1. Mark of the Ninja: Remastered Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the Mark of the Ninja Remastered walkthough. My goal here is to write a guideline to the most efficient completion of this game - that means as little time wasted repeating levels, and no extra playthroughs - with as little spoiler content as possible.

That's fairly easy for this game. Thanks to relatively short levels, very well-explained goals, level selectability, and collectible tracking, none of the game's collectible achievements or level-specific goals are terribly onerous. If you were to start the game and merely pay attention to your three level-specific goals ("seals") in each of the 12 levels, you'd probably have nearly all of the achievements on your first run. A second run is required for the final achievement:

True Ninja

Complete the game in New Game Plus.

True Ninja
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMultiple Playthroughs Required

There are no unobtainable achievements, and no missable achievements. I found the gameplay itself to be extremely fun and not at all repetitive, even when playing a level again to mop up collectibles or get that last pesky seal. In short, you are in for a treat of a game if you're just starting it up.

There is also one mission outside the main game, "Dosan's Tale." This was the DLC from the 360 version of the game. Given how quick it is, you can just save it until you're done with the base game. You could also go the other direction entirely and start with the it, which will make your playthrough marginally more efficient - you'll be able to get a couple of achievements in Chapter 9 on your first playthrough, rather than your second. This will free up your second playthrough for a speed run that will save you ten to fifteen minutes total.

What I recommend is playing a good part of the main game normally, and then taking a brief break about halfway through to run through "Dosan's Tale." For various reasons, I prefer not to run it before starting the main game. For maximum efficiency, you'll want to get the the equipment from that level before you start Chapter 9. I'll write up the walkthrough assuming that approach, but of course you can run it whenever you want and ignore the acheivements I reference in Chapter 9 if you haven't done the separate level yet.

Either way, enjoy the game!

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