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Mars: War Logs

For those unaware, Mars: War Logs is actually the sequel to the Technomancer, despite being the first to release by many years. It's a relatively short RPG with simple achievements, except the one involving all the sides quests of the game. This can be very tricky, as a specific order is required in order to gain the achievement. So follow the guide as closely as possible on these missions so you don't dig yourself a hole. Besides that, there is little else that should cause issues for players.

The story follows a young soldier sentenced to a camp as a prisoner of war. The boy, named Innocence Smith, once served the army of Aurora, a sprawling metropolis on Mars due to their source of water. The enemy faction, Abundance (this is where Technomancer takes place), competes with Aurora for control of scarce water sources across the planet. This results in the all-out war between the nations, in which Innocence is forced into the draft, only to become a slave to Abundance. Upon arriving, however, he meets a man named Roy. Together, they conspire to break out of the camp, only to be further pushed into the conflict.

You, as the player, control Roy. You can shape his path (though with limited range) and decide the fate of Innocence as you go. Mars: War Logs also includes some basic skill building and choices through dialogue. This walkthrough will cover how to progress in the game, the solution and consequences of each quest, and general tips to survive the extreme difficulty.

As always, feel free to suggest any changes in the forum to make corrections! Be advised for adult themes throughout the story as well. War Logs should be a relatively simple completion of around 10-20 hours total.

Mars: War Logs


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