Mars: War Logs

Mars: War Logs

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Mars: War Logs Achievements

Most Earned

Good start
Good start5 (5)You have upgraded your first skill. Every great specialist starts the same way.
Recycling11 (10)You have cobbled together and assembled your first upgrade using recovered objects.
Pest Control
Pest Control12 (10)You are the terror of the caverns. If the moles could see you at 5 yards, they'd flee.
The Great Escape
The Great Escape15 (10)You had a train to catch, so you escaped from the Abundance POW camp.

Least Earned

Mutant369 (100)You have survived the extreme Martian climate. You've got family there, don't you?
Completionist173 (50)You have made it a point of honor to help everyone you've met along your way.
Hard as nails
Hard as nails169 (50)You have survived Mars's difficult climate. Obviously not your first apocalypse.
Specialist81 (30)Technomancer, Fighter, or Renegade, nobody is better than you in your area of expertise.
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