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Posted on 03 December 17 at 19:25, Edited on 03 December 17 at 19:27
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Marble Void is a marble based platformer made by leveled games. Originally, it was put out on steam, and came to xbox one this year.

I have been playing marble platformers since Marble Blast Gold. I have played Ultra a lot, as well as platinum. Because of my interest in these games, picking up Marble Void was a no brainer.

After playing the first few levels, you can definitely feel a difference between the blast series. When you jump, there is a slight unresponsiveness and the screen is often choppy. As well, as some of the higher levels the game will lag when there is a lot of environment around you that has to spawn. I found that it didn't really have any effect on beating the level or collecting the orbs when playing. But, I found that the unresponsiveness was very easy to get use to after finishing some of the levels. You just have to kind of tailor your play and your jump decisions based on the unresponsiveness. This was very easy for me to adapt to, but might be because I am very experienced in this type of platform game. If you can't adapt to this the later levels might be a lot harder for you because of the difficulty. (More about that later)

The easy levels are relatively easy. Some of the golds can be a bit tricky, the orbs shouldn't be too much of a problem. The medium levels definitely step up the difficulty but they are pretty manageable. Hard difficulty is a very good challenge. Nothing that seems impossible, but you have to do many death-defying jumps on very small platforms high above the sky. I really enjoyed the hard levels though. Now the extreme levels are very hard, almost unnecessarily hard at some points. Some of the routes that you have to take for the orbs are very tricky and requires you to complete understand the physics of the game. You have to understand double jumps, and you need to have the ability to balance on some of the smallest possible platforms you can imagine. There are some levels where you are balancing on a beam smaller than your marble hundreds a feet in the sky! Being experienced, some of my orb runs took quite some time. I really never struggled with any of the gold runs, maybe because of my thorough orb runs requiring me to scrounge the entire map.

There is a seperate mode called Endless Mode and one VERY tough achievement tied to it called "Endless Runner" is requires you to traverse across spawning environment and spawning enemy obstructions that spawn in an RNG fashion to at least sector 100. Sometimes the route is impassable due to impossible RNG spawns. Here is a clip of what I am talking about. (See end of the clip where environment is spawned around the jump)

There is one other mode with one achievement in it that is unexciting and easy and hardly worth mentioning. Something to do with dropping a marble and gambling orbs. I also want to mention that the menus are horrible! I have not seen a game with worse menus.

Overall I really enjoyed this game. I might be a bit biased because I loved marble platformers. I think anyone could give this a shot for $4.99. I will say that the achievements are very hard and you almost certainly either need to be stellar at platformers or have a lot of experience with these types of game. The one unattinable achievement is getting patched though :)

Here is a TLDR


- Low price point, lots of replayability (tons of levels)
- A good challenge up through hard levels
- Fantastic Soundtrack, though very limited
- Developers are posting on the TA forums and are going to patch the glitched achievement :)


- Extreme Levels can be unnecessarily hard
- Endless Mode is ridiculous due to RNG nature
- Terrible Menus
- Jumping is unresponsive
- Screen is choppy
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