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Mahjong Wisdom (PC) Achievements

Most Earned

Speed Matcher
Speed Matcher10 (10)Made 5 quick-matches in a row (any mode).
Look, No Hands
Look, No Hands11 (10)Completed a story in Tales mode without using hints.
Mega Matcher
Mega Matcher21 (15)Matched 2,000 sets of tiles (any mode).
Builder24 (15)Created 20 tile sets in the Infinity level editor.

Least Earned

Recycler68 (15)Finished Motion mode without throwing any tiles into the trash.
Motion Master
Motion Master103 (25)Completed Motion mode without losing a life.
Dragon Keeper
Dragon Keeper31 (10)Completed all levels in Motion mode.
Bonus Bonanza
Bonus Bonanza41 (20)Scored 25,000 remaining tiles points in Tales mode.
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GFW DotW: December 16th, 2010

Got a LIVE enabled one on sale this week. This week's Games for Windows Deal of the Week is Mahjong Wisdom (PC), reduced a whole 75% off, selling for either $2.49 or £2.49. Embark on a journey throug

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