Madden NFL 19 Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips


The controls for football games, if you are new to the sport, are rather different to anything else you might have played. Below, I have linked EA's official control handbook which covers offensive, defensive and special team controls, which is much more comprehensive than any list I could provide for you.

Basic Rules, Positions & Getting to Grips with Football:

Here is a link to the rules of American football.

Here is a link to the offensive, defensive and special team American football positions, as well as their positioning on the field, roles on a team, and physical attributes.

Finally, I recommend that you play the Skills Trainer if you are a true beginner to the sport and have very little idea of the way a Madden game works! The tutorials are superb and introduce the game to new and experienced players in very intuitive and nuanced ways. Also runs through new mechanics pretty well.


Touchdown (Getting the ball to the opposing team's end zone) = 6 points

Point after Attempt (Converting Kick after a Touchdown) = 1 point

Field Goals (Kick in Open Play) = 3 points

2pt Conversion (TD attempt after a Touchdown) = 2 points

Safety (Tackling an opposing team in their OWN end zone) = 2 points

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