Mad Tracks Reviews

  • hidetheclownhidetheclown52,549
    27 Apr 2009
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    Mad Tracks is an Xbox live arcade game, you can buy it for 800 Microsoft points.

    It is an arcade style car-racing game with several game modes, such as races and mini games.

    This game isn't a serious simulator, its a fun and exciting racing game for all ages.

    Good Points:

    Many different power ups to keep you occupied
    The Mini Games are very different, and are great in split screen (more to come about that)
    Split screen for up to 4 people, which is great on a large TV
    So many game modes - Online too!
    Nice graphics and soundtrack
    Free gamerpictures headspin

    Bad Points:

    Difficult achievements - An easy 110, but then it gets harder. Some serious persistence needed for these.
    Slightly repetitive gameplay
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    Hatred ProphetNice summary of the game, i'll prolly pick it up thanks to this.
    Posted by Hatred Prophet On 30 Apr 09 at 00:54
    onnovdwIs the DLC worth the money?
    Posted by onnovdw On 01 Apr 10 at 10:06
    hidetheclownI wasn't aware that there was DLC...
    Posted by hidetheclown On 06 Apr 10 at 12:34
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