8. Mad Max Finishing Up

Finishing Up

This page is here to help those who have finished the game but haven't found everything or haven't completed all Challenges.

Scavenging Locations:

There are 227 Scavenging Locations which each disappears from the map when they have been looted. If there still are any Scavenging Locations on your map that means that those have not been fully looted. You need to go back there and find all remaining Scrap, History Relics, Scrap Pallets or Project Parts.

No Scavenging Locations on the map? If you have built the Survey Crew project at each Stronghold they should all have been displayed on the map. Make sure that the Survey Crew have been built in all Strongholds. Position the cursor on the Strongholds in the map view to see what Projects have been built. If it says "Return to Stronghold" it means that you have found all pieces but have yet to go there and assemble it. If you are missing parts for the project you can see where to find them next.

Project Parts:

The parts for each project must be found in the same territory as the Stronghold needing it. For instance your can't pick one Water Storage part in Jeet's Territory and another in Gutgash's Territory and then build the Water Storage project at Pink Eye's. On the maps all locations with a Project Part have a red backdrop. Here's a list of all project parts and where to find them using the map's coordinate system:

Jeet's Territory

  • Cleanup Crew (1/3): Scavenging Location [AD 35]
  • Cleanup Crew (2/3): Scavenging Location [AV 46]
  • Cleanup Crew (3/3): Scavenging Location [AK 47]
  • Maggot Farm (1/4): Scavenging Location [AD 32]
  • Maggot Farm (2/4): Scavenging Location [AM 36]
  • Maggot Farm (3/4): Scavenging Location [AR 49]
  • Maggot Farm (4/4): RUST BIRD Stank Gum Camp [AR 46]
  • Oil Well (1/2): HOLLOW POINT Oil Pump Camp [AK 37]
  • Oil Well (2/2): THE DREDGES Transfer Tank Camp [AJ 45]
  • Scrap Crew (1/4): Scavenging Location [AL 42]
  • Scrap Crew (2/4): Scavenging Location [AB 36]
  • Scrap Crew (3/4): Scavenging Location [AS 40]
  • Scrap Crew (4/4): Scavenging Location [AG 47]
  • Survey Crew (1/3): SAND SIFTER Transfer Tank Camp [AF 42]
  • Survey Crew (2/3): THE EDGE Oil Pump Camp [AI 52]
  • Survey Crew (3/3): IRONCLAD Stank Gum Camp [AM 33]
  • Water Storage (1/2): Scavenging Location [AH 44]
  • Water Storage (2/2): Scavenging Location [AJ 26]

Gutgash's Territory

  • Cleanup Crew (1/2): Scavenging Location [AA 48]
  • Cleanup Crew (2/2): Scavenging Location [K 46]
  • Oil Well (1/1): OVERLOOK Transfer Tank Camp [AA 42]
  • Maggot Farm (1/3): STORM SHELTER Transfer Tank Camp [K 49]
  • Maggot Farm (2/3): Scavenging Location [Q 36]
  • Maggot Farm (3/3): Scavenging Location [E 45]
  • Scrap Crew (1/3): Scavenging Location [V 36]
  • Scrap Crew (2/3): Scavenging Location [C 38]
  • Scrap Crew (3/3): Scavenging Location [Q 44]
  • Survey Crew (1/3): JUGULAR CANYON Stank Gum Camp [T 38]
  • Survey Crew (2/3): FINGER PEAK Stank Gum Camp [M 33]
  • Survey Crew (3/3): BLOOD RIDGE Oil Pump Camp [H 38]
  • Water Storage (1/2): Scavenging Location [R 48]
  • Water Storage (2/2): GOB STONE Oil Pump Camp [Z 52]

Pink Eye's Territory

  • Cleanup Crew (1/2): Scavenging Location [R 26]
  • Cleanup Crew (2/2): Scavenging Location [AF 15]
  • Oil Well (1/1): WHEEL GREASER Oil Pump Camp [AA 4]
  • Scrap Crew (1/3): Scavenging Location [R 16]
  • Scrap Crew (2/3): Scavenging Location [O 6]
  • Scrap Crew (3/3): Scavenging Location [L 24]
  • Survey Crew (1/2): TWIN SISTERS Stank Gum Camp [Z 14]
  • Survey Crew (2/2): HAVOC POINT Oil Pump Camp [T 25]
  • Water Storage (1/2): Scavenging Location [H 19]
  • Water Storage (2/2): Scavenging Location [E 8]

Deep Friah's Territory

  • Cleanup Crew (1/1): Scavenging Location [AG 9]
  • Maggot Farm (1/1): Scavenging Location [AI 9]
  • Oil Well (1/1): Scavenging Location [AI 11]
  • Scrap Crew (1/1): Scavenging Location [AI 6]
  • Survey Crew (1/1): Scavenging Location [AJ 7]
  • Water Storage (1/1): Scavenging Location [AL 9]

Vantage Outpost:

If you have ascended the balloon there will be a green check mark next to it. The name of the region will also be displayed on the map, which it otherwise doesn't.

History Relics:

History Relics can be found in Scavenging Locations, Camps and Vantage Outposts. The most likely place to miss one is in the Vantage Outposts. Go to the map view and put the cursor on each one of the Vantage Outposts in order to see what loot is hidden there. The green check mark only marks that you have ascended in the balloon - not that you have picked up all loots. The second most likely place you might have overlooked is the Strongholds. The third most likely place is that you've missed on in a Camp. The symbol on the map will be a check mark if it have been dismantled. The color will be slightly different if the Camp haven't also been completed, i.e. you've found all loot and collectibles. Below is a table of all History Relics as they appear in the game collection screen:

Camp [AI 31]Camp [G 45]Camp [P 15]Camp [AT 42]Camp [R 32]
Camp [X 24]Scav [AM 51]Scav [AG 41]Scav [AF 26]Scav [AU 34]
Scav [P 29]Scav [H 23]Scav [H 15]Camp [M 33]Scav [AZ 13]
Scav [O 30]Scav [AG 9]Scav [U 48]Scav [L 51]Scav [AN 15]
Camp [AO 55]Scav [D 49]Scav [AU 21]Scav [AS 11]Scav [AX 17]
Scav [AK 4]Scav [AM 10]Scav [AN 6]Scav [AH 4]Scav [AN 43]
Scav [AK 38]Scav [AD 41]Scav [AJ 46]Scav [AJ 48]Scav [Z 33]
Scav [AL 30]Scav [AW 39]Scav [AR 32]Camp [AN 41]Scav [AS 45]
Scav [AT 42]Scav [AX 43]Scav [T 41]Camp [S 51]Hold [S 45]
Scav [AD 45]Scav [Y 47]Camp [Z 52]Camp [W 45]Scav [AB 17]
Camp [Y 39]Camp [M 42]Vant [L 38] Scav [C 38]Scav [F 43]
Scav [Z 27]Scav [Q 36] Scav [V 23]Camp [N 24]Scav [L 21]
Scav [O 20]Camp [E 17]Scav [L 12]Scav [L 6]Scav [S 5]
Scav [T 10]Scav [W 16]Camp [Z 14]Scav [AC 25]Scav [Z 23]
Hold [S 21]* Scav [AJ 55]Scav [AJ 24]Scav [BA 13]Scav [AK 4]
Hold [AI 14]Scav [AI 36]Camp [AK 50]Camp [AI 52]Camp [AF 35]
Scav [AG 29]Scav [AP 18]Scav [AV 35]Camp [AR 46]Scav [AT 48]
Scav [N 46]Scav [V 54]Scav [Z 45]Scav [W 42]Scav [V 39]
Scav [V 36]Scav [L 31]Scav [G 33]Scav [P 41]Scav [D 45]
Scav [Z 30]Hold [S 21]**Scav [O 26]Vant [M 21]Scav [G 10]
Vant [R 14]Camp [AA 18]Scav [AF 21]

* Received after completing the Wasteland Mission In Due Time.
** In the ruins outside the Stronghold

Progression and Collection Challenges:

This is the major part of the Finishing Up. Below are ALL Challenges listed and some words of advise on how to get it. Challenges with an arrow (») in front of them are unlocked after completing the Challenge above. These challenges are unlocked when the above one is completed and in most cases the counter will reset to 0 again. Challenges on white background does not need to be completed!

Consumables: There are three types of consumables that will give you health: Water, Canned Food and Maggots. In order to eat/drink you need to have lost health. Canned Food and Maggots have a limited supply that far extends what the challenges require. The Walkthrough lists all Canned Food and Maggots with ALL-CAPS so you can easily find where you might find some.

LIKE A 10 DAY CAMELFill the Canteen fully, 30 times (30000 drops)0/30000
FLAVOR OF THE MONTHEat 6 cans of food0/6
» WASTELAND GOURMETEast 12 cans of food0/12
TENTATIVE TASTEBUDSEat 1 serving of maggots0/1
» YOU ARE WHAT YOU EATEat 15 servings of maggots0/15

Scavenging Locations: You need to find all Scraps, History Relics, Scrap Pallets and Project Parts in a Scavenging Location in order for it to count as looted. By putting the cursor on the Scavenging Location in the map screen you can see a list of everything you need to find. Most loot are easy to find but a few can be tricky. If I deemed a collectible hard to locate I have made a note of it in the Walkthrough. Find out the coordinates for the location using the Walkthrough maps and then look through the Walkthrough to find this location. If I have made no note it's probably hidden in plain sight.

LOW HANGING FRUITComplete 5 scavenging locations0/5
» WHAT'S YOURS IS MINEComplete 13 scavenging locations0/13
»» PICKING THE CARCASSComplete 18 scavenging locations0/18
»»» REAPER OF THE HARVESTComplete 191 scavenging locations0/191

Vantage Outposts: You need to fully ascend with the balloon - unlocking the bios for the region in the progress. Sometimes you need to prepare the balloon in order to take flight. If the Balloon is held with wires you need to destroy those wires. If the balloon is already up in the air it needs to be winched down using the generator switch. The switch looks like a circuit breaker on a yellow box. On occasion the generator is out of fuel. Look for a yellow box with a funnel on top of it and refill it. Usually there's Fuel Cans in the area - but sometimes you need to bring a spare one with you car. Finally the balloon itself may lack fuel. The balloons fuel tank sits on the side of the basket.

CLEARING THE FOGReveal 3 regions by using balloons0/3
» REVELATIONSReveal 13 regions by using balloons0/13

Camps: You need to dismantle and complete all 37 camps in order to complete the following Challenges. Can't find everything? Look for complete guides to each camp in the Walkthrough.

ERADICATORComplete the main objectives for 1 camp0/1
MAN IS NOT MADE FOR DEFEATRepopulate 2 camps0/2
» RISING FROM THE ASHESRepopulate 12 camps0/12
»» A PLACE TO LAY MY HATRepopulate all remaining 22 camps0/22
2 BIRDS WITH 1 STONEComplete the main and optional objectives for 3 Scrotus camps0/3
» MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINESComplete the main and optional objectives for 10 Scrotus camps0/10
»» MULTI-TASK MASTERComplete the main and optional objectives for 15 Scrotus camps0/15
»»» DEATH ON YOUR DOORSTEPComplete the main and optional objectives for remaining 9 Scrotus camps0/9
A SIGN OF THE TIMESDestroy 8 Scrotus Insignia0/8
» PAIN AND TRIUMPHDestroy 15 Scrotus Insignia0/15
»» A DECLARATION OF WARDestroy 30 Scrotus Insignia0/30
»»» THE WRITING'S ON THE WALLDestroy the remaining 77 Insignia0/77

Threat Level Reduction: These will come naturally as you destroy threats in the territories. Camps, Scarecrows, Wasteland Snipers, Convoys and Mine Fields are considered threats. In the end you'll have to destroy/dismantle them all for these:

CALLING THE SHOTSReduce all threat within 1 region of Jeet's territory0/1
» THE COAST IS CLEARReduce all threat in remaining 4 regions within Jeet's territory0/4
STRIKING THEIR COLORSReduce all threat within 1 region of Gutgash's territory0/1
» CALM SEASReduce all threat in remaining 4 regions within Gutgash's territory0/4
WHAT GOES AROUNDReduce all threat within 1 region of Pink Eye's territory0/1

Encounters: There are a lot of Encounters that will appear gradually as you complete missions. You don't have to speak with all but a set number in each territory. There is a big surplus of Encounters so if one should die - by your hand or a poorly timed war party - it's not a big deal. If you're the unluckiest person in the world (or the most evil one) you can potentially make these Challenges missable if enough Encounters die before you speak to them. Gastown refers to The Dump in this case.

A TALKATIVE MANSpeak with 8 Encounters in Jeet's territory0/8
CHATTY CHATTYSpeak with 11 Encounters in Gutgash's territory0/11
BIG MOUTHSpeak with 12 Encounters in Pink Eye's territory0/12
MAKING FRIENDS IN GASTOWNSpeak with 7 Encounters in Gastown0/7

Stronghold Projects: You need to build all projects in all Strongholds to earn all of these. The Stockpile projects only needs scrap but the rest requires you to find Project Parts scattered across the territory.

LOCK STOCK AND BARRELComplete all stockpile projects for Jeet0/3
KEEP YOUR POWDER DRYComplete 5 projects for Jeet0/5
» ALL WRAPPED UPComplete the remaining 6 projects for Jeet0/6
FULL TO THE GUNWALESComplete all stockpile projects for Gutgash0/3
ALL HANDS ON DECKComplete 5 projects for Gutgash0/5
» BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHESComplete the remaining 6 projects for Gutgash0/6
SAVE IT FOR A RAINY DAYComplete all stockpile projects for Pink Eye0/3
THE WHEELS ARE TURNINGComplete 5 projects for Pink Eye0/5
» MOVE THAT BUSComplete the remaining 6 projects for Pink Eye0/6
FUEL TO THE FIREComplete all stockpile projects for Deep Friah0/3
IRONS IN THE FIREComplete 5 projects for Deep Friah0/5
» BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OILComplete the remaining 6 projects for Deep Friah0/6

History Relic: Scattered across the lands and can be found in Scavenging Locations, Vantage Outpost, Camps or Strongholds. There are no Challenges for finding them all but well an achievement.

PARADISE LOSTFind 3 History Relics0/3
» FADED MEMORIESFind 15 History Relics0/15

Thirsty Wanderers: Sometimes you'll see wanderer's with a water drop above their heads. You need to give at least one of those water (costs half a canteen of water)

HAPPY HOURGive water to 1 Wanderer0/1
» UNTIL THE WELL RUNS DRYGive water to 5 Wanderers Completed 0 time(s)0/5

Scarecrows: You need to tear them all down. There are four strengths: Weak, Strong, Fortified and Massive. If you want to use the Harpoon you need to upgrade it to take down the stronger ones.

SHOOING THE ROOKSDestroy 4 Scarecrows0/4
» A CAT AMONG THE PIGEONSDestroy 12 Scarecrows0/12
»» SCATTERED ASHESDestroy 15 Scarecrows0/15
»»» FROM DUST TO DUSTDestroy 20 Scarecrows0/20
»»»» HE WHO WATCHES THE WATCHERSDestroy all remaining 46 scarecrows0/46

Wasteland Snipers: Mostly referred to as Leadslingers. Only Scrotus faction leadslingers count and it can be any sniper whether it is part of a camp perimeter defense, a lone Wasteland post or in a Scavenging location. Sometimes they stand on top of Large Towers. You need to tear down a couple of those towers as well - the sniper in it still being alive or not is irrelevant.

STORMING THE GUARDDestroy 5 large Sniper towers0/5
» TOPPLERDestroy 10 large Sniper towers0/10
PICK OF THE DAYTake out 5 Scrotus Leadslingers0/5
» I'VE GOT MY EYE ON YOUTake out 10 Scrotus Leadslingers0/10
»» CAN'T HIDE FROM THE REAPERTake out 30 Scrotus Leadslingers Completed 0 time(s)0/30

Mine Fields: The Mine Fields don't appear on the map until you're very close to them. You can see how many there are in each territory by moving the map cursor over an empty area. To clear them you need to use Chum's Buggy and manually drive between them (no Fast Travel!) and then listen and watch Dinki-Di (the dog) as he points in the direction of the nearest mine and once you're close enough he yelps and the reveals the mine. Go near it and disarm it. There are always three mines in each Mine Field.

PRECAUTIONARY MEASURESDestroy 5 land mines0/5
» CALM LIKE A BOMBDestroy 10 land mines0/10
»» CUT THE RIGHT WIREDestroy 30 land mines0/30
»»» NO NEED TO CALL THE BOMB SQUADDestroy all 45 remaining land mines0/45

Scraps: There are several Challenges involving Scrap collecting. These are all cumulative so no need to have that amount on you at one time. There is an achievement for having 10000 at once but you don't have to worry about that. Muthaloot crates appears in storms. For these to appear you need to let the storm subside naturally. Each crate contains three scraps. Clean Up Crew is a Stronghold project that will automatically gather any scraps from destroyed vehicles. Scrap Crew is also a project built in Strongholds. They will collect scraps while you're not playing. Each of these project will produce 100-150 scraps per day. There are two Challenges tied to the Scrap Crew which also requires an online connection to Warner Bros servers. At the time of writing this (9th June 2018) those servers are down making these Challenges impossible to complete, ruining any chances of getting the Up To The Task achievement.

DON'T SPEND IT ALL IN ONE PLACECollect 1000 scrap0/1000
» METAL DETECTORCollect 10000 scrap0/10000
»» THE ONE PERCENTCollect 45000 scrap0/45000
A PENNY SAVEDEarn 500 scrap from Scrap Crews0/500
» DIVIDENDEarn 2000 scrap from Scrap Crews0/2000
TRASH IS TREASUREEarn 500 scrap from Clean Up Crews0/500
» CLEAN SWEEPEarn 2000 scrap from Clean Up Crews0/2000
CANARY IN A COALMINEEarn 1000 scrap from repopulated camps0/1000
» SITTING ON A GOLDMINEEarn 10000 scrap from repopulated camps0/10000
WHAT ARE THE CHANCESCollect 3 boxes of scrap from Muthaloot crates0/3
» PLAYING THE LOTTERYCollect 10 boxes of scrap from Muthaloot crates. Completed 0 time(s)0/10

Jimmy Bar: Part of Max's equipment. Needs to be unlocked and bought. Scrap boxes do not count towards these.

STICKY FINGERSOpen 5 containers or doors using the Jimmy Bar0/5
» PANDORA'S BOXOpen 10 containers or doors using the Jimmy Bar0/10

Miscellaneous: The zip lines can be boosted by riding the same line multiple times. There's no need for boosting, though as you will ride plenty more than 30 in a playthrough. You need to keep an eye of for red barrels as I do not believe you will reach 50 otherwise. Red barrels are most often found in camps.

BEHOLD, THE FLYING FOX!Use 30 zip lines0/30
SET UP US THE BOMBDestroy 50 red barrels0/50

Storm Challenges:

Vehicle: Magnum Opus is the collective name for your car in any upgrade constellation.

MORRISON EFFECTDefeat 3 vehicles in a storm while driving the Magnum Opus0/3
TANGO IN A TWISTERDefeat 3 enemies, either on foot or in a vehicle, while in a storm0/3
» EYE OF THE TIGERDefeat 10 enemies either on foot or in a vehicle, while in a storm. Completed 0 time(s)0/10
THROUGH THE EYE OF THE NEEDLEPerform a 3 second jump while in a storm, 2 times0/2
LET'S BE OVERLY SPECIFICDefeat 1 vehicle in a storm while driving the "Aurelian the Ready" Archangel0/1

Combat Challenges:

Melee: Defeat enemies while on foot. Killing enemies in a row doesn't have to be in the same fight. You can do these while you drive around the Wasteland. When you take damage the counter will reset to 0 so it's easiest to slowly raise this number with small groups or single enemies.

LAYING THE SMACKDOWNKill 100 enemies in melee combat0/100
WE DIE TO EACH OTHER DAILYKill 60 enemies from the Scrotus faction, either on foot or in a vehicle0/60
» QUIET IN THE HALLS OF JUSTICEKill 120 enemies from the Scrotus faction, either on foot or in a vehicle. Completed 0 time(s)0/120
A THREAT IS A THREATKill 60 enemies from the Roadkill faction, either on foot or in a vehicle0/60
» THE LONG AND WINDING ROADKill 110 enemies from the Roadkill faction, either on foot or in a vehicle. Completed 0 time(s)0/110
SILENCING THE SQUAWKKill 30 enemies from the Buzzard faction, either on foot or in a vehicle0/30
» STRIPPING THE QUILLSKill 65 enemies from the Buzzard faction, either on foot or in a vehicle. Completed 0 time(s)0/65
UNTOUCHABLEKill 8 enemies in melee combat in a row without taking any damage0/1
» UNBREAKABLEKill 12 enemies in melee combat in a row without taking any damage0/1
»» UNBEATABLEDefeat 15 enemies in melee combat in a row without taking any damage. Completed 0 time(s)0/1
I'VE GOT THE HANG OF THISPerform 50 Perfect Parries. Completed 0 time(s)0/50
CHEW ON THIS, BUDPerform 25 Jaw Breakers. Completed 0 time (s)0/25

Combos: Combos are strikes dealt consecutively without loosing health and with only a small amount of time between each blow.

FISTS OF FURYPerform a combo chain of 15 or above0/1
» FOUND MY RHYTHMPerform a combo chain of 20 or above0/1
»» FURIOUS FLURRYPerform a combo chain of 25 or above. Completed 0 time(s)0/1

Melee Weapons: This must be done with a wielding weapon (not Thunderstick). There are several types and they all count. These are rarely found laying about so you need to grab them from enemies by disarming them, killing them or make them drop the weapon. With it in hand just hammer away. You can upgrade Max's skills to both increase damage and durability of melee weapons.

SWING BATTER BATTER!Defeat 5 enemies with a melee weapon0/5
» BONE CRUNCHINGDefeat 10 enemies with a melee weapon0/10
»» BLUDGEONERDefeat 30 enemies with a melee weapon0/30

Shotgun: Gut shots is a skill that needs to be unlocked and bought. Get close to an enemy - maybe let it attack and parry - then quickly press cn_B to perform the Gut Shot. Destroy vehicles by shooting their fuel tanks. Listed here but you can also destroy them with Thundersticks if you have any nearby.

SUCKERPUNCHEDPerform 10 Gut Shot kills using the Shotgun0/10
» WAS IT SOMETHING YOU ATE?Perform 25 Gut Shot kills using the Shotgun. Completed 0 time(s)0/25
2 ARE BETTER THAN 4Destroy 5 moving vehicles on foot0/5
» JOUSTING WITH DRAGONSDestroy 20 vehicles while on foot. Completed 0 time(s)0/20

Thunderstick: You need to hold a Thunderstick in hand to do this. Easiest way to do it is to parry an incoming attack and then immediately press cn_B to use the Thunderstick.

AS VICIOUS AS A BANDICOOTDefeat 5 enemies by impaling them with a Thunderstick0/5

Shivs: This is a finishing move. When you have shivs in your inventory you will sometimes be prompted the option to perform a finishing move using the shiv.

STICKING PIGSDefeat 35 enemies with a Shiv execution. Completed 0 time(s)0/35

Disarming: Requires a skill. When an armed enemy attacks, press cn_Y to parry and the immediately press cn_A to disarm him.

PEACE PACTDisarm 5 enemies0/5
» RENDERED DEFENSELESSDisarm 10 enemies0/10
»» DISMEMBEREDDisarm 15 enemies. Completed 0 time(s)0/15

Fury Meter: Every combat move you do fills the fury meter. When full you enter Fury Mode. These Challenges is for entering Fury Mode as quickly as possible. Normal blows and parries adds a miniscule amount to the meter. You need to build up high combos and perform skill actions to fill it faster. Look for cn_A prompts and do chain attacks, ie. holding cn_X. The 10 second challenge is one of the toughest in the game.

SLOW BURNERFill the Fury meter in 60 seconds or less0/1
» MEASURED SAVAGERYFill the Fury meter in 50 seconds or less0/1
»» FEEDING FRENZYFill the Fury meter in 40 seconds or less0/1
»»» RAGE AGAINST THE METERFill the Fury meter in 30 seconds or less0/1
»»»» A TASTE FOR VIOLENCEFill the Fury meter in 20 seconds or less0/1
»»»»» RATTLING YOUR DAGSFill the Fury meter in 10 seconds or less0/1

Fury Mode: These challenges needs to be done before the Fury Mode runs out. This is one of the toughest Challenges in the game. It needs to be done in a big fight with 8 or preferably more enemies. Try to distribute your strikes evenly among the crowd without killing anyone until you enter Fury Mode and then go all in killing them. Use weapons if they're available. If you're in post game look fights in The Dump. Locations here will keep repopulating with enemies. Try the Scavenging Location at [AL 9].

UNSTOPPABLEKill 8 enemies in melee combat during 1 Fury Mode0/1

Finishers You must have a suitable skill unlocked to do this. Enter Fury Mode and perform chain attacks until you see a cn_A prompt for a Finisher.

SLAM DUNKED!Perform a Fury Finisher on 15 enemies0/15
CRACKING SKULLSPerform 20 Wall Finisher attacks. Completed 0 time(s)0/20

Vehicle Challenges:

A very good spot to spawn infinite weak driven Scrotus cars is in the Scavenging Location just North of the Vantage Outpost in Balefire Flatlands. There are always two Spotters here. Check the previous page "Death Runs & Vehicle Specific Challenges" to find additional help on some of these.

Destroying vehicles anyway you want: Will come naturally during gameplay. Scrotus vehicles can be found anywhere but will become fewer as Threat Levels decrease. Roadkills are active in most regions during daytime and Buzzards during the night - mostly in rocky areas. Parked vehicles at Scavenging Locations also count - some of these also re-spawns.

PUP OF WARDefeat 10 Scrotus vehicles by any means0/10
» DOG OF WARDefeat 50 Scrotus vehicles by any means0/50
»» LORD OF WARDefeat 100 Scrotus vehicles by any means. Completed 0 time(s)0/100
HERE'S THE BIG CHIEFDefeat 3 Scrotus vehicles with a V8 engine installed0/3
ROADKILLERDefeat 10 Roadkill vehicles by any means0/10
» UP THE ANTEDefeat 50 Roadkill vehicles by any means0/50
»» A PIECE OF HISTORYDefeat 100 Roadkill vehicles by any means. Completed 0 time(s)0/100
EXPELLERDefeat 10 Buzzard vehicles by any means0/10
» BANISHERDefeat 20 Buzzard vehicles by any means0/20
»» EXORCISERDefeat 30 Buzzard vehicles by any means. Completed 0 time(s)0/30

Ramming: T-Boning is when you ram you front straight into the sides of enemy vehicles. Head-to-Head is a frontal crash. The Chicken Soup challenge needs to be done with two moving cars. Ramming into the front of a disabled car won't produce the Head-to-Head prompt. That is if it's not your own vehicle! You perform Side Rams by holding cn_X and then the direction you want: left or right. Drive alongside an enemy vehicle and use the Side Ram to nudge him.

BULLHEADEDDefeat 12 vehicles going head to head while using Boost0/12
» HEADBUTTERDefeat 24 vehicles going head to head while using Boost. Completed 0 time(s)0/24
THORN IN YOUR SIDEDefeat 5 vehicles by T-boning0/5
» PERPENDIC YOU LAR!Defeat 24 vehicles by T-boning. Completed 0 time(s)0/24
CHICKEN SOUPDefeat 5 Rammerhead or Skullbutt vehicles by ramming head to head with the level 5 "Clawjaw Kill Grill"0/5
NUDGE NUDGEDefeat 5 vehicles using the Side Ram0/5
» DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTSDefeat 24 vehicles using the Side Ram. Completed 0 time(s)0/24

Grinding: You need spiky rims to do this. It's only the killing blow that needs to be done with grinding and it can be done on disabled vehicles as well. So find a war party, disable a few cars by shooting their tires or whatever. Then do some foreplay by ramming the disabled vehicles. When they're very low on health you can go in and rub yourself against them with your spiky rims.

SAFE SEXDefeat 6 vehicles by grinding0/6
» GRIND OVER MATTERDefeat 24 vehicles by grinding. Completed 0 time(s)0/24
STRANGERS ON A TRAINMaintain grinding contact for at least 5 seconds, 1 time0/1

Boarders: Stick It To Ya is one of the most painful Challenges to complete post game. There are a few spawn point of boarder vehicles but the one I found best was just North of Gutgash Stronghold at [R 43]. Sit there and wait for war parties. They often have Boarder Vehicles.

KILL TWITCHShake 10 jumpers off the Magnum Opus without using a weapon0/10
STICK IT TO YAKill 15 enemies by using Boarder Spikes0/15

Shotgun: Don't rely on luck by just pressing cn_B. Instead use cn_LB to enter manual aim. To reach the driver it's easier if you first rip the door out with the Harpoon.

RIDIN' SHOTGUNShoot 10 drivers with the Shotgun0/10
» FASTER THAN A SLUG?Shoot 30 drivers with the Shotgun. Completed 0 time(s)0/30
MAJOR BLOWOUTShoot 30 tires on moving vehicles with the Shotgun0/30
BANG FOR THE BUCKDestroy 15 vehicle mounted fuel tanks with the Shotgun0/15
» MOVING TARGETDestroy 20 fuel tanks on moving vehicles0/20


PIT STOPPull 5 tires from moving vehicles using the Harpoon0/5
» TIRE THEM OUTPull 30 tires from moving vehicles using the Harpoon. Completed 0 time(s)0/30
AMATEUR ARCHEOLOGYPull 1 buried vehicles out of the sand with the Harpoon0/1
» JUNK IN THE TRUNKPull 5 buried vehicles out of the sand with the Harpoon. Completed 0 time(s)0/5

Sniper Rifle:

TIRE POPPERShoot out 2 tires on a moving vehicle using the Sniper Rifle0/2
RULE THE DAYShoot 2 fuel tanks on moving vehicles using the Sniper Rifle, while driving the "Rule of War" Archangel.0/2
POINT AND SHOOTShoot 2 fuel tanks on moving vehicles using the Sniper Rifle0/2

Thunderpoon: Boarder Vehicles are often found in Convoys. No convoys left? Read Boarders above for some hints how find boarder vehicles.

WHERE THERE'S THUNDERDefeat 10 vehicles using the Thunderpoon0/10
» FIRESTORM OF FEARDefeat 30 vehicles using the Thunderpoon. Completed 0 time(s)0/30
IN YOUR DREAMSDefeat 3 Boarder vehicles with the Thunderpoon0/3

Chum's Buggy:

MY LITTLE FRIENDDefeat 3 vehicles while driving the Buggy0/3
OFFSHOOTWithout using a Wasteland Jump, achieve 2 seconds of air time while driving the Buggy, 3 times0/3

Archangels: See the previous page for hints on these.

SMITE THE WICKEDDefeat 15 Scrotus vehicles while driving the "Jugger of Virtue" Archangel0/15
SMITE THE HEATHENSDefeat 15 Roadkill vehicles while driving the "Jugger of Virtue" Archangel0/15
SMITE THE DEMONSDefeat 15 Buzzard vehicles while driving the "Jugger of Virtue" Archangel0/15
RULE THE DAYShoot 2 fuel tanks on moving vehicles using the Sniper Rifle, while driving the "Rule of War" Archangel. 0/2
ANGEL WITHOUT WINGSWithout using a Wasteland Jump, catch 3 seconds of air time while driving the "Lord Gravel" Archangel, 1 time0/1
STATE OF EFFICIENCYDefeat 2 vehicles within 5 seconds of each other while driving the "Kill Box" Archangel, 5 times0/5
PLEASE DRIVE FASTERMaintain full cruising speed for 1.9 miles (3058 m) while driving the "Righteous Spike" Archangel0/1
GUM SHOEDefeat 1 vehicle from Stank Gum's battalion while driving the "Soul Sweeper" Archangel0/1
KEEP IT CLEANDefeat 5 vehicles by grinding while driving the "Cardinal Grinder" Archangel0/5
BACKDRAFTDefeat 2 Fire Raiders while driving the "Sanguine Guardian" Archangel0/2
HOLY ROLLINGDefeat 12 vehicles by ramming while driving the "Radiant Shadow" Archangel0/12
LET'S BE OVERLY SPECIFICDefeat 1 vehicle in a storm while driving the "Aurelian the Ready" Archangel0/1

Other vehicles: See the previous page for hints on these.

SIGNED AND SEALEDDestroy 1 vehicle using explosions from a Drop Kicker0/1
SCROTUS KEBABDefeat 1 Scrotus vehicle while driving a Prickles0/1
BUG EYE CRUSHDefeat 1 Buzzard vehicle while driving a Crusher0/1
THROW ANOTHER ON THE BARBIEDefeat 5 vehicles using the flame pipe from a Fire Raider, Flamergamer or Charbone0/5
TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAMEDefeat 3 enemy vehicles while driving a Skullbutts0/3
BUG KILLERDefeat an enemy, either on foot or in a vehicle, by driving a Kaboom Bug and using its explosion0/1
SPARKS WILL FLYDefeat a Sideblender or Metal Grinder while driving a Sideblender or Metal Grinder0/1
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