Make It Rain: The Love of Money (WP) Reviews

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    30 Apr 2015 01 Jun 2015
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    Make It Rain: The Drain Of My Battery.

    Mildly amusing WP game with a very simple premise.

    Graphics and Appearance = 0.5 Stars
    The game itself has a very simple appearance of a paper piece of currency on the screen, a rolling total counter at the top and some menu icons at the lower of the screen. Nothing remotely special or inventive. You can change the currency to various types such as Rubel, dollars, peso etc.

    Game-play = 0.5 Stars
    The game-play is incredibly simple and to begin with quite amusing, however, becomes very uninteresting very quickly.

    You flick the currency up the screen as fast as you can to gain money. You have to balance the Financial Investments and Political Investments to maximize your constant money flow to buy the next ridiculously expensive item. After a while the game requires so much money that you end up leaving your phone on for hours at a time unattended to let the money build just to buy a single upgrade.

    Sound = 0 Stars
    To play this game you will never have the sound on to be honest. Not sure if mine is buggy but there isn't any sound on my version anyway.

    Story = 0 Stars
    There Is none. The entire premise is make money for no goal except the Xbox Achievements.

    Achievements = 0.5 Stars
    The achievements are not entertaining, challenging or clever. All achievements are based on a waiting game of the top total running until you can buy something else. A couple of achievements are different, based on the federal investigation aspect of the game but again the money counts and that's it.

    Not Interesting, an easy but long 100% if you play through legitimately. Definitely download if you want the Gamer-score and have nothing to play. Just make sure you have your device charger at all times when playing this.
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    TheIrishBeastLots of achievement bugs and glitches in this. Avoid at all costs.

    If I want to finish the game i need to reset my entire phone and lose all games saves across all games and restart this game from the start for hours and hours to get the 4 achievements that have glitched.

    Avoid people.
    Posted by TheIrishBeast on 04 May 15 at 10:55
    KingyOwlIn fairness, the glitched achievements are not the games fault, it was a problem with xbox live at the time of the games release. I started the game a few weeks ago and got all achievements with no glitches.
    But on topic, the review is spot on!
    Posted by KingyOwl on 05 May 15 at 10:28
    TheIrishBeastIts the games fault for sure. Only happened to me last week. Game says they are unlocked, Xbox says they are not unlocked. I was online at the time and all should have been good.

    Few friends have also experienced the glitch and the only solution to fix it will be a huge pain to many that is why I said avoid.
    Posted by TheIrishBeast on 05 May 15 at 11:59
    YinI've actually experienced achievement concerns as well, but they were so early on that I can reinstall and bang them out.
    Posted by Yin on 07 May 15 at 18:00
    DeviSlatorIf you have the issue of achievements unlocked in game but not on Xbox Live, create a post in the xbox forums. It will take them a few weeks but they can manually unlock the achievement for you
    Posted by DeviSlator on 09 May 15 at 09:13
    TaeglinMight want to mention the irritating ads that pop up right where you were swiping anyway, in addition to just about anytime you buy/do anything.
    Posted by Taeglin on 09 Dec 15 at 01:54
    cobalosTotally agree with the review. To further criticize the game, I feel the wheel of fortune functionality was added to artificially lengthen the game. In addition, the wheel of fortune seems to trigger always when I’m nearing to buy an upgrade and setting me back again.
    Posted by cobalos on 11 Sep 17 at 11:48