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Gamer Achievements Won TA GS Presence
USA AndroidOdnetnin AndroidOdnetninGTASC 2021-22 is now over. My team helped carry me to 3rd place in the competition. Thank you "Black BIood" and "InigoMontoya80"! You guys are great! 0 0 (0)
Canada Crazie Irish Crazie IrishThat moment when you have two Battlefield 2042s on the go... 0 0 (0)
USA The Lord Peanut The Lord PeanutNow that I've finished making a Cyberpunk controller, I think it's time for a Dragon Age or Mass Effect controller. 1 20 (20) On site
Sweden VixyNyan VixyNyanClassic Sunsoft game "Gimmick: Special Edition" coming soon to all modern platforms: 0 0 (0)