Marble Blast Ultra

Xbox 360

Marble Blast Ultra Achievements

Most Earned

Timely Marble5 (5)Finish any level under par time.
Apprentice's Badge10 (10)Complete all Beginner Levels.
Marble-fu Initiate17 (15)Finish all Beginner levels under par time.
Journeyman's Badge19 (15)Complete all Intermediate Levels.

Least Earned

Master of the Spires43 (20)Collect 50 gems in Spires (Agoraphobia pack).
Map Pack Dominator41 (20)Get 40 gems in any 3 of Playground, Bowl, Concentric, Vortex Effect, Blast Club (Marble Fu pack).
Marble-fu Transcendent102 (35)Finish all Advanced levels under par time.
Egg Basket70 (25)Find all twenty easter eggs.
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