in the lead in these as otherwise it's easily done to pass the checkpoint in the gaps where your opponents blasted through. If you miss a checkpoint you need to go back and bash a barrel before continuing.

Scatter Runs: This is a race where any road is viable, just get to the finish first. There is a default route which has red colored sand in the tracks. This is not always the fastest route so try to find shortcuts if you're having problem winning.

Time Bomb: Get to the finish as fast as possible anyway you can. Hordes of enemies will attack you along the road and you can't take much beating before you explode.

Requirement: You need to win every Death Run using the Archangel, which requires you to first unlock all parts for it during story game play. Secondly you should make sure that you kill at least one of your rivals in each race as there's an achievement for that. Finally you must manage to do it in Legendary times, i.e. the Token time.

Advice: DON'T QUIT! If you don't win, or meet your goal, it's better to wait the timer out (Don't cross the finish line) as that will give you the option to retry and any ammo you used during the race will be restored. Otherwise you will loose that ammo.

Disclaimer: You don't need to have any of the enemy vehicles in your collection to do the Challenges. You can just as well hi-jack a car of the right model and do it - but then you only get one chance. Adding it to the vehicle collection will grant you an infinite supply of these vehicles.

BROKEN PIPES [AF 51] (Blackmaws)

  • Scatter Run (Spotter, Crow Caller, THE JACK): Trophy 02:18, Token 01:58.
    Choose THE JACK. Win and this is yours:

The Smart Driver

Complete a Scatter Death Run

The Smart Driver
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

CORNER CUT [AP 49] (Colossus)

  • Barrel Bash (Skullbutts, Rammerhead, KILL BOX): Trophy 02:19, Token 01:57.
    Choose KILL BOX. Win to get this achievement (unless you've already won it in the story walkthrough):

The Skilled Driver

Complete a Barrel Bash Death Run

The Skilled Driver
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

  • Using the Thunderpoon just as the race starts will almost always net two kills, which makes this a good place to grind this:

    STATE OF EFFICIENCYDefeat 2 vehicles within 5 seconds of each other while driving the "Kill Box" Archangel, 5 times0/5
  • Skullbutt Challenge: Choosing to drive the Skullbutts makes this a good place to do this Challenge:

    TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAMEDefeat 3 enemy vehicles while driving a Skullbutts0/3

    Make sure you win the race to add the Skullbutt to your collection as that will make this Challenge MUCH easier. Go to Jeet's Stronghold. Take the Skullbutt for a ride. Just outside of Jeets is a building to the left with a door opening. Back up the rear of the Skullbutt in that opening to make it firm and steady. Get out of the vehicle and call for the Magnum Opus with the Flare Gun. Make sure you have the best Ramming Grill mounted on your car (Radiant Shadow Archangel is a good pick). Ram the Skullbutt to oblivion with Head-to-head ramming. Bring another Skull butt out and repeat, repeat, repeat.

    CHICKEN SOUPDefeat 5 Rammerhead or Skullbutt vehicles by ramming head to head with the level 5 "Clawjaw Kill Grill"0/5

VALLEY OF DUST [AS 31] (Dry Gustie)

  • Time Bomb (Kaboom Bug, Mancannon, PINKY FINGER): Trophy 02:00, Token 01:37.
    Choose PINKY FINGER. Very easy if you use Thunderpoons. Win and you get this:

The Quick Driver

Complete a Time Bomb Death Run

The Quick Driver
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

  • Kaboom Bug Challenge: If you don't already have the Kaboom Bug in your vehicle collection you should go back and do another run with it. This can be tricky. Make sure your Shotgun is full on ammo and then stay off the roads! You're driving a buggy so driving across the sand won't penalize you at all. You don't need the token so just make sure you finish in trophy time to unlock this car. When you've finished you should continue driving the Kaboom Bug.

    The finish is just outside the Hollow Point camp which is convenient as there's a Scrapulance waiting just inside the gate. Drive in there, park next to the Scrapulance, press cn_A and get out of the car, BOOM! If you have the Kaboom Bug in your collection you can do this by driving it from Jeet's Stronghold instead.

    BUG KILLERDefeat an enemy, either on foot or in a vehicle, by driving the Kaboom Bug and using its explosion0/1

HEAT HAZE [AN 27] (Fuel Veins)

  • Scatter Run (Crusher, Carnewagon, SOUL SWEEPER): Trophy 02:29, Token 02:02.
    Choose SOUL SWEEPER.

    The Soul Sweeper Challenge is best done in The Dump. The patrols never stops there and there are several Scavenging Locations with respawning vehicles here: [AN 9] being the best one in my opinion.

    GUM SHOEDefeat 1 vehicle from Stank Gum's battalion while driving the "Soul Sweeper" Archangel0/1
  • Crusher Challenge: Add this car to the collection by winning the race with it. Then Fast Travel to Deep Friah and take a drive in it to Scavenging Location [AG 19] in The Dunes (That's the one cloeset to Tricky Pass Death Run). There's always two Buzzard vehicles parked there.

    BUG EYE CRUSHDefeat 1 Buzzard vehicle while driving a Crusher0/1

CRAZY RACY [AC 33] (Fuel Veins)

  • Barrel Bash (Speedsta, Golden Tuska, CELESTIAL BONES): Trophy 02:03, Token 01:41.

CRAGGY CREW [AC 53] (Grit Canyons)

  • Scatter Run (Plate Speedsta, Armored Spotter, ARGENT CAVALIER): Trophy 01:44, Token 01:25.

SUMMIT OF THE MIGHTY [U 55] (Parch Moon)

  • Barrel Bash (Armored Crusher, Chum's Buggy, RIGHTEOUS SPIKE): Trophy 02:08, Token 01:45.

    The Challenge for the Righteous Spike can't be done in the race. Instead go to [C 11] just outside THE DROP camp in Grandrise. Then drive as fast as you can in the right lane on the eastbound highway. Use boost across the sand patches. When you're cruising you will see the wind turbulence around your car. You need to maintain that speed for a while. The Challenge won't unlock until you stop so keep going for as long as you can to be sure.

    PLEASE DRIVE FASTERMaintain full cruising speed for 1.9 miles (3058 m) while driving the "Righteous Spike" Archangel0/1

NECK SNAPPIN' [C 46] (Reek Hills)

  • Scatter Run (Sideblender, Metal Grinder, CARDINAL GRINDER): Trophy 02:10, Token 01:54

    The Challenge involving the Cardinal Grinder is best down outside the race. Find and disable cars and ram them until they have little health left. Then rub yourself against them to grind the rest down to explosion.

    KEEP IT CLEANDefeat 5 vehicles by grinding while driving the "Cardinal Grinder" Archangel0/5
  • Sideblender/Metal Grinder Challenge: You need either one of these cars to do this Challenge. This is very easy as there are Sideblenders participating in this race. So Choose either one and shoot the Fuel Tank on one of your rival Sideblenders.

    SPARKS WILL FLYDefeat a Sideblender or Metal Grinder while driving a Sideblender or Metal Grinder0/1

POTHOLE RIDGE [K 34] (Cadavanaugh)

  • Time Bomb (Drop Kicker, Charbone, Flamergamer, SANGUINE GUARDIAN): Trophy 02:09, Token 01:47

    The Challenge for the Sanguine Guardian Archangel will be dealt with in another race, further down the page.

  • Drop Kicker Challenge: This can easily be done during the playthrough. Otherwise do the race and try to destroy an opponent with your bombs (press cn_A)

    SIGNED AND SEALEDDestroy 1 vehicle using explosions from a Drop Kicker0/1

BUCKLE DOWN [Q 35] (Chalkies)

  • Barrel Bash (Prickles, Hardball, AURELIAN THE READY): Trophy 01:35, Token 01:25

    Unless you're unlucky to hit a Storm during the race this is one to have in mind.

    LET'S BE OVERLY SPECIFICDefeat 1 vehicle in a storm while driving the "Aurelian the Ready" Archangel0/1
  • Prickles Challenge: You will need a Prickle to take out a Scrotus vehicle. An easy place to find one is in Scavenging Location [AN 9] in The Dump. That's the guard post for the East pass between The Dump and The Dunes. There's always a parked Scrotus vehicle here with its Fuel Tank exposed.

    SCROTUS KEBABDefeat 1 Scrotus vehicle while driving a Prickles0/1

EVEN RIP [AC 27] (Knit Sack)

  • Time Bomb (Fire Raider, RADIANT SHADOW): Trophy 01:46, Token: 01:28

    There is a Challenge for destroying 12 vehicles by ramming them with the Radiant Shadow. This is not the place to do so, though. Ramming disabled vehicles count so hit the road and deal with a couple of war parties - or grind on respawning vehicles.

    HOLY ROLLINGDefeat 12 vehicles by ramming while driving the "Radiant Shadow" Archangel0/12
  • Fire Raider Challenge: There are two Challenges involving Fire Raiders. This race is not a good fit for any of them so focus on winning the race to add this vehicle to your collection.

    Once the race is won: Step out of the car, call for the Magnum Opus with the Flare Gun. Go to the garage and switch to the Sanguine Guardian Archangel. Destroy the Fire Raider car. Go into Pink Eye and get another Fire Raider and drive it out. Step out and repeat to complete this Challenge:

    BACKDRAFTDefeat 2 Fire Raiders while driving the "Sanguine Guardian" Archangel0/2

    The second Challenge has a minor grind to it. Fast Travel to Deep Friah and take the Fire Raider for a drive. Go to the Scavenger Location [AG 19] - the place with two Buzzard vehicles. Destroy them with the rear flame (press cn_A to use). Then go back to the intersection just across the border to Rot 'n' Rusties. Turn back and both Buzzard vehicles have respawned. Repeat another time to get:

    THROW ANOTHER ON THE BARBIEDefeat 5 vehicles using the flame pipe from a Fire Raider, Flamergamer or Charbone0/5

TRICKY PASS [AF 16] (Rot 'n' Rusties)

  • Scatter Run (Heavy Armored Crusher, Big Chief Chariot, JUGGER OF VIRTUE): Trophy 02:16, Token 01:52

    The three challenges for Jugger of Virtue involves killing 15 or each factions vehicles. You can net some towards the Roadkill faction in the race - but you'll have to get this during gameplay, or grind at recommended places earlier on this page.

    SMITE THE WICKEDDefeat 15 Scrotus vehicles while driving the "Jugger of Virtue" Archangel0/15
    SMITE THE HEATHENSDefeat 15 Roadkill vehicles while driving the "Jugger of Virtue" Archangel0/15
    SMITE THE DEMONSDefeat 15 Buzzard vehicles while driving the "Jugger of Virtue" Archangel0/15

THE RECONVENE [H 18] (Wailing Wind)

  • Scatter Run (Barbacon, Demented Chariot, SPEED FREAK, RULE OF WAR): Trophy 02:29, Token 02:02
    Choose RULE OF WAR

    The Challenge for Rule of War can't be done in the race. A good spot to do this post game is in The Dump at [AG 8]. There's usually a War Party here and they have a very small patrol area and should return frequently.

    RULE THE DAYShoot 2 fuel tanks on moving vehicles using the Sniper Rifle, while driving the "Rule of War" Archangel.0/2
  • Go back and choose SPEED FREAK and do the race again


  • Barrel Bash (Heavy Armored Spotter, Interceptor, LORD GRAVEL): Trophy 04:09, Token 03:43
    Choose LORD GRAVEL

    Again the Challenge can't be done during the race. There are very high cliffs on the edge to The Big Nothing in the West. There is a good spot at [F 23] in Wailing Wind, which can also net you the Maximum Air achievement.

    ANGEL WITHOUT WINGSWithout using a Wasteland Jump, catch 3 seconds of air time while driving the "Lord Gravel" Archangel, 1 time0/1

    If you're doing these Death Runs post game you should now have unlocked a couple of achievements. If you didn't get The Exiled it means you didn't destroy any vehicles during the Story race - or you've forgotten to do so here.

The Guardian

Successfully complete a Death Run with every Archangel

The Guardian
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

The Exiled

Defeat an enemy vehicle with every Archangel

The Exiled
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShop

Running Wild

Complete at least one race at every Death Run Location

Running Wild
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

MORTAL BITE [Q 6] (The Heights)

  • Barrel Bash (Toughnut Speedsta, The Twelve, SPEED DEMON): Trophy 03:20, Token 02:48
    This race is done in a Story Mission so if you do this post game you should've done this one already. Otherwise choose the SPEED DEMON and once you win all the above achievements should've popped.

Legendary Times: You need to complete all Archangel races in Legendary time to get the final race achievement. If you did just that it should already have unlocked. Otherwise go back and redo any races you failed to meet the requirement in. You can easily see which Archangel race you need to improve by looking at the Archangels in the Collectibles menu. Anyone without the Griffa Token symbol lit must be raced again. When going for these you should heed the advice that if you know you're going to fail - let the timer run out instead of crossing the finish line. This way you'll regain any ammo spent during the race.

The Messenger

Complete a Death Run in legendary time with every Archangel

The Messenger
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerShopTime/Date

Some advice on a few:

CORNER CUT [AP 49] (Colossus) Barrel Bash with KILL BOX
Compared to all the other races you have little to none margin for error here. The Kill Box handles awfully on sand so stay on the road. Using ramps is out of the question as it will undoubtedly spin 180 degrees upon landing. It also have a tendency to juggle a little when driving through the barrels which can make you spin out if you cross them at an angle. So cross the barrels at a straight angle - and don't use boost through as that can hurt more than you would gain. Otherwise you must boost as much as you dare in the straights. Try to have a full boost meter on the final approach as you can then cut over the sand.

BUCKLE DOWN [Q 35] (Chalkies) Barrel Bash with AURELIAN THE READY
Fair amount of margin on this one. Don't use boost until you're crossing the plains at the end, instead focus on staying on the road and drive safely but fast. However tempting those ramps are you should probably just drive around them.

NECK SNAPPIN' [C 46] (Reek Hills) Scatter Run with CARDINAL GRINDER
There is a major shortcut if you drive straight forward between the cliffs at [M 47]. You will be coming up a hill and see the goal marker just in the canyon you want to drive.

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