2. Mafia II General hints and tipsUpdate notes

I have a few good tips for you.

Cover is your friend. Always use cover while playing this game because death can spring upon you within a blink of an eye. Cover can get you out of some of those tricky situations, as well as save your life.

While in cover you can do a pretty accurate quick shot just by tapping LT then RT respectively.

If you are driving fast, and you need to brake fast, you can just turn the speed limiter on as it slows you down more efficiently then the brakes.

Phone booths are a big help if you want the cops to stop coming after you whenever they see you. Be warned, it costs you $500 to get those pricks off of you.

Gun Shops aren't the only places you can buy guns. In fact, Harry and Guiseppe will sell you much better guns than the gun shops will.

On Jimmy's Vendetta whenever you are doing a mission, and you are at the end, but there is still time left, don't finish right away. Go around and blow some cars up until the clock is wearing thin.

Good Luck!

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