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2. Tips, Skills, Difficulty, and Story Outline


Mars: War Logs

Although the game is fairly simple in terms of skills and abilities, new players will likely be lost on the mechanics. To keep things simple, I will provide a guideline of how to upgrade Roy for the best approach to the combat. You only need to max out one tree during a full playthrough, so don't worry about different playstyles or achievements. There are also some fairly basic tips to keep yourself alive and to not miss anything that's required in the game. There's a basic outline for how to complete the game as well, which you should definitely check out to avoid having to do more than one playthrough.


You should be familiar with how RPGs work. Speak to everyone, and loot all you can before leaving an area. It's generally the same for every game. However, here are some additional hints based on War Logs specifically, since the combat will no doubt be what players struggle with:

  • Enemies: If you've played an RPG by Spiders, you'll know that enemies respawn. Try to avoid unnecessary fights.
  • Be efficient: Don't wander around because you'll just waste time on enemies. Alternatively, this is good for collecting supplies.
  • Loot everything: As mentioned, supplies are scarce, and even items you don't need can be sold for things you do.
  • Rely on guns: Another thing Spiders fans will note. Guns are almost always overpowered. This is still the case.
  • Scrap away: In War Logs, you have the option to scrap useless items into parts. Do this if you don't intend to sell it.
  • Be a Good Person: Being both good or bad has its own perks, but being a good person is required for an achievement later on.
  • Follow the Guide: This is by far the most important part. I know that a lot of people like to skip around or skim paragraphs in walkthroughs. This is a game that you cannot do that with. If you want your completion all in one playthrough, read everything.

That covers the basic tips of the game. The gameplay remains very consistent throughout the story, so you shouldn't expect any changes over time. The enemies, however, will definitely get harder as you go. So the next thing you should look into is how to build your character's skills and abilities.


I've done a bit of research on the subject, and I feel that I've found the best set of skills for players to use for a full completion on Extreme. It's definitely not necessary to follow this exact path, but you should pay attention to some specific skills, as they'll be extremely useful, if not imperative, throughout the game. Note that some skills aren't available until you upgrade the tree to a certain amount.

Mandatory Skills

  • Rogue Tree
    • First Aid
    • Subtility
    • Hotshot
  • Soldier Tree
    • Tough Skin
    • Science of Evasion
    • Weapons Mastery
  • Technomancer Tree
    • Deep Impact
    • Empowering Fluid

Suggested Alternatives: These are skills that aren't required, but are generally well received by players. Naturally, each skill is dependent on your playstyle, and some will be more valuable than others. Keep in mind that you still need to fully upgrade a tree as well.

  • Science of Parry
    • If you aren't into dodging like a maniac, developing the parry skill is very useful. Upgrading it to the fullest will allow you to parry bullets and lightning as well. It's possible to survive without it though.
  • Assassin
    • If you're generally a player that relies on stealth and avoids combat, this can be a very beneficial skill. However, you should only invest in it if you plan to work with a high stealth level. Otherwise, you'll never get close enough to make this skill work.
  • Fluid Mastery
    • This is one that I really shouldn't need to explain. The longer your fluids last (your health injections) the more you gain from them. Fluids can be extremely useful in the game, especially on Extreme. They're also super expensive, so this skill gives you more for less.
  • Weapon Subcharge/Focused Electric Ark
    • Both of these abilities are great because they can stun your enemy. Subcharge can be activated without having to actively use it, so it's incredibly useful on melee combat. The ark can be used as a ranged attack, which is good when you have little ammo or an armored enemy.

Character Feats

Feats are based on your actions in the game, such as morality, leveling, and crafting. Feel free to develop them as you wish, but some will be locked based on the decisions made, such as morality choices. You can't really go wrong with your choices, but here are a few for reference.

  • Apprentice/Expert Handiwork - high priority as it allows you to craft items such as ammo.
  • Snooper/Searcher - medium priority as it allows you to gain more supplies from looting.
  • Quick Learner/Combat Spirit/Combat Genius - top priority for extra experience.

At least one tree must be maxed out for an achievement. I highly recommend that you make that tree the warrior one, as the skills on each branch are always beneficial no matter your play style. That being said, you are free to customize how you see fit. I personally wouldn't recommend maxing out the rogue tree. This is something I did in my own playthrough, and some skills are essentially pointless to use. Furthermore, the Technomancer tree, while powerful, is really only beneficial at higher levels. The warrior is a solid choice throughout the game.


Mars: War Logs handles varying difficulty levels like most other RPGs. On easier levels, enemies do less damage and you do more. On higher levels, it's the opposite. Beyond that, there's no real difference overall. You have access to all the same items and you can play just as you would on any other difficulty. There are four different difficulties in total which you can select before playing:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Extreme

If you want to speed through the game in one playthrough, Extreme mode is required. This is a bit tricky because certain side quests make the game much more challenging. With this in mind, there are two options that I would suggest for new players:

  • One Playthrough: Play on Extreme and do every quest at the same time. This is the more challenging option, and you will need to reload a save for faction achievements. But you won't need a second playthrough, and the extra experience will help you. Expect to struggle with the combat.
  • Two Playthroughs: One playthrough will be on Easy, in which you collect all the quests in the game. And the other will be one Extreme, where you only focus on combat. That way you won't struggle through challenging quests and will also be able to select a different faction each time, instead of reloading later on.

Naturally, both of these options are time-consuming. But you at least get the choice on how you want to spend that time. Just be sure to build your character accordingly. Difficulties stack, so don't worry about Hard or the others. But don't forget to keep track of each playthrough, if you decide to do two.


Please note that there is a specific path you must take for 100% completion, so follow the quests closely. If you complete a quest too late or too soon, it might void other options. Some quests also require a specific outcome to continue, so be careful. The list below is in order of first to last to complete:

Chapter 1

  1. First steps in prison
  2. Handyman's Assistant
  3. An Explosive Plan
  4. The Blues
  5. The Lucky Charm
  6. Another Face
  7. Mean Dogs
  8. Escape Together
  9. The mole queen
  10. A diversion
  11. Weapons for the battle
  12. Water for the trip
  13. The great escape

Chapter 2

  1. Back Home
  2. An old friend
  3. Requiem for Dreamers
  4. The Dealer
  5. Smuggling
  6. False Identification
  7. A bartender with no ID
  8. Working for Charity
  9. Find Faith
  10. The Coin Killer
  11. Fidelity Lost
  12. Meeting the Resistance
  13. A strange explosion
  14. Meeting with the General
  15. A bit of Perspective
  16. Find Innocence
  17. Choose a Side

Chapter 3

  1. Romance Quests
  2. The Coin Killer Strikes Again
  3. Sympathy for the Farmer
  4. Theft from the Stores
  5. A Helping Hand
  6. Finish the Story

It's been noted that some people unlock the completionist achievement early, but it will unlock no matter what, provided you follow the guide. This is the most important part of the guide, so don't forget! Otherwise, that's all you need to know.

Mars: War Logs


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