Madden NFL 06 Reviews

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    06 Jan 2009
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    The long running Madden series makes it way with its first installment on the Xbox 360. This review is based on the fact you know a little bit about football. Also keep in mind I am writing this as if it is new experience and only comparing it to previous years and not later releases.

    Game play: 8/10
    While I have to say there is great improvements in the 06 version compared to 05 on the PS2 version I played. The vision controls while takes some time to get used to is a nice added feature. The play calling is simple yet diverse. While the main game play is basically the same from previous version, its still fun to play and a couple of new moves have been added as well. The use of the right stick adds some excitement and sometimes a difference maker in winning or losing a game. The online aspect could use a little more work but its decent.

    Graphics: 8/10
    While there are only so many improvements one can make to the a long running franchise like Madden. There are great improvements in this installments in terms of players and stadiums. Not only the players look realistic, their moves are not the same all the time. There are numerous new moves like cut backs that look realistic. The stadium modeling makes each home venue look and feel different.

    Sound and Music: 8/10
    The music in the menus seems like the standard assortment of music added in all sports game. The game sound is the real difference maker. You hear the crowds cheering and the players hollering. The commentators add depth and its not too repetitive for one game. They do get repetitive is you play seasons but not so much in one game.

    Difficulty: 5/10
    While the game has various settings. While it may be easy for some it might be too hard for others. It does have a varying degrees of difficulties for various skill levels of players to make each game enjoyable.

    Final Thoughts:
    While this game might seem obsolete given it was released over four years ago, you can find it is most stores for a fraction of current release. It a decent addition for most collectors and gamers.