4. Mafia II Jimmy's VendettaUpdate notes

You will start off by playing through the story on hard difficulty.

Once you finish the first mission, you'll grab the first achievement.

On your journey through the story; whenever you have the chance to shoot someone, aim for the head. 100 kills by headshots will bank you the next achievement.

While playing through the the rest of the story try to kill people with every weapon. The weapons you need to use are listed below.

Machine Guns

  • Thompson m1a1
  • Thompson 1928
  • MP40
  • Grease Gun
  • .38 SMG

Hand Guns

  • Magnum
  • 1911 Special
  • 1911 Semi
  • C96 Pistol
  • .38 Revolver


  • Shotgun
  • M1 Garand
  • Kar98


  • Grenades
  • Moltovs

These all can be found at one of the following: Harry's, Guisseppie's, and local gun shops. The only one that isn't in any of these is the Thompson M1A1 which you will have to take from fallen enemies.

On any mission just try to string together combos. This includes blowing up random cars, and killing people. String together a 10x point combo.

Finish the story.

This achievement is fun. Just go on a rampage blowing up all cars in site by shooting their gas tanks which is normally located above the back left tire of any car. Some vehicles have them in different places.

Now it is time to replay levels a bit. Once you are at the end of any level don't just finish it. Go around and blow up a few cars if there is still time left on the clock. This will allow you to rack up more score. You need to get your score to 1,000,000.

If you haven't got the achievement for killing 1000 enemies yet, now is the time to finish it off. Go to the level "Sound & Furry." There are 7 guys to kill near the beginning of the mission: 2 to the right, 3 up the road, and 2 to the left. Then just kill these guys and load the last checkpoint repeatedly.

Finally, you'll have to drive and drive forever. You will need to grind out a total of 1000 miles. The fastest way is to drive the route in the video guide below.

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