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Magic Duels
Type Game
Publisher Wizards of the Coast LLC
Developer Stainless Games Ltd.
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 31 Jul 2015
Last check 23 Jan 2019
Last on sale -
Release date 31 Jul 2015

MORE CARDS. MORE STRATEGY. BIGGER STORY. Collect 1,300+ earnable cards, battle in 60+ single-player campaign missions, and emerge victorious in epic online duels. Never played Magic: The Gathering? Learn how as you take on the role of an iconic Planeswalker. Veteran Magic player? Hone your skills and match wits with opponents online. NEW CARDS: 158 NEW unique cards from Magic's Amonkhet set. NEW STORY: A NEW story-driven Amonkhet Campaign. NEW ITEMS: Customize your play experience with 6 new cards sleeves and 5 new personas. MANY WAYS TO PLAY: Experience some of Magic's most iconic moments in Story Mode, head to Battle Mode to take on your friends, or grab a partner for a four-player Two-Headed Giant battle.

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