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  • AllOvaMyselfAllOvaMyself784,309
    01 Dec 2016
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    MAFIA III: Bored on the Bayou

    [It should come as no surprise that there are spoilers in here. Also, if you are triggered by certain words being used no matter the context, you should just move on right now. Thanks in advance.]

    My initial reaction when I first saw the game was that it didn’t seem much like a Mafia game, and I was largely right. More a revenge tale that happens to include the mob than Mafia II’s slow-paced portrayal of the day-to-day activities of a low-ranking gangster trying to get made. MAFIA III’s Lincoln Clay is a soldier returning from Vietnam to his old neighborhood in New Bordeaux. This helps explain why he’s such a badass after taking a near-miss bullet to the head and killing every mobster he finds after an easy-to-see-coming double-cross by Sal Marcano, the local mob boss. It’s all very pat and run-of-the-mill and there are no real surprises in any of the story turns. Gamewise, it has a pretty good start and a mediocre end, but the middle has a bloat of busywork that’ll bore you senseless.

    The opening of the game is probably the best part, even if it is a little linear and hand-holdy. It’s essentially a long tutorial to teach you what you’ll be doing for the rest of the game, but it culminates in a pretty cool end sequence at an amusement park. Unfortunately, it doesn’t ever really get this good again, and the gameplay is so literally repetitious that it becomes mind-numbing. There are 9 districts with 2 rackets each and taking them requires “destroying” a racket in some way that hurts it financially, and then finally recruiting or killing the racket boss. Doing this to both rackets in a district causes a mob lieutenant to appear, you kill him and give the district to one of your 3 underbosses to run. Everything then goes on as usual except now your guys are doing/profiting from it.

    But that’s it! That’s literally all there is to do in the game for all 9 districts. The rackets are different in type, but are almost always made up of a bunch of guys to kill, money to steal and some boxes to break. To add to the monotony, many of the buildings you infiltrate are copy-pasted into different districts, so in a number of cases, you’re literally repeating yourself. Then to top that off, when you go for the racket boss, it’s always back at one of the buildings you already infiltrated when breaking the racket up in the first place. Yawn. Sure there are “sidequests” (and I use term loosely) but they simply consist of you stealing a vehicle loaded with some contraband and delivering it to an underboss. YAWN!

    You can pass the time hunting down collectibles but they are absolutely pointless to pick up. I mean, thanks for the boobies and all, but couldn’t there have been some in-game reward for finding a set of any of the 6 collectible types? The Hot Rod Magazine set could’ve added a car upgrade, the album covers could have added tunes to the radio – anything! – but there’s not even achievements for any of them. This game does not need the padding either.

    The bulk of the game is obviously killing mobsters, but the gunplay is a bit shit even with the upgrades. Not that it really matters because the AI is so idiotic, stealth is ridiculously easy. If you get spotted, just run a short distance away and hide. In a short time the AI will go into search mode and bee-line directly for the corner you’re hiding behind for an easy stealth kill – and they’ll ALL do this until you’ve cleared the place. Even if there’s a pile of bodies, the AI will be curious enough to investigate but will still end up strolling right into your stealth kill. I had very little need for guns in the game as I rarely got into combat. However, with the amount of guys you have to kill, this got pretty old as the game wore on, and I’m saying this as someone who really likes stealth games.

    This overall monotony is compounded by the way the achievements are structured. If you want them all, you are forced to complete the game at least twice. Basically there’s a set of achievements tied to certain characters and NPCs all either living or dying, so they are impossible to get in the same playthrough. The save system doesn’t even help because there’s only one save slot and it’s only an autosave. Also, when you finish the game and start again, the new playthrough will overwrites your old one.

    The soundtrack is a high point, even if some tracks seemed to be on heavy rotation. Just as examples, I heard “Mother’s Little Helper” and “House of the Rising Sun” on a regular basis, but “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” played only once through my playthrough. I’m not sure what algorithm they’re using, but it’s pretty poor at selecting the music. It was amusing to walk into a “No Coloreds Allowed” bar or store and hear something like “Soul Man” playing on the jukebox or radio showing that no thought was put into how the music was used in the game world. It’s also a little annoying that you can’t turn the radio off.

    I found the racism portrayed by the game to be largely facile. While it has the “No Coloreds Allowed” signs and occasionally someone will say “nigger” (including black characters saying it to each other), the game never actually takes the time to make anything of the racism it thinks it’s including for “authenticity”. There’s an Assassin’s-Creed-style disclaimer at the beginning of the game that gets all serious about how the devs thought they had no choice but to include the racism for realism’s sake, but clearly it’s there so no one can suggest that the devs or 2K are racist themselves. I suppose if you find to be controversial the mere mention of something racist, then this game will blow your mind.

    What’s also sort of amusing about the seriousness of the attitude about racism is that the game does not shy away from portraying other stereotypes. The drunken Irishman, the violent thug black guy, the rogue asshole government agent with a heart of gold, stupid rednecks and hillbillies, self-absorbed spaghetti-eating Italian gangsters and the Haitian voodoo girl. A whole gaggle of characters defined mostly by their stereotype and not much else, to be honest. They’re all pretty shallow overall and have little to no interactions with one another that you don’t expect or see coming.

    In essence, there is nothing in MAFIA III’s open world that you haven’t done before in some other, probably better, open world game. It’s so run-of-the-mill that its racist faux New Orleans is not enough to elevate it into something special. It’s certainly not a terrible game, but there’s nothing in it that’s compelling enough to buy it right now at full price.
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    AllgorhythmI don't consider it that long an achievement. Although there are quite a few collectibles in the game, there are no collectible achievements. So, you have your choice. You can go riding around and explore every inch of New Bordeaux listening to the phenomenal car radio soundtrack, as I did, or get down to business and complete the missions in rapid succession.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 21 Feb 17 at 15:26
    iTz Canada EhhWell the estimated 40-60 hours is a long time when you're in university. Considering I have a pretty big backlog I may end up adding this at some point within the next year or two, possibly when it sees a decent price drop.
    Posted by iTz Canada Ehh on 21 Feb 17 at 20:14
    AllgorhythmIf I'd wanted to, I could have got a 100% completion in 20 hours. If you just want to do one playthrough for the story, you can easily do it in under 10 hours. In other words, you finish the game but do not get 100% of the achievements. If you want to be a 'nice guy', you can flip informants & racket bosses, get max loyalty from underbosses, and use non-lethal takedowns.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 22 Feb 17 at 00:05
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    29 Oct 2016
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    External image

    Warning: Due to the games’ nature, this review contains curse words. Read at your own risk. You can scroll down to read the curse-free summarization and the score at the bottom.
    Spoiler warning: First part of the review will be talking about the story and details for the first 1 to 2 hours of the game and might be spoiler-ish for some.
    Mafia III is all about getting even after nearly getting killed and being the sole survivor when an ambush happened on family and friends.

    The city New Bordeaux in the late 60’s is one big hot mess of chaos. Between the mafia and the rednecks, some haitians are also butting in trying to get some of the cake. I mean coke. Each of these groups has a different set of code of conduct and how to earn their money. The protagonist in this game is Lincoln Clay, and he will make you torn between liking him, feeling sad for him to simple plain disgust for how cold hearted he can be.

    External image

    Lincoln is a Vietnam war veteran and as players we meet him as he arrive back at his hometown being greeted by a good friend of his, Giorgi. Before we know it, shits is in the can and you are in the middle of robbing the the god damn american Fort Knox, in this reality called Louisiana Federal Reserve. You manage to rob what you came for and you even manage to escape.

    Then everything is going down the shitter, literally. Giorgi and his dad has been planning on dethrone the black mobs godfather, which just happens to be Lincolns father. By some miracle, Lincoln doesn’t die (uh, big spoiler here) but he does sees all of his family and friends getting killed. He wakes up later at Father James’ house, a friend of the family – with lots of reasons for retaliation.

    External image

    The gameplay in Mafia III feels great off the bat. Then it stops, unfortunately. The game is too much about overtaking enemy turf by killing and interrogating enemy men, no matter what kind of racket or what kind of family they belong to. This game would had been so much better if a few people had gotten a list of possible rackets and asked to come up with different ideas on how to overtake the racket. Instead all you get is a building with a handful men on guard and maybe a boss you need to kill or interrogate to overtake the racket or possible district.

    Other than that, you drive from place to place, and there really isn’t much other than the overtakes to do – not even races. However, word is that one of the coming DLC’s will offer this feature. You get a variety of weapons and upgrades for both those weapons, but also your cars and traits for Lincoln. All upgrades are being unlocked depending on who you are best friends with. This brings us to who you want to approach the overtaking of the city with – the haitians, italians or perhaps the irish? Of course there’s the option to have them all by your side.

    External image

    You can go in guns blazing and overtake somewhat easy, especially if you’re good shot by nature, but I am not, so I mostly used the stealth approach to the rackets. Sometime I was even able to sneak in and do the damage, just to sneak or run out of the building and disappear in the dark while leaving the mischievous men all none the wiser. Car chases is present, and they are actually fun – until the cops or the gunners hit your tires with their bullets, and put your car out of omission. However, the auto-aim while driving helps a lot, as you can even choose the target (enemy, tire, engine, fuel tank) and just shoot whenever the arrow turns green, which means you now can make a hit. During police chase, shooting out tires seems to be most effective.

    External image

    While the game is beautiful, the bullshots (look it up, it’s a thing), really did raise expectations too much – at least for me. While the game looks just fine – it’s close enough to how GTA V looks, that I won’t be complaining about how the game really looks, the game looks did just not justify the released screenshots and artwork from before the games’ release. On top of this, the game suffers from shaders not working properly, most notably chrome surfaces. I experienced this throughout the game, and that effectively ruins the look of the game.

    Between the shaders going of and the game crashing for me (annoying but not gamebreaking – happened a handful times throughout the story I played and the game saves often), I really enjoyed the art direction for the look of the game and that they kept the same artstyle throughout the game between gameplay and cutscenes. However, some cutscenes were presented as being a tv broadcast during a court case.

    External image

    The story writing, the character voiceovers and their interactions are quite solid and I love the game for it. This game would have absolutely been GOTY contender for me if it haven’t been this repetitive in the gameplay department. There’s simply not enough variation in the game. The bugs (a few sidemissions glitched out for me, game crashing and shaders issue as mentioned) does drag the score down some more. I wish 2K would have had postponed the release by a month, ironed out the bugs and released the PC version with a 60fps setting. I was playing on Xbox One, and a console should really not have a game crashing like this.

    Hit; The story writing is fantastic, believable story, acting is fantastic, and human movements is quite solid.
    Miss; Bugs. BUGS! Seriously, 2K? Game crashing, shaders not working properly, and game crashing – on console no less!
    Need; More variation. The game felt tedious before being half way through the story.
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  • RobReigns89RobReigns8911,087
    24 Jan 2017
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    Mafia 3
    Xbox One
    2K Games
    Hanger 13

    Mafia 3 is set in 1968 New Bordeaux, based on New Orleans of the same era. You play as Lincoln Clay, a former soldier returning from Vietnam to his fellow African American mob members. When said family is wiped out by the Italians, Clay takes it upon himself to wreak havoc. Given the time period, issues such as racism are commonplace. The developer doesn’t pull any punches when portraying Clay’s interactions with the world and it adds to the game’s atmosphere amazingly well. This extends to the story-telling and attention to detail in the world – the initial missions do a great job of pulling you into Clay’s character and caring about the terrible events that have befallen him.

    Cover-based shooting, open world driving and vicious negotiations are a part and parcel of Clay’s business in Mafia 3. You’re essentially working to expand your criminal empire and that means dismantling the opposition’s operations. Clay can also hire underbosses that bring their own benefits, thus cutting them into the profits. Be careful though as your partners may become greedier over time and eventually turn on you if they feel like they’re not getting proper cuts.

    Fun Factor

    In terms of driving, Mafia 3 is mostly on point but its cover shooting can be a little bland. Also, for the number of activities available, there’s a fair amount of repetition to the side missions. There isn’t much else to do but rush in, eliminate several enemies and move on to the next objective. The story missions do a great job of breaking up the monotony but you’ll have to complete a fair amount of open world content to progress. Though Hangar 13 has done its part to patch Mafia 3 since release, there are still a number of bugs and performance issues.
    Adding on to Mafia 2 is smooth, brought forward and current and it works brilliantly. Don't rush in with each "Sit Down" as this game has multiple endings and multiple optional mid story's such as kill vito or don't kill vito. Kill all your friends and work alone or don't work alone. share or don't share. this game makes it up to you and changes the gaming experience for individual users.

    Personally I killed Casandra. and gave a couple to Burke and mainly worked with Vito and stayed in power at the end, ending the friendship with the reverend.

    But I did have to visit YouTube to see the optional other endings.


    Mafia 3 has a downside which players can blame 2K for. Along with the other games in their line-up. It has bugs. Glitches. Bad ones.

    Graphics that are not solid and the user can fall into at any given time.
    Missions that cant be done because of glitches. One to name is a Optional Mission with a drugs boat. If it is not done within the main missions before knocking off Mafia boss Cassandra then the boat is upside down and cant be completed.
    On Xbox one I found occasionally that the game would freeze for a few moments at points allowing graphics time to load up, and would also sometimes drop out to the Xbox dashboard for no reason making me load it back up.

    #2KGames sort it out!! Why are all your games BUGGY.


    If an open world crime fest with a good story is what you’re looking for, then Mafia 3 will satisfy those urges. Just don’t walk in expecting too much, especially when the open world content doesn’t feel all that fresh over extended periods of time. The bringing back of Vito, mentioning of Joe and some secret Mafia 2 cars is a bonus that ties the story together and I for one really enjoyed this game to the point of finding 100% of all secrets and earing all achievements possible.
  • dudecrazy108dudecrazy108303,656
    26 Nov 2016
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    Mafia 3 is a game with some great moments and intentions that sadly falls short in a few key sections to truly hold it back from greatness.

    The game instantly attempts to set itself apart from other open world games by making it's story a deeper and more mature story instead of going in route of a crazier humerus venture. It has many serious themes flowing through it's waving story arches and gives us more detailed characters with a deeper and richer story to follow suit for them. It's just too bad that for the great story moments we are occasionally presented that the overall story is just a mixture of rags to riches intertwined with a revenge plot.

    What truly sets it out though is the strong racial issues the game presents. The gangsters aren't the only ones out to get you as even simple walking into different establishments is met with racial call outs for you to leave and taking over vehicles and such is met with citizens calling the police to start a search for a colored man committing crimes. The racial issues truly hit the top during a string of missions later in the game however which will leave a long term thought in your head of what you played though. I will say other than the mission set which has you facing off against a KKK like clan, the game isn't as strong with the racial overtones it attempts to build. After that mission set is done the game almost completely forgets about it all.

    I did like the under boss aspect of the game meaning that rackets and districts could be divided up between your three under bosses. By giving each one it increases their trust in you and each unlocks different weapons and perks for you. The perks can be called on demand including cutting phone lines and calling off police, sending backup, sending a car, or a gun marketplace that will come to you. Choosing different bosses over the other though does affect the story and will unlock different missions and scenarios for you to play.

    Missions though are a truly mixed bag in Mafia 3. While the game has some great giant set piece missions the quest to get to those usually isn't as fun as it should be. You'll find yourself given a set amount of money for a racket you must steal or destroy and given different locations to do so at. It quickly turns into many rounds of going to either steal, destroy, kill a leader, or interrogate someone until that money counter hits zero and you are told to report back. The first few times you do this is fun but quickly becomes repetitive especially since sometimes they aren't close to each other. What bothered me about these missions as well is that the locations were constantly repeated being that I would kill a warehouse full of enemies and destroy their stuff only to have to go back later because the boss is there with the warehouse being completely occupied again.

    Now maybe these missions wouldn't be so repetitive if the game play was different enough to keep it fresh. Now the shooting and cover system is function but it is nothing new in the slightest. You can also go stealth almost too easily as well because enemy AI often times doesn't catch on to seeing their other members killed and dragged around a corner. Other times however you will find yourself swamped with enemies pushing forward blasting shotguns off, not because the AI is smart enough to do so but because you quickly become out numbered. Those rare times too is when the cover system would freak out on me not allowing me to take cover or getting stuck causing a unwarranted death.

    Driving is another issue I sometimes had. Now the driving itself controls fine but I found certain missions just driving a few minutes to talk to someone to have to then completely turn around and drive back to talk to your original person. The game features no fast travel so you are forced to drive everywhere throughout the game.

    For being an open world game too it feels very empty. You have your few main missions active at a time and a handful of side missions (that come to a halt if you don't give that under boss enough power) but even the side missions don't fill the void really. Other than money there isn't an incentive to do them and even money in this game isn't something I often found myself needing. The side missions too become incredibly repetitive quickly. You are sent to steal cars, steal boats of marijuana, steals trucks of electronics, kill people, etc. These are all just rinsed and repeated a few times over for their side missions. The world is filled with collectables too including playboy covers and vinyl records but outside of just trying to 100% the game they serve no purpose. You gain no bonus by collecting them and there isn't even an achievement for collecting them.

    What almost kills the game though is how buggy it is. The major problem is the game completely crashes, a lot. It crashed around 10 times or so during my play through of the game always crashing during main missions either before or after cut scenes before freezing and crashing the game. This served as an inconvenience because even though the game saves often and I resumed exactly where I left off the load up for the game isn't the quickest. On top of that I become stuck on items a few times or wasn't able to jump / cover onto items I should of been able to. The other problem came with texture pop ups not occurring when they should. For instance many times I ran into what was an invisible object only for a light post to appear a second or two afterwards. Other things like the GPS on the map messing up making the navigation take up the entire map and the buildings and background ahead not loading until your already there were other problems I had noticed.

    Overall even with it's flaws I still had fun with my time during Mafia 3. The set pieces alone make the game worth while and even after taking down your 100th building full of mindless gangsters occasionally I was able to have some fun doing it. If you can get past the repetitiveness and the many bugs you'll find a game that could of been so much more.

    Score : 6/10