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Posted on 19 August 10 at 18:59, Edited on 19 August 10 at 19:01
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Madden NFL 11 - A Step in the Right Direction


Let me start off this review by saying I have been playing the Madden series for a while - I own every edition on the 360 from Madden NFL '08 and up. I have also played Backbreaker on the PS3, as well as the 6 year old NFL 2K5. This is my favorite sport, and I am always willing to overlook the ever-present gameplay issues just for a chance to play some football. Anyway, let's get this review started. laugh

Also, it should be noted this is my first review. If you have any tips or comments, please feel free to tell me. wink


The gameplay has taken both strides and regressions.

The biggest improvement by far is the new running system. Offensive Linemen are no longer just players who take up space, now blocking is much more present and effective. There is also a new locomotion engine, which makes running much more realistic and fun. Focus is so much more emphasized on following your blocks properly, that turbo is automatically on (it should be noted that this option can be toggled on and off, however).

Perhaps the biggest new feature is the new "GameFlow" system. This system takes a teams playbook, and automatically chooses plays based on the situation your team is in. 3rd and long? GameFlow will look at this situation of your gameplan (which is automatically constructed, but can be edited to the player's desire) and choose a play. Most hardcore Madden fans may see this as a waste of a feature, but to the casual it is a welcome and helpful addition to running a game. Plus, it drastically cuts the time required to play a game. This feature can also be turned on and off.

The biggest dent in this game is without a doubt the passing defense. A veteran player will soon notice just how easy passing has become - fast receivers can blow past defenders on streaks, and corners are constantly burned on slants. While this may not be noticeable playing on an easier difficulty (or against an inexperienced player online), it is a major problem that will hopefully be fixed in an upcoming patch. The defensive AI is just not acceptable. EA had the same problem with screens in Madden NFL 10 and soon patched it, hopefully the same will be done here.

Also disappointing is the same animation system. The tackles look the same and can get very repetitive after a while. What made Backbreaker truly amazing was the physics engine - and NHL 11 is getting one, why can't Madden?

Graphics and Presentation:

The graphics are absolutely amazing. The game looks fantastic, and there is simply no denying that.

Gus Johnson replaces Tom Hammond this year as the play-by-play commentator. Johnson brings along a much more enthusiastic style of game calling, and truly shines on big plays. But, like most sports games, the commentary does grow repetitive after while.

What may annoy some is the spread of advertising in the game. There are two Old Spice achievements, an Old Spice Swagger Rating, and you can't finish a game without hearing some company being plugged.

Game Modes:

Madden offers an array of new game modes, with the highlight being 3 vs 3 online team play (OTP). While the camera may scare away some, it is truly a fun experience to play co-op in a Madden game along side some friends.

Also new is the Super Bowl mode, which lets you instantly match up any two current teams in the league play for the Vince Lombardi trophy in the Dallas Cowboys' Stadium.

AFL Mode is a fun throwback for any old-school fans of the league and lets players play with the old AFL team names and jersey.

Madden Moments throw 50 different situations for the players to complete. They are very fun, and I personally couldn't get enough of them.

Ultimate Team is also a welcome addition, letting players build up a team with "cards", while starting with bottom of the barrel level players. (No offense, guys laugh ). It is a fun alternative to the usual and attracts the fantasy type crowd.

Unfortunately for many, however, Superstar mode and Franchise add no changes - which is a shame, considering they're the two trademark modes of the franchise.


The achievements this year are easy as always. You have the standard achievements that are present every year. It is a very easy 1,000 gamerscore, with the only potential trouble being the Madden Moments. No one should have too much trouble with the helpful solutions on the site, though. wink


Gameplay: 3.5 out of 5
Game Modes: 4 out of 5
Graphics/Pres.: 4.5 out of 5
Online: 4 out of 5
Replay Value: 5 out of 5

Madden NFL 11 is a game for casuals and hardcore fans alike. It offers many new game modes and for the most part, the gameplay is improved. It is a very addictive game, which will no doubt log countless hours from me. I recommend it to any fan of football.

Note: Many players do not like the new "strategy pad", but it is confirmed by EA that we will be getting an option to use this or the conventional system, so I felt no need to include it in the review.

Thanks for reading my review, and if you have any comments or notice anything you think I should add and/or fix, feel free to let me know. Thanks! smile
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A Krayt Dragon
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A Krayt Dragon
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Posted on 07 March 11 at 02:26
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Serviceable Madden game. I just wish EA didn't make it so obvious that these games are just money grabs. Take the same game from last year, add new soundtrack and a couple new gameplay quirks, add new box art, and you've got yourself a $60 game! While the game is fun and all, I just didn't feel connected to the experience. Playing with my friends is fun, but I wouldn't dare play online and face the wrath of some uber-competitive online player. I also didn't like the Old Spice ads everywhere, and what's with the whole having to buy an Online Pass thing if you don't buy the game new? That's such a load of crap. Pfft.
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