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    10 Sep 2011
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    Befose I start my review Im going to give you a little background on my history with Madden. Ive been playing Madden since 1992, from 1995 til 2005 I played it religiously. After 10 years of Madden being my game of choice I got bored. The only reason why I have played any Madden games in the past 5 years was for achievement points. It was basically the same thing every year with with minor changes, for example group tackling. But this year things have changed.

    Where gameplay is concerned it is the same basic control scheme as every other Madden game. The one change they did make is there is no longer there, it is now on auto sprint. Also the LB and RB buttons no longer allow you to adjust your d-line now you you have to click the RS button to get to a menu.

    The playcalling has been tweaked also. This year your team has a gameplan. The play the coach decides to play is already picked but you can choose to go to the playbook and pick your own play.

    Where the major changes are is in Franchise mode. During the Pre-season you now scout your players, especially your rookies. This is a nice change becuase you'll know your players potential and it gives you a reason to actually play the pre-season. During the preseason there is also the addition of cut days. After each preseason game you get to cut the players that you do not want on your team. You can have a max of 75 players in a pre-season game but after the final game you have to be down to 53.

    Franchise mode also added hot and cold streaks for players based off of their previous game performance. Players also have a pre determined trait which will either benefit or harm him as a player.

    The final change I noticed in Franchise Mode is Free Agency. Instead of basically getting the player you want everytime now each player is timed. When free agency hits every player has a timer by there name and they are basically auctioned off. Its a nice change of pace because it is now it is more interesting and it is much faster.

    Prior to this year I never played Ultimate Team Mode but since there are achievements attached to it I decided to give it a shot. It is a fun and addicting mode where you start off with sub-par players (cards). When you play games online or with your ultimate team you earn coins which allows you to buy packs of cards which contain players, coaches, jersey and stadium cards. The players you have on your team have a contract depending upon skill level, after their contract is up you have to play a resign card or they wont play for you. Apparently they added a trade function. How this works is you can put your player on the trading block and accept or deny trade offers. You can also auction off your cards but they cost is so high it really is not worth it.

    The graphics for this game are just beautiful. To date I believe this is the best looking sports game available.

    This game does have a few flaws though. Just like NCAA Football 12 the game does freeze mid play from time to time. When this happens it really throws off my timing. Also the load times when starting matches takes a few minutes. There are also many times I lose my connection with the server randomly when I am playing. I am always able to reconnect but it slows down my ability to play. My final complaint is the game does not like to save your settings. In the past it would save when exiting the menu but now you have to manually save or everytime you turn the game on you'll have to change your settings.

    The achievement list is what you would expect from a Madden game. Some of them have been on the list for a few years now, like return two kick returns for touchdowns. You are encouraged to try every mode. There are reports that if you have a HUD team (ultimate team mode) in past games you cannot make a new team keeping you away from completion and 5 easy achievement points.

    At the end of the day this is the best Madden I have played in years. The complaints about this game are minor and do not hinder your ability to play the game. At least they finally did something to make the game more interesting.
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    StevannoI haven't dealt with the mid play freeze yet and the load times aren't that bad in my opinion. But the EA servers are so garbage that it can ruin Ultimate Team for some players... shame EA thinks it's our problem we can't connect.

    This game is the best Madden so far, they all seem to improve a lot every year. (+1)
    Posted by Stevanno on 21 Sep 11 at 15:39
    ScottyC87Just wanted to say, auto sprint was added in '11. But other than that you're spot on
    Posted by ScottyC87 on 16 Nov 11 at 18:42
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    My name is Zachary Nuckels Gamertag Platinum Pacman and on behalf of Our Xbox World and OXWcast, I give you my (fast paced) Madden NFL 12 Reveiw.

    Overall Madden NFL 12 has made improvements. Most noticeable in Franchise mode. There are still a lot of improvements that need to be made to this game too. The commentary is still probably my biggest issue with the game.
    If you're in to franchise mode, I think this game will be for you. If you're not, I would say it's best you hold off for a year. My score for this game is a 3.5 out of 5. Yeah that's right, I used a half star.
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    30 Jan 2012 30 Jan 2012
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    I can't get enough of this game. I have not played it in awhile but it is definitely a few steps up from Madden 11. The graphics changed noticeably and the gameplay did very noticeably. I recommend taking a shot at this game because if you are a truely good Madden player you can get to 1000G on this game in no time. The only struggle for an achievement is really the Ultimate Team achievements. They were quite frustrating to obtain so I spent a little cash to get the 80 overall team.

    Achievements 9/10
    All of them are fairly easy to get and very easy if you are a true madden player. Ultimate Team achievements are tricky and time consuming to get and some have troubles with the kick return achievements as well. If you can't get the kick return ones I think you are able to boost for them online. I would not know since I got it on franchise mode.

    Gameplay 8/10
    EA has not quite found the perfect gameplay system to my appeals, but this game is getting even closer to an almost real life feel when playing the game. Franchise Mode, Ultimate Team, and even online make this game even more enjoyable.

    Final Score 4/5 Stars