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    Welcome to the review of MLB 2K11! (that is not a typo...this is basically how this review is going to go). This is the 7th 2K MLB game on the Xbox 360 and nothing has changed since 2K10 except for the loading menu and the cover player. I want to do this review in two ways. One is the person who buys baseball games every year and second is the person who has never purchased a baseball game in there life. I believe that this game is the worst in the series as not only has nothing changed but some weird glitches have occurred while playing. I want to breakup this game into Graphics, Game play, Audio, Online game play and since this is a achievement website, the list will be graded as part of the review. Buckle up this is going to be a bumpy ride

    Graphics 2/10

    this game is down right ugly. The faces look like the were created with a face randomizer and the stadiums are so bland you want to pluck your eyes out. The graphics have not changed since 2K10 and compared to the competition (MLB13 the show) this game looks like an handheld game. New comers and veterans of the series cannot deny that this game is hideous on every level. Even the game as terrible awkward glitches that happen during game play which i have never sen in the series. For example, I was playing as the blue jays and while batting the screen darkens. I'm think "oo that's cool, the sun is being covered by clouds how realistic" then i realized...I was playing in an indoor stadium!. This is insane...i have never seen that before even on terrible games on the 360 like Shellshock 2 or call of Juarez the cartel. I put in a YouTube link to FranchisePlaysSports and he can show you the graphic difference between 2K and MLB 13 the show which is the real sticking point to fans of baseball:

    Gameplay 6/10

    The game is functional and has a good my player mode and franchise mode to play. They have included a living season feature which allows you to play ever game with your favorite team as the season progress'. The swing mechanic is pretty good with using the right stick to judge what kind of swing you want to make. the pitching is similar
    batting in that each pitch has a different motion. The best part is that if you are not comfortable at these controls then you have the classic option which is just hit a button and swing. I'm not sure if you can include menus a part of the game play but the menus are just clunky and weird. For example, after loading up the game and you want to enter the menu, you have to hit the right stick to the right to open it...which is really weird in my mind. The game needs more modes that build off of current modes such as MLB Be a pro where you become Bryce Harper or Mike Trout and play every game as just that player. The opportunities are here for 2K but making changes to a 3 year old game is time consuming and cost money. If our a veteran to the series you will know all the modes and they haven't changed while if your a new comer, there is a lot of game play here for you to play such as my player which i highly recommend

    Audio 7/10

    The commentators and the in game music is pretty good and varied. This game great music from the blue oyster cult, peter & bjorn and even Sean Kingston but the problem here is that there is only 8 song included in the game and when your playing a long stretch you can easily hear the same song over and over again. The commentators are responsive and react to what is happening on the field. The commentators make the game feel like your not playing but watching it on TV with instances of them previewing the next game on Sunday at 8pm. To veterans of the series, they will feel right at home when playing and newcomers i believe will enjoy the upbeat commentators and the lively type of songs that are included.

    Online 5/10

    the online is functional but suffers from some serious lag when playing and a game based on timing can seriously hurt the experience. When playing online, you have to compensate for the lag and swing much earlier then you normally would because of the massive lag that happens. Fielders will often miss the ball and just stand under the recital and get smacked in the face. I compare this type of lag to lag in a fighting game were missing a move or action can make the game very frustrating because you have t compensate for the game. There is an online league feature were players can play a season with just friends which is a lot of fun if you have friends that play this game. If your a veteran of the series you will know about the lag compensation that needs to take place while if your a will strikeout a lot and have a very frustrating experience.

    Acheievement List - 2/10

    Follow my steps...go to search bar on this beautiful website and look up the achievement lists for 2K10, 2K11 and 2K12 and you will notice a trend...its the exact same!. You get achievements for hitting doubles and triples and stealing bases and overall this list is just time consuming to try to complete. It probably takes 20-30 hours to complete the list and trust will hate yourself trying to complete as its so dry and uncreative to get points. This is the definition of a lazy and uncreative list. Veterans of the series will know this while newcomers will see this a daunting task.

    In summation, this game is lazy and bland all around. I'm a massive fan of baseball seeing what MLB 13 the show is making and the shovelware that Xbox owners are subjected to this bs. Its frustrating to know that people at 2K are taking the same game from basically 2K11, changing the art on the disc with a new cover athlete and updating the roster and slapping a 60 dollar price tag and laugh all the way to the bank. If your a veteran, you have become use to this experience and nothing has changed while newcomers might find enjoyment in this game.

    22/50 =44%

    Leave a comment on what you though of the review of the game or my review. Would love to talk about this game with anyone!
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    AvengedAgainstNice review. The only thing I would critique is the use of grammar and spelling. Other than that, you're pretty much spot on with the way I feel.
    Posted by AvengedAgainst on 17 May 13 at 17:28
    Spiderman Noirelol sorry about that. i think when you get on a roll or a rant, its hard to stop. i appreciate the comment!
    Posted by Spiderman Noire on 17 May 13 at 17:34
    KITTENS R CUTEI 100% agree with you! I had only bought one 2k since 09 and that was 2k12 and I loved it and I just booted this up maybe an hour ago and nothing has changed and that long ass grind from 2k12 is back lol! The hall will be fun round 2 here I come!
    Posted by KITTENS R CUTE on 18 Aug 13 at 04:03
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    30 Mar 2013
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    This is my first review and the only reason i am making this one is to hopefully discourage some of you achievement hunters like myself from much time and aggrovation in this game mainly due to its glitchy achievements!In short if you want a fun baseball game its good but if you care about achievements its terrible. I am going make this short and sweet to get the point across and not try make this look all official.

    As far as a baseball game and fun wise its a pretty good game. Graphics are good , my only complaint with them is many players look nothing like there real life counterparts. Audio is good, announcers are almost lifelike, the songs are alright. The gameplay controls work pretty well , hitting is far easier then pitching for me atleast.

    Achievement issues: Back on playstation 2 i played my first MLB road to the show and loved playing road to the show mode so thats what i wanted to do while playing this game. There was some differences in this myplayer mode versus theres but i didn't have any major issues with them. My main issue is when my player got called to the majors the achievement didn't pop. I looked up online and this has been a common glitch in last years game. I played several games after hoping maybe it was on a time delay but still never gave me credit. I also won player of the game in a mlb game which is suppose be a achievement and that didn't work either. So from what i found online it says read every message from manager and delete your old save file . So i did this deleting myplayer who which i played one year in double a with , full spring training and half a year in double a, triple a on pro mode. So when making my 2nd my player i decided try switching alot of things to hopefully avoid the glitch. I went from names they offered to a name i typed in. I changed helmet, accessories , player type from allaround to slugger. Different birthdate, weight. I put the game on rookie and much quicker qualified for callup to majors and reading every mail as i got them from manager. Once again i didn't get achievement. So today I tryed a third time this time changing a couple more things i didnt before - uniform number , position from right field to center field. I choose instead my favorite team phillies the default team angels. I choose no nickname, kept name as default (first, last). I also decided to make sure to not qualify for majors while on a hitting streak and put points into a last skill so i wouldnt get mutiple mails at once incase either them messed things up. Once again after 3 hours of playing and i get promoted to majors i don't get the achievement. So what this means to me out of the 10+ myplayer achievements i would of got i can't get any which is very aggrovating. I also had one other achievement not pop , i saved a game with a one run lead with bases loaded and i didn't get the achievement for saving the game with the tying run on base. I also wrote an email to 2k sports tech support for help 3 days ago about the myplayer asking if they are going make a patch to fix it or have any advice for me and they havent responded. I very much feel like they don't fully care about the quality of game they put out there cause they have no baseball games on 360 to compete against.