5. Mafia II Joe's AdventuresUpdate notes

We will immediately be thrown into the story. The first mission called "Witness" has a missable achievement. Once you are chasing the witness, after awhile he'll end up driving on an ice lake. Once you are here give the witness a little nudge with your car into the lake, and make him sleep with the fishes...

Now continue on with the story. The next achievement you get is just from natural story progression.

The next achievement you get is just from natural story progression.

The mission right after "Supermarket" is a mission called "Bet On That." In this mission you will follow a bookie to his gang and kill 'em all. Once you kill all these guys, don't just go off running for the safe zone. Take the bookie's car. Now you can go to the safe zone. Take that car and put it into your garage, we will be using it later.

Now continue on with the story until you are done.

Now we'll get the leftover achievements. Get a fast car (not the one in your garage) and go the mission "Saving Marty." Start this mission, but this time, we are not going to save Marty. Instead, take your car to the Empire Diner in the top left of your map. Beside the diner is a big field of grass. Now just drive in it sharply veering the left stick right to left. This will make your car drift. You'll need a drift to last for 200 points.

Now load the last checkpoint. Now restart "Saving Marty" again. This time we are going towards a different Empire Diner. This time you will be going to one that is close to the bottom left of the map, it is directly north of a body shop. Once you're there, turn around and floor it back towards the direction you came. You will go straight down the street you're on and drive off a big jump. The achievement you are going for right now is a bit buggy so it may take a few tries. It is buggy in such a way that if you land with a lot of speed or in a drift the achievement for getting a 200 point jump will not unlock. The way it worked for me was when I hit the jump and flew straight into a little tree. This made it so that I didn't drift (because I was still in the air) and didn't get a velocity point since my speed was stopped.

Now you need to go to Guiseppe's and Harry's to pick up Molotov and grenades. Grenades are found at Harry's and Molotovs can be found at Guiseppe's. Now go start up the mission "Going Out Of Business." You need at least one point in each of the following for the achievement that we are working on:

  • Drift
  • Velocity
  • Jump
  • Vehicular Kill
  • Explosive Kill (Grenade)
  • Burning Kill (Molotov)
  • Regular Kill
  • Headshot Kill
  • Melee Kill
  • Demolition (blow up a car)

Make sure you get all of these things before ending the mission. Don't stress yourself about the drift, velocity, or jump too much. You can always get them after you get all of your kills. This will unlock after you reach the safe zone.

Now remember that car you put in your garage? It is time to get it. Go to the body shop and upgrade the engine to it's max. Now follow the video guide below until you get to 2000 points for your velocity. P.S. I didn't make this video so don't be mad at me for the bad quality, the only reason I put it there was for you guys to know the route to take.

I hope that this guide has helped!

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