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    26 Mar 2011
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    Madden09 is my personal favourite of the madden series. This game is a must buy for any madden fan or anyone who enjoys sports games.

    Very smooth and fun. You can taunt, injure players and make some crazy offensive plays. One thing i really enjoy is when i score i can run into certain areas of the end zone and do a taunt. It's always funny watching them even after all these years. The players are all well done as well and don't seem to do so many stupid things like in the older and newer maddens. The kicking/punting is terrific and so is the tackling. The hit stick really delivers bone crushing hits while you rarely miss with the X button tackle. The truck stick is amazing and all the buttons to do moves work flawlessly. Everything you could want from a madden game is pretty much in this one. The superstar is also great once again and the customization is very nice. The only downside to this game just like a lot of maddens is how sometimes you're qb will not throw the ball. Other then that one flaw i don't notice any other problems.


    The music is awesome. This is one of the few games where i can actually leave music on. Also the commentating isn't too bad. The commentators aren't too annoying but they point out the obvious all game long.



    The achievements are very easy and enjoyable. This is an easy 1000G even if you aren't that great at madden. You can cheat most of the achievements if you don't feel like getting them legitimately.


    Overall Review:
    A must buy for any madden fan or sports fan. Also a great pick up for 1000G. Fun and replayable. You can probably find this very cheap now and you might as well pick up the 20th anniversary edition and get head coach.
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    pantherkid2564now you can buy the game for under 3$ so go nuts
    Posted by pantherkid2564 on 15 Jul 11 at 20:16
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    01 Mar 2010 01 Mar 2010
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    Madden NFL 09 is a great buy for a good value. If you're a Madden fan and don't already own this game, why not get it now? You get some good gameplay, graphics, an easy 1000 gamerpoints and it's only $19.99 at Best Buy and it comes with NFL Head Coach 09 and a bonus content disc. 2 games + 1700 easy gamerpoints combined +1 DVD + 20 years limited edition shiny box = $19.99 = great value.

    Now on to the gameplay. This is what you might expect from a standard Madden game: Franchise Mode, play now, online play, local co-op, create a player, etc. Compared to the previous Madden
    (08) though, it has a lot better graphics including the players, and you'll notice the grass actually looks real enough in 09 and not artificial like 08. The game also has better mechanics: players move a lot more realisticly, there are a bunch of different jukes and power moves, and other cool features like total WR control where you control the receiver and signal to the QB when to pass you the ball and lead blocker where you take control of a player as a blocker and block for your guy who has the ball. There are a ton of other features which I'm not going to cover here in this review, but the bottom line is if you like Madden and enjoy some nice gamerpoints, buy this game.
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    Madden NFL 2009 is one of the best football games i have ever played. This Sports game has very good graphics, the sound is amazing and the players looks are some of the best yet. If you are a hardcore football fan this you will enjoy this game. The concept is pretty simple win. The games is fun and also has very easy achievements. If your looking for the next came to get over 500 gamerscore in then this is the game. This madden game lets the user control more of whats going on and also unlike real life you can go back and fix what you did wrong only once. Everyone get out there and get this game it is worth it!toast