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    30 Oct 2009
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    Madden, Madden, Madden. Oh how we love you, and every year you come out, you fail to disappoint. That is ESPECIALLY true in this year's reincarnation, Madden 10.

    Gameplay is smooth as all getout, the players actually looking lifelike. The blocking scheme is also improved, as blockers are a whole lot more aware of you. And let's not forget the new tech EA decided to put in, named PRO-TAK. It allows for up to 9-man gang tackles, and everything you'd see on and in a real life NFL game.

    The music in this game is sooo pretty, actually playing on what's playing on the radio. Sweet.

    Now, I don't play Madden for its Franchise mode ('cuz I don't know how to run a successful franchise), but I DID hear of an online franchise mode. You and up to 31 of your friends can run your teams anyway you see fit, trying to come out on top, year after year.

    Superstar. Easily my favorite mode of Madden. In it, you take a rookie, and guide his career, trying to get him into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Something, ironically, I have not been able to do wink). The SuperSim option is still in effect from last year. It differs from the SuperSim you see in an exhibition game in that you can only sim till your superstar is on the field, but I think most gamers won't complain about that. Smart move, Madden. Smart move.

    I'm a big fan of Madden (I have the 2005 version for original Xbox), and I have to say, this is the best Madden yet! And, yet again, the only competition it has... is itself. Here's to another great year of football!

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    TopDog229WHAAAT!? Two negative votes? TWO?!?! GOD...
    Posted by TopDog229 on 09 Nov 09 at 23:26
    PHARREAL87i'm not voting but..... i don't see the word achievement in your review........if i wanted a review that didn't talk about achievements i would go to a site that didn't have the word achievement in the url.
    Posted by PHARREAL87 on 23 Aug 11 at 22:57