Madagascar Kartz

Xbox 360

Madagascar Kartz Achievements

Most Earned

Finish Line Frenzy
Finish Line Frenzy15 (15)You came in the top 3!
Bump Free
Bump Free10 (10)Completed a lap without touching a wall!
Forgot My Trunks
Forgot My Trunks15 (15)Raced Shark Beach without getting wet.
Zany Zoo Champ
Zany Zoo Champ26 (25)You won the Zany Zoo Cup!

Least Earned

Shrek Swamp Gold Medalist
Shrek Swamp Gold Medalist42 (25)Beat the 200CC Time Trial Gold Medal time in Shrek Swamp.
200CC Master
200CC Master162 (100)Came in first in all 200CC championships.
Foosa Rocks Gold Medalist
Foosa Rocks Gold Medalist24 (15)Beat the 50CC Time Trial Gold Medal time in Foosa Rocks.
B.O.B. License
B.O.B. License16 (10)Won a Quick race or a Championship race with B.O.B.
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