Mars: War Logs Walkthrough

4. Chapter Two


Mars: War Logs

PLEASE NOTE: This area of the game is incredibly difficult to describe through text. It's easy to get turned around, so it's wise to rely on your map when you can. The good news is that you can't unintentionally fail a quest by exploring. Just be sure to pay attention to the order of each mission and the outcome and you'll be fine. Feel free to comment via the walkthrough thread if there's something that needs better explaining!

Chapter Two is considerably easier in terms of the storyline because it's difficult to miss most of the side quests. That being said, enemies will now be in much better shape, generally armed with guns and shields. So you should remember to save as often as possible, otherwise, you'll be repeating a few fights. Upon beginning the chapter, you will be in Aurora, seeking out Innocence's parents. Below is once again the list of quests needed to complete the chapter:

  1. Back Home
  2. An Out of the Way Place
  3. An Old Friend
  4. False Identification
  5. A Bartender with no ID
  6. Requiem for Dreamers
  7. The Dealer
  8. Smuggling
  9. Find Faith
  10. Working for Charity
  11. The Bad Payer
  12. The Exhibitionist
  13. Working for Charity
  14. Fidelity Lost
  15. The Coin Killer
  16. The Transporter
  17. The Mafia’s Threats
  18. Meeting the Resistance
  19. A Strange Explosion
  20. Meeting With The General
  21. Choosing a Side

Once again watch out for any warning messages and remember to invest in your skills accordingly as you go. There are very few achievements to unlock during this chapter, however, there's still plenty of actions required to collect them later on. Note that this chapter also requires you to allocate your saves, as you'll be siding with factions later in the game as well. Continue developing the warrior skill tree too. Once again, good luck!


Once the cutscene is finished, the quest BACK HOME will begin. Immediately head into your inventory to update your skills and equipment. As always, you should be working towards maxing out the warrior (combat) tree. At this point, the goal is to finish the entire tree by the end of Chapter Two. So make sure you're investing wisely. Now is also the time to upgrade equipment as well. You should have received a new weapon and armor set from the previous chapter. I'd recommend upgrading both to use. Once you're ready, exit the menu and then speak to Innocence. Select the prompt "Have a minute to talk?" to continue. The conversation should be simple to follow:

  • You know the Shadowlair well?
    • Good: I have to show you the slums.
    • Neutral: Need to wise up then?
    • Bad: Hardly surprising.
  • Good to be back?
    • No response.

Once you're finished, feel free to save, though the game will autosave with the new chapter as well. Then approach the guards. Note that the dialogue here needs to be very precise if you're looking to avoid a fight:

  • I escaped from a prison camp
  • Yes
  • He was fine when I left

If you followed the dialogue as presented, the guard will choose not to attack and will instead give you a warning to collect an ID. We'll be doing this later. For now, notice that the path heads in two directions. If you check your map, you'll notice that both of them lead to the main path. However, only the left path has objects to loot, so turn that way instead. Halfway down the path, there will be a small pile of crates against the right wall. Loot the red crate on top. (63/50) When the alley opens up, look to the left where the road is blocked. A scrap pile is waiting on the ground. (64/50) Turn right down the path and straight ahead will be a round building, glowing with a red light. To the left of the building is another scrap pile. (65/50) Then, save. Then enter the door right beside it. The sign states "the sands."

This is your first fight against the guards. Get used to it, as it will happen often, and Chapter Two is full of fights like this. Although they can be significantly harder than other enemies, there are a few tips on how to handle the fights:

  • Always attack the guard with a gun first. Physical attacks are much easier to dodge, whereas bullets are difficult to follow with multiple enemies.
  • You now have the ability Weapon Charge. Bind and activate it from the combat menu or cn_LB. This requires fluid (the blue bar) but it's worth it.
  • If Innocence isn't helping the fight, adjust his tactics from the combat menu as well. Set him to "Nearest Ranged Enemy" or "Defensive Stance" instead.

From here, it's all about dodging any blows and attacking from the rear to deal the most damage. It's very difficult to manage multiple enemies on higher levels, which is why using the nail gun is incredibly useful. And always take advantage of Innocence's location as well. Sometimes he can distract enemies quite well. Once it's over, I'd recommend saving again, as to avoid repeating the fight. You should do this frequently in this chapter. Then, loot the bodies. Just in front of the entrance to the area is a set of blue crates to loot. (66/50) Then head across the bridge and into the next alleyway. Be careful, as more guards will arrive, and as soon as you leave the previous area, more will respawn. You'll notice the path splits as well. Ignore the door up ahead for now and instead turn right and climb the edge. At the top and to the right is a scrap pile. (67/50) Turn back around after this, as the path will lead back to the start.

Straight ahead from the edge is a red crate (68/50) and to the right is the door to the next alleyway. You'll know it's the right direction as the sign will say "Sand" on it. The path to the right leads to a dead end, but turn here anyway and search behind the barrels in the corner. (69/50). Then, save before going further. Approaching the house will prompt a new cutscene. Innocence will be distraught after realizing his parents are dead, so choose wisely. It's an important dialogue choice:

  • Good: Pretty good chance, yeah... Can we talk about it later?
  • Neutral: Think it's the wrong street?
  • Bad: Yeah. Now snap out of it.

Immediately upon ending the scene, soldiers will attack. This fight is incredibly difficult on Extreme. Just remember to take out the man with the gun first, and to avoid being surrounded. Innocence doesn't do much in terms of damage, but he still makes a great distraction. If you fail, just reload and keep trying. It was definitely the most difficult fight I encountered myself. Alternatively, if you didn't upgrade your skills beforehand, that might also help. Once it's over, do the usual drill of looting the bodies and draining them if need be.

Before leaving the area, look to the left of the store ruins and beside a blue barrel for a scrap pile (70/50) and a blue chest to the left on the other side of the building. (71/50) The blue chest should have a new equipment set, which you can upgrade for more options. This set has three slots for upgrades, so you would be wise to try to adjust it. After that, speak to Innocence.

  • You said your parents were in the militia?
    • Good: A noble intention...
    • Neutral: Gutsy, but a bit misplaced, huh?
    • Bad: It's completely stupid.
  • You holding up?
    • Good: You know you can count on me:
    • Neutral: I hope so
    • Bad: Yeah, like a bullet in the gut...
  • What did your parents do?
    • No response.

NOTE: There's a small bug where the conversation prompts will disappear after you select one. Don't worry about this. Just exit the conversation and return to fix it.

When finished, exit dialogue and continue straight ahead and up the edge. Immediately upon entering, turn left and towards a squatting man and a few crates. A red one behind him is lootable. (72/50) There's nothing left here so head up the stairs and through the door next. You might want to save before or after entering as well. Inside, there are a few enemies once again, but the same tactics apply. Once it's over, look past the stairs and in a corner to find a scrap pile. (73/50) At this point, there are two paths to go down as well. For now, head to the right, through the door.

Head up the stairs and turn right at the top. A scrap pile is in a small alley. (74/50) Continue forward and you'll see more enemies below. Before jumping down though, notice the other path to the right. You can head through that path to get a better angle at the group. But really, it's not required. When you're ready, jump down and attack.

When finished, turn back to the alley to the right and you'll notice small entryway. Move through the crates to find a lootable one in the back. (75/50) Then, head up the path and back down into a new area. If you check your map, you'll notice that the paths merge here. Instead of going straight, turn left and back down the other alley for more loot. When you see the group of people at the table, look behind them for another chest. (76/50) Then, head down the path until you see the two blue barrels to the left. Loot the crate behind it. (77/50) Go through the store and down the steps until you reach the next life. There's a scrap pile in the corner beside it. (78/50)

The edge leads back to the beginning, so turn back around until you reach the table. There's yet another intersection. The walkthrough will go right first. Upon heading down the alley, turn right to see a scrap pile in the corner. (79/50) Then move forward until you see a guard ahead. Finish the fight, then turn right down the alternative path. Upon turning, there's a pile of crates in the corner. Loot the one in the back. (80/50) Then, turn back around to exit into the new area by climbing the ladder. Head straight, then turn left down an alley filled with barrels. There's a crate behind them. (81/50) Then, move forward to attack more enemies. When they're down, there's a scrap pile in the right-hand corner. (82/50) Finally, head up the ladder to the next area. A cutscene will ensue, and you'll notice that the area are now inaccessible.


Upon entering, the quest BACK HOME will complete, and two new quests, AN OUT-OF-THE-WAY PLACE and AN OLD FRIEND will be added. A small section of dialogue will start up. The response here doesn't really matter, but for reference:

  • Good: First we should find somewhere to stay low.
  • Neutral: We'll try to find it.

Once it's over, continue forward and through the only door ahead. There will be three directions to through, but for now, speak to Innocence once again for a single question. It makes sense to periodically check with him at this point:

  • Why do you want to join the Resistance?
    • No response

After that, continue forward. Once again, you'll need to visit all three paths. So turn right for now. Straight ahead and behind a set of crates is a blue one you can loot. (83/50) Then, turn around back to the entrance, going left this time. There's a group of people gathered around a table, and a scrap pile behind them. (84/50) From here, turn down the alley with the flaming barrel at the end. Then turn right to see another barrel and two men sitting behind it. Next to them is another set of crates. (85/50) Then turn around and head deeper into the area, stopping at yet another pile of crates. In the middle of the group is a red crate. (86/50) From there, turn around the corner and you'll have two directions to go to. For now, go left down the tunnel. You'll notice two paths. One labelled Tierville, and one labelled Slums.

For now, ignore those entrances. We'll be visiting them later on in the game. At the moment, the goal is to explore the area fully before meeting the next two quest objectives. Don't worry if you get lost, you won't trigger anything dangerous to your playthrough. To continue, head further down the alley, stopping at the first door to the left. In the back corner is a scrap pile. (87/50) Then, head back out. Turn left, further into the tunnel and you'll find yourself at the impasse to the two different areas. Turn right in the direction of the Slums. Straight ahead from entering the door is another scrap pile. (88/50) There's nothing up ahead but the exit, so turn back and head back to the intersection.

Now, turn left to the path that leads to Tierville. Up ahead is a man (Tranquility) beside a flaming barrel. Speak to him to collect a quest for later. When prompted, select "About the guy with the papers..." and then select "deal" to begin. The quests FALSE IDENTIFICATION and A BARTENDER WITH NO ID will be added. After that, turn right down the tunnel to see the two guards at the end of the path. Note that approaching them will lead to combat, there's no other way around it. However, for reference to the dialogue:

  • Good: I just got out...
  • Neutral: I escaped...
  • Bad: Go fuck yourself...

Immediately after, the guards will attack. Once they're down, loot the bodies, and then head to the right where a crate is hidden in the corner. (89/50) Do not enter Tierville, just move back down the tunnel and exit back into the intersection. Exit the tunnel as well. Then, head around the left-hand corner, and then turn left again to travel under the building. We're heading down to Charity's Bar and the Abandoned Building.

Follow the path all the way down and then turn left up the steps. Straight ahead is a merchant that you can stop by, but there's nothing special in his inventory. Turn left from him, and behind a woman in front of a barrel is a scrap pile. (90/50) From here, there are two directions you can take. We're going to the Abandoned Building first. Immediately upon entering, loot the crate to the left of the entrance. (91/50) Once you're inside, the quest will update. Save before walking further. Once you're inside the home, the junkies will attack. Get rid of them to continue, then loot the bodies. It should be a somewhat simple fight.

Before heading up the ladder, look to the right, behind a few crates. A red one is lootable. (92/50) Then, head up the ladder to face a few more enemies. Once you've looted the bodies, head towards the back of the balcony where a few crates are stacked. There's a scrap pile behind them. (93/50) Finally, head inside the building and there's a crate diagonal from the bed. (94/50). With that, AN OUT-OF-THE-WAY PLACE is complete.

Now, back outside and out of the building to visit Charity's Bar. She's across from Roy's hideout, so just exit the area and walk across the bridge. Turn right to see three blue barrels with a scrap pile behind them (95/50) Turn back around and stop at the flaming barrel that's just across the bridge. There's a small shack to the left of it, and to the left of the shack is a pile of crates. Loot the red one on top. (96/50) Go straight, and at the end of the fence to the left, there's another crate on the ground. (97/50) Then turn right and continue down the path. Stop when you reach the two people talking on the right. Behind the woman is a scrap pile. (98/50) Continue forward, past the pink lighting and across the fenced bridge. Once across, turn right towards the table of people. There's another scrap pile to the left, beside the stairs. (99/50). Finally, turn around and enter the building to speak to Charity. She's up the steps in the bar. AN OLD FRIEND will be completed, and FIND FAITH will be added.

From this point on, Chapter Two will consist of various side quests that are not in any particular order. This means that it's quite easy to get the list out of order, but don't worry about it. If you happen to start a quest earlier or later than expected, just make sure you look in the guide what to do. If you're following the guide word-for-word, this shouldn't be an issue.

Once you're finished with Charity, turn back down the steps and across the bridge from earlier. Turn left at the bend and then right across the second bridge to reach the merchant. Once again, buy things if you wish. Then, walk down the steps in front of him and follow it until you reach the first set of stairs. Turn right this time, straight down the short alley. Then go left, and turn down the tunnel. You'll see a man standing at the entrance. The game will automatically begin a cutscene with Frugality. Dialogue isn't really crucial here, as they're all neutral responses:

  • There's a lot of addicts here... (additional dialogue)
  • Alright, I'll go kick them out. (the quest will be accepted and added to the logs)
  • We'll see about that later. (the quest will not be accepted and dialogue will end)

Note that you can choose not to accept for now. If you do, come back to him later and he will offer the quest again. Choose "deal" in order to help him. The quest REQUIEM FOR DREAMERS will be added. You can talk to him a second time for additional information, but it isn't needed. Now, head down the tunnel and stop at the door on the left. This is the workshop. It's marked on the map as well if you're unsure.

Enter the building and take a few steps. This will prompt dialogue with the woman:

  • Good: Roy. I'm here to get this place back.
  • Neutral: Trouble.
  • Bad: Sorry for interrupting you, but I'm here to throw you out.

Answer according to your moral standards, and then another prompt will appear:

  • Neutral: Not my problem.
  • Bad: Yeah, poor innocent devils caught in the hellish spiral despite their best intentions...
  • Good: That's real sad, but why should Frugality pay for them?

Finally, the last bit of dialogue initiates whether or not you take on another quest. You want to accept her offer, as it counts towards the achievement later. This quest cannot be picked up again! So be careful:

  • No thanks, I think I'll just throw the junkies out instead. (Bad karma and quest is lost)
  • I don't think I agree. (No karma feedback and quest is lost)
  • Ok, I'll go after the dealer... (No karma feedback and quest is accepted)

Once you accept, the quest THE DEALER will be added to your logs. Feel free to speak to Providence to learn more about Frugality and his wife, though it's not necessary. When ready, exit the workshop. Head left down the tunnel to find yourself in between two paths. One path leads up to Tierville, and one leads down to the Slums. At this time, we're going to the Slums, as the majority of your side quests should be here. So turn right, up the ramp and around the corner until you're out of the Sand.


Upon entering, save. Then head up the ramp. Entering the area will almost immediately result in a fight, so be prepared. The enemies are easy to defeat, but there's quite a few of them.

An easy way to get around their numbers is to just follow the roundabout, as they generally start to form a line that you can pick off one by one. Once finished, loot the bodies as usual. Don't leave the area yet, as there's new loot in this location. Starting from the exit of the tunnel, head straight into the gated area and stick to the left. Next to a flaming barrel near the left-hand corner is a scrap pile. (100/50)

NOTE: As mentioned previously, the count on the Crowbar achievement seems to be incorrect. If you didn't unlock it in Chapter One, chances are you will unlock it now, or around this time. If you haven't, I will continue to count out the loot, so no worries. However, if you've played through all of Chapter Two without unlocking it, there might be an issue.

Crowbar in Mars: War Logs
Crowbar53 (30)
Empty 50 containers
  • Unlocked by 1,549 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.76) 4,830

That leaves two directions to travel in. One way is to head straight from the scrap pile and go down another tunnel. and the other is to head right and hop a wall to reach another area. We're going to go down the tunnel. Upon walking through the door, a man will talk about the Technomancers downtown. Speak to him if you wish, but it's not necessary. The path splits here as well, however, the left path to Tierville is blocked, so you can't go that way. Turn right instead to reach a small room with multiple people sprawled out on the ground. In the back behind a few blue barrels is another scrap pile. (101/50)

Turn back around to the cross section and head straight this time. The alley will eventually turn right, so just continue forward until you reach the next intersection. Now, turn left. You'll notice the quest marker on your map. This is the dealer for the previous side quest.

NOTE: It's wise to save before entering. There's a small bug where Roy will get stuck outside the wall boundaries after dialogue, and you can't get back into the game without reloading. It's happened to me at least twice, so I wouldn't take any chances.

Once inside, just head forward until you reach the two men that are sitting on the floor. The man on the right is the dealer. To keep the glitch from above from happening, speak to him from the center of the room. That should keep you from falling out of the wall. The dialogue is quite simple, but be careful with your moral choices. In this case, Intimidation is actually the good moral choice:

  • Good: Right, I'll try words you can understand. [Intimidate]
  • Bad: Ok, let's try sign language. [Fight]

The dealer will back off through intimidation, but fighting him also works. The quest, THE DEALER will be complete after speaking with him, but you can interact with him a second time to learn more. Once you're finished, there are two crates behind the dealer that you can loot. (103/50) Then exit the room and head left. Note that there are more enemies up this ramp as well, so be ready. It's wise to adjust your skills now as well. From there, there will be three paths to take. The right path will lead to the Sand. Ignore this for now, as we'll come back this way later. The left path leads to the Seedy Bar. Head inside the bar, across the catwalk and down the steps. Behind the actual bar itself and to the left is a room in the back. There's a single crate to loot here. (104/50) Then exit the bar.

When outside, note that the enemies have likely respawned. You'll have to take them down again before leaving. When the area is clear for the second time, turn left from the bar and head down the tunnel. This way will lead to the North Neighborhood for other side quests. This area is a dead end, meaning it loops back to the other locations. There is nothing else to note about the area.


Upon entering, there will be a door straight ahead. Ignore this for now, as you can't access it yet. For now, turn right and head up the small incline. Continue forward through the next door and up another hill. Stop at the steps, as there are a few enemies below, including a dog. Your best bet is to get rid of the three men first, then the dog, as the dog is slow to turn on its heels, unlike the human enemies. Alternatively, you can also sneak around a back wall that's to the left, taking out at least one enemy without being detected. When finished, loot the bodies as usual, but stay in the area. There are more crates to open once again.

Starting from the tunnel we entered from, turn right and head straight to the back wall. There's a scrap pile on the ground. (105/50) From there, turn around and head right, under the building. There's a blue crate against the left-hand wall. (106/50) There's nothing else in the area, so just head straight from under the building and head into the next tunnel. Exit through the next door to find three paths. Turn right for a surprise visit from a doggo. It might be hard to attack from behind, so be careful. Once it's down, search both corners of the area. The corner where the dog was found has a scrap pile (107/50) and the other has a blue crate and a red crate. (109/50) Exit the area and head straight, up the incline and around the corner. Another dog will be waiting, but the same advice applies. Once it's down, look to the left in the dead end to find a scrap pile. (110/50) Don't forget that you can craft items in your inventory; you've likely picked up plenty of scrap for it.

Head right down the alley and up the incline once again. Open the door to find two paths. Head down the right path, as this leads to the quest marker. A small group of men will be waiting, including Probity. Speak to him to update the quest:

  • Can you get me a fake ID? (quest updates)
    • Bad: So... dishonestly, maybe?
    • Good: I figured Tranquility seemed pretty well-informed.
  • What happened to this neighborhood?
    • Additional story dialogue.

No matter which quest prompt you choose, Probity will give you the same mission. There are actually two different ways to complete this quest. The first is to plant evidence on a rival gang, then draw the attention of the guards. And the second is to literally just trash talk the guard blocking the workshop, fighting them. Picking the second choice leads to you paying extra serum for the ID, so plant the evidence instead.

To do this, we need to either loop around the area to reach the start, or we need to turn back down the alley we came through. The walkthrough is going to turn back and take the shorter path, as we'll be walking down the other path later. So to start, turn away from Probity and back to the fork in the path. Turn left, through the door, and follow it all the way back down the path. You'll enter another door, past the machinery again, and straight ahead will be the bandits. You'll know it's the right section if you see a red icon to the left of it.

There's three men and a dog ahead, just like before. Unless you've invested in stealth a lot, you likely won't be able to sneak past them. So just take them out and search the bodies once again. When you're finished, you'll need to plant the evidence. From the tunnel we exited, turn left and head straight back into the corner of the area. Against the wall of the building is a dull white crate. This is where you plant the evidence. The quest will update in response.

From here, you can now go visit the forgery. This is the second (and now the only) red icon on the map. So all you need to do is head straight from the tunnel we emerged from and down into the tunnel ahead. Open the door ahead, walk and turn right at the bend, and then go straight through the second door ahead. Once on the other side, turn right to see the guards blocking the shop. Dialogue is important here, as it indicates which way you will solve the quest.

  • Solution One - Plant the Evidence
    • I figure you've got the wrong target.
  • Solution Two - Beat Up the Guards
    • You're looking to find your brain, here?

Naturally, the second choice is the one that leads to a fight, as well as a loss in serum. So choose the first option. After a brief bit of dialogue, the gangs will leave, and Probity will return to his workshop. Once he's finished setting up, you'll have additional dialogue as well:

  • I've come for my ID. (Quest updated)
  • I need identity papers for Tranquility. (Quest updated.)
  • What do you know about Tranquility? (Additional dialogue.)

You need to at least pick the first two options, as they're required for both the main quest and the side quest. Upon receiving your own ID, you can ask Probity why he chose the name Resilience. Otherwise, the quest FALSE IDENTIFICATION will be completed. If you haven't, you can also visit the area north of the workshop. There are more enemies and more loot here, but it's not necessary to visit.

If you choose to head north, head right and straight down the path to the door. Once in the next area, there will be multiple enemies to knock out. I recommend moving farther in the middle, so you aren't cornered by the door. This fight can be fairly difficult, as quite a few of the men are armed with guns. So use the map to your advantage, and lead them in circles if you can. Then just take shots when they're far enough away. When finished, loot the bodies, and then return to the tunnel entrance. The first scrap pile to loot is straight ahead from the door you entered, and then left around a corner and the shack. (111/50) From there, head through the opening in the gate to the left, and turn left again to head straight towards the next fence. There are three barrels beside the entrance. Before walking past the fence, look behind the barrels and wall and you'll see a few crates, once which can be looted. (112/50)

Turn back and head through the opening in the fence as mentioned earlier, and then pause before entering the tunnel. Turn left, behind the building with the stairs and the shack and there will be another scrap pile. (113/50). After that, turn around and head back through the gate and into the roundabout. If you check your map, you'll notice that the tunnel ahead goes a long way. But this actually doesn't lead anywhere, nor is there anything to loot either.

From the fence and barrels, turn left and you'll see a cliff edge and a mutant standing above. Go this way, climbing the ledge into the next area. Follow this path all the way through, paying attention to the left side of your screen. When you see a mutant crouching on top of three barrels, there's a scrap pile behind him. (114/50) This is the last item to loot in the Slums. So you can either continue straight, past Probity's original hideout and through the door. Or you can turn back around, past the roundabout and through the tunnel. Either way, you can now exit the neighborhood. Remember that enemies will have respawned along the way.

Once you're outside the North Neighborhood, you'll be in the Slums. The enemies will be back here as well, so be careful. We've already explored the area thoroughly, so exit the Slums as well, heading towards the Sand for side quests. It's an easy path to follow; just turn left from the tunnel (killing enemies when necessary) until you reach the exit, also to the left. It's also wise to save if you haven't in a while.

After entering the Sand, head down the ramp and turn right, moving ahead and through the door. There are a few mutants on the other side, speaking about "magic men" in the neighborhood. Technomancers. Turn left from the mutants for now, heading straight and up the ramp until you reach Frugality on the right. Speak to him to explain how you handled the situation. The dialogue will be different depending on your approach, but the reward is the same. Feel free to ask him questions as well, otherwise, REQUIEM FOR DREAMERS will be complete.

Once finished with Frugality, turn back down the tunnel back to where the mutants were. From here, turn left and enter the door. Head down the incline and turn left yet again and you'll find Tranquility once again. Speak to him and select the response that says "here are your papers". A BARTENDER WITH NO ID will be complete. You should have no more side quests remaining in your logs at the moment. This means we can continue with Charity's mission. Turn right after speaking with Tranquility and speak with the guards to pass into Tierville. The next task is to find Faith.


NOTE: If you've ticked off the guards before, they will continue to attack when you return, so be careful!

Tierville is slightly different from the other areas of the game. It's essentially a market, though this doesn't matter much to players. All you really need to pay attention to is the quest and merchant markers:

  • There is not one, but two traders here, located in the center of the city. Their stock is different, though not by much.
  • Yet again, the enemies here respawn. Most all are armed guards, and are generally more difficult to take down.
  • Connected to Tierville is the Sand and the Slums. We've already visited both, so don't fret about exploring.
  • Far north on the map is a location known as the Undercity. This area is always locked until activated by a later quest.

Because this is your first time entering the area, you'll need to keep an eye out for loot, as always. The order in which you explore doesn't matter as much here. However, the walkthrough will just loop around the area for convenience.

To begin, head up the incline and stop as the path branches out. There's a few guards up ahead, which you might need to take out if you're seen. After that, we're going to go right, down the alley with the red lanterns. We'll come back to the other direction later. Hop over the low wall and continue straight ahead, past the bar and through the next door on the right. There will be a few enemies on the other side, so it's wise to save if you haven't in awhile, though it's generally an easy fight.

When you enter, there will be a wall ahead, and behind it, a few guards. Take them out and loot the bodies, as per usual, and then pause in the center of the area, beside the table. From the table, head straight ahead, towards the small shack with stairs. Just to the right of it, surrounded by a few barrels in the back, is a scrap pile, fairly easy to spot. (115/50) From the scrap pile, look directly left to see a scalable wall. Hop it, and then left around the corner. You'll notice that it just loops back to the main area, however, there's a door to the right, just before the wall. Walk down the small set of stairs and enter, and you'll find yourself in the market. Before walking any further, immediately turn right and you'll notice there's a blue crate behind the wall. (116/50)

NOTE: I have yet to actually access this crate myself, and I'm not entirely sure it's even possible. So if you couldn't get it either, no worries. It appears to be entirely inaccessible; likely an error.

Following the same wall, wrap around the corner of the building to the right and beside a few men talking is another scrap pile. (117/50) After this, there's two paths we can take. One that leads deeper into the markets, through the center. And the other is to the right, up the steps and through a tunnel. If you check the map, you'll notice that the right path is a dead end. This area has nothing more to loot. So head through the center instead. Further ahead is a small set of stairs to the right. Immediately upon reaching the bottom, move straight against the wall ahead and look right. You'll see a red crate tucked away in the corner. (118/50). Then head to the left of the area, where there's a few barrels with a scrap pile behind them. (119/50) After that, head through the door in the middle.

Almost immediately upon entering the market, there will be a scrap pile against the left wall. (120/50) Then, be sure to save, and then head down the stairs straight ahead. Enjoy your first fight with the Technomancer since killing Sean. Your best bet to get through the fight is to use your nailgun against him. You should always keep your distance from him, even at the end of the fight, as he will overcharge and electrocute everything around him as he falls. The other soldiers can be handled normally. Don't forget to search the bodies when finished.

At the bottom of the ramp, before heading down the steps, is a scrap pile against the right wall. (121/50) Then head down the stairs and head straight, towards the table under the red canopy. Behind the table to the left is a crate. (122/50) After this, we're ready to speak to Faith. She's just behind you, standing near the center of the market. Speaking to her will open multiple dialogue options, but only one is required to advance the quest:

  • About that job...
    • Who's the boss?
    • Tell me about the hours you work...
    • The pay good?
  • About Charity...
    • Additional dialogue.
  • What is this place?
    • Additional dialogue.

The only choices required to advance the quest is the first few, asking about the job. Questioning Faith about her boss will reveal her working conditions, updating the quest. Now, you need to speak to her pimp, but don't do it just yet. This part is important because you have the chance to lose a merchant, as well as alter your morality. I recommend avoiding quest-based dialogue to begin, and instead check out his inventory, as he won't be around once the quest is over. When you speak to the pimp for the first time, select "show me what you got". As far as his inventory goes, I'd recommend looking at his weapons and armor. If you have trouble with Technomancers, you might be interested in the soldier's uniform. But do note that most items from traders cannot be improved upon. Therefore, your original items might be better. Once finished, then you can speak to him again about Faith.

Note that the outcomes to this quest are not clear in terms of moral alignment. I've done as much research as I can, but unfortunately, the moral system is a bit messy in this game, so it's difficult to measure what is considered good versus what is considered evil. I recommend following my choice below, unless there is proof that one choice is more merciful than the other.

I can guarantee you that, even if you do pick the beat 'em up option, you can still reach good karma by the end of the chapter. So don't fret. I would recommend choosing the payment option, unless you're in that much need for serum, as I have a feeling that it's the safer option. Most players have stated that any interaction involving combat seems to keep their karma on neutral. Using this logic, the options are as follows:

  • Good: I'm sure we can arrange something... (pay 150 serum)
  • Bad: You think I'm giving you a choice? (combat engaged)

If you choose the second option, the fight should be fairly simple, as he's only one man. Afterward, no matter the decision you make, you just need to speak to Faith to update the quest. If you select the good option, the Pimp will also remain in the market as a merchant. Directly across from the Pimp is another merchant, though he has more miscellaneous parts than weapons and armor. I recommend selling any useless items if you have them in abundance (in other words, if you have more than 100 of an item, it might be worth either crafting traps out of them, or selling them).

After this, it's back to exploring. Note that we entered through the Sand, heading right. So the areas we haven't explored is the upper left path, both the upper and lower right path, and the small path at the top. We'll start with the top path, as it's a fairly short path. To start, you want to face the red canopy from before, where the pimp will be to the left of you. Turn right up a small set of stairs past the other merchant, and then immediately turn right. There's a scrap pile in the corner. (125/50) Then look immediately left from the stairs. You should see a small wall to climb over; do so. On the other side, there should be three crates immediately on the right wall, two red and one blue. (126/50) Head straight and jump off the edge, and then turn right up the incline. At the top, turn left and you'll notice a small alley between the buildings and a scrap pile in the corner. (127/50) Once finished, turn back the way you came until you reach the steps again. This time, we're heading straight up the incline.

At the top, there is a single door to enter. I recommend saving if you're having trouble with combat. There's multiple guards as well as a dog on the other side. One guard in particular will have a shield. The obvious issue with these enemies is that frontal attacks do very little. So just like with the dogs, you want to quickly dodge around them to attack from behind. Once finished, continue the routine of looting. From the tunnel that we entered from, head straight, and then turn left into the tunnel. It's very difficult to see (almost as if it glitched out of the game), but there's a scrap pile against the wall. (128/50) From the tunnel, turn around and head straight towards the man against the wall. There's a large pile of crates beside him, one of which can be looted. (129/50) Then turn left and enter the next door.

Upon entering, immediately to the left is a scrap pile, (130/50) and then there are steps leading down the path. You can go down the stairs if you'd like, but you won't be able to access the other two areas at this time. As stated previously, the path will be open once you've progressed so far into the story. So turn back and head to the market. This leaves one last path to explore before returning to Charity.

Once you're back in the center area, head straight (left if you're facing the canopy) and head up the incline. As with the opposite end, there's a door with guards on the other side, however, these guards are not hostile. Before speaking to them, head left as you head through the door and behind a group of crates is a red one that can be looted. (131/50) Then head around the pillar and the guard Integrity will speak to you. Because you worked with Prowess previously (the prisoner who built bombs), he has a special promotion for you. Select "I'm listening" and then "alright, I'm in" to accept. The quest SMUGGLING will be added.

After accepting the quest, head towards the guard standing between the two groups of blue barrels. There's a scrap pile behind the left pile. (132/50) Then head up the stairs to the left and enter the door. Straight ahead, behind a random citizen, is another scrap pile. (133/50) From here, there are two directions to head. We're going right this time, down the steps. At the bottom is a small collection of crates, with one in the back that can be looted. (134/50) Then head down the alley (remember the man on the left, as we'll visit him later) and climb the wall at the end of the path. Once over the wall, turn right and head through the door way below. On the other side, in the left-hand corner, is a scrap pile. (135/50) This is the last thing to loot in this area, so turn back and hop the wall again when finished. Head back until you reach the intersection and then head up the steps ahead of you. Head through the door to fight a few guards when you're ready.

After looting the bodies, cross the small bridge and turn right. There's a small collection of merchant stands, and behind them is a red crate, slightly hidden behind a few others. (136/50) This is the last item to loot until the other areas become available, but there's one last thing to handle before leaving the area. Turn left and hop the wall, then head straight and turn right at the end of the path. After entering the door, turn left, walk around the walls, and turn left again, until you're down a small set of stairs and at yet another door. Enter, then walk straight across and down the next tunnel. At the end and to the left is the door.

Inside is one of the smuggling locations required for the quest. Head inside, and there will be two men guarding the area. Despite Integrity asking you to be stealthy, it's not required to complete the quest. So however you want to deal with the men is up to you. Don't forget that you go into stealth by pressing down cn_LSc. Once the smugglers are dealt with, stay in the area to search for evidence. Within the maze of crates, there are two that can be looted (138/50) and one that is required to update the quest. They're all fairly easy to find, so just search the crates until you find them. The one that has the evidence is in the very back corner. When finished, go back the way you came until you reach the intersection with the merchants and the bridge. Use your map if need be. When you finally reach the area and have dealt with the guards, turn to the tunnel with the small incline. We're now returning to the Sand.


Once inside, head up the path and turn left to exit the tunnel, and then turn right past the mutants. We're going to Charity's bar first, as she will have additional quests to give after you update her on Faith. Once again, I encourage you to use the map. But if you need them: head straight, down the steps, and then left down another set. Then turn left yet again and follow the path straight down. You'll be back at the merchant when you walk up the steps. Charity is to right, then left at the gate. Turn right down the path and cross the bridge and you'll be there. When you speak to Charity, respond with "about your friend.." and she will give you a gift. FIND FAITH will be completed, but there's more to do. A new quest, MEETING THE RESISTANCE will be added, but you can't progress at the moment. Speak with her again and ask about business. This will begin WORKING FOR CHARITY, which splits into multiple quests.

Under Charity's quest, there are two payers we need to speak with. Both count as individual quests:

  • The Bad Payer
  • The Exhibitionist

These missions are very important because solving them a specific way can block another side quest from appearing. So do not do this on your own. Follow the guide when the time comes. For now, we're going to wait, as to collect other side quests in the meantime. Up the stairs from Charity is Faith, who also has a quest. This mission is also very different from the others, so pay attention. Speak to her and say "you don't look so good..." and the quest THE COIN KILLER will be added. This quest will not actually be finished during Chapter Two. It carries to Chapter Three. Once again, I'll explain more when the time comes.

Now that we have quite a few new side quests to handle, this will be our main focus. As stated previously, more areas will open up as the story continues, so there's nothing we can do for now. The first mission we'll knock out is Smuggling, but we'll handle part of Charity's quest along the way, so head to the Slums. Cross the bridge from Charity's bar and turn left once you reach the merchant. Then right at the next bridge. Immediately after crossing, turn left into the valley that's beneath the building and then turn right up the steps. Head into the tunnel ahead, past Frugality, and then turn right at the end to enter a door. Up the incline and at the end of the alley is one of Charity's payers. Save before doing anything else. Then speak to him:

  • Good: [Intimidate] You don't wanna fuck with a Technomancer, do you?
  • Bad: Actually, I think I'm just gonna beat the shit out of you.

Once again, the line between good and bad is a bit faded here. But I recommend using intimidation. Either option is safe for the quest, so either way, once you've handled Humility, his section of the quest is complete. But don't report back to Charity yet. Turn around and head up the right-hand incline to enter the Slums instead.


Once you're inside, you'll want to head towards the North Neighborhood. Head up the incline and turn right, hopping the wall outside the fence. Follow the path down until you cross a bridge.

Stop here, and look at the man to the right, standing beside the lamppost. His name is Fortitude. After speaking to him, select "I could keep an eye open..." and a new quest will be added called FIDELITY LOST. We'll handle this later. So continue on when you're finished. Continue ahead, up the stairs and to the left, through the door ahead. Continue straight, down the steps (attacking the locals if need be) and to the right, into the tunnel ahead. You'll be inside the North Neighborhood then.


Straight ahead is the next smuggling location. Save before continuing. Once inside, there's another smuggler patrolling, though he's significantly easier to avoid. As with the previous location, whether or not you sneak by is up to you. Just loot everything in the room before leaving. There's a crate and a scrap pile for loot (140/50) and another chest for the quest. Once you have it, exit and return to the Slums.


We're heading back to the Sand, so just follow the path to the left and follow it all the way up to the exit. As usual, the map helps. Once you're inside the Sand, head into the tunnel and turn right at the bend. Follow it straight down and enter the door, and then enter the next one as well. We're heading to Tierville to mop up a lot of the side quest objectives. So turn right again and head through the guards.


After you're in the market, head straight. Cross the short bridge and then go through the door that's just ahead. Head down the steps and turn left, down another set of steps. Then just follow this path to the end, hopping the wall and heading through the lower doorways once again. Stop before approaching the group of men ahead. Save your game.

Up until this point, you should have been completing quests based on your moral alignment. This is one of the only quests in the game in which you do not have a choice on whether to be good or evil. Selecting the wrong option has a possibility to void the Completionist achievement. So follow the steps below to avoid this.

After you've saved the game, approach the man wearing a hat: Morality. This is the bad payer that Charity asked you to deal with. But unlike our previous choices, we won't be choosing the good guy option. This is because his death leads to an addition quest later on. So when you see the dialogue choices appear, follow along exactly. The first decision is simple, as there isn't any other option. Select "It's Ok, I'll just search your body [fight]". The fight isn't too difficult, but you should try to avoid being cornered. Once you're finished, additional dialogue will appear. Be sure to choose the correct option:

  • Bad: [Finish Morality off]
  • Good: I let you live. Just go before I change my mind.

In this instance, we're selecting the bad option. This will allow us to receive an additional quest from Charity later. Don't be concerned about your karma level, as it's still possible to get the achievement even after killing him. Choosing to finish him off will not result in another fight; Roy will finish him off in a cutscene. But be sure to loot the bodies before you leave.

There's nothing else to do here, so turn back and hop the wall once again. Continue forward and up the steps, but stop before climbing the second set. Now we're going to turn left and head into the market for other objectives. Head through the door, and the go straight to run into Integrity again. Speak to him to update the quest, and a dialogue choice will appear:

  • Good: Just how legal is all this?
  • Neutral: How about my salary?

Neither option here is incorrect, however, I recommend selecting the first one. This will result in additional pay, and it's a safer option in terms of morality. The quest SMUGGLING will be marked as completed. After this, there's another round of dialogue options:

  • You heard about the serial killer? (advances quest)
  • Heard about that missing woman? (advances quest)

Be sure to select both options, as they're for two different quests, despite sounding similar. Both missions will update afterwards. After finishing the conversation, head around the guards and go through the door straight ahead. As you go down the ramp and into the market, your quest will update. We need to speak to everyone in the market to find out about Fidelity. Start by speaking Valiance. He's straight ahead, beside the merchant with a face mask. Ask "do you know this woman?" to update the quest and learn more about where she went.

When finished, head down the alley directly behind Valiance. Continue straight, up the incline and through the door ahead. The guards have likely respawned by now, so take them out again. Then, head to the right and across the bridge. Turn left, through the door, and down the steps when you're ready. You'll find Fidelity's body, and Providence will already be at the scene. Exhaust all of her dialogue to continue:

  • "date rape drug"?
  • And that was the cause of death?
  • How do you know all that?
  • Where can you get the drug?

You can speak to Providence again to ask about her son, but it's not required. After that, we'll need to examine the body. You might need to back away for a moment to get the button prompt to appear. Once you've investigated the body (Roy will make a comment, nothing more), it's time to head back to the Sand. Head up the stairs and cross the bridge, through the door ahead. Then go straight across the market, through the next set of doors and turn left, until you make it back to the door to the Sand. As always, the map helps.


Once inside, there will be multiple objectives available, but we're going to avoid them for now, and head towards the Slums next. Head up the incline and turn left. Continue straight and turn left again to enter the next area.


There should be two objectives on the map now. We'll start by turning right and hopping the wall beside the fence. Head down the path and across the bridge until you reach Fortitude, against the lamppost like before. You'll have to explain what happened to his wife:

  • Good: She was unconscious when she died...
  • Bad: She was murdered by a serial killer.

As usual, select the option that reflects your playthrough. The quest FIDELITY LOST will then be complete. There's nothing else you can do for him now, so head past him and down the alley, turning left when you need to. When you get to the open area, don't turn right yet. Instead, turn left, up a set of stairs and into the tunnel ahead. Continue straight, through the next door, and then turn right. Once inside the next door, save. Then speak to the drug dealer, Serenity, for the second time. He will explain that he has two clients that buy EBL (the date rape drug), but you don't need to remember their descriptions. Once finished, exit the dialogue. You don't need to ask again. Once finished, exit the room and turn left, heading straight. Now we can go to the North Neighborhood. It's straight ahead through a tunnel.


Once in the neighborhood, turn left, head through the door, and immediately turn right afterwards. Speak to Probity and ask "I want your opinion on this coin I found," to update the quest. Now exit, and turn back to the Slums again.


Although Probity mentioned a craftsman in the Slums, we can't actually find him. So head to the Sand next. Just follow the path to the left and you'll find the exit. In the next area, we're looking for Frugality. Head down the path and turn right down the incline. Then left at the next intersection. Frugality is at the end of the tunnel. Speaking to him will reveal that he made the Coin Killer coins. Now it's time to find the murderer. Turn back down the tunnel and turn left to enter Tierville.


In Tierville, head straight the entire time. After crossing the bridge, head down the steps and go straight again. The two men you're looking for are just ahead. One of them is right beside the first set of stairs, but he is not the killer, nor will he give any useful information. The only way to tell who is actually the Coin Killer is through connecting the dots of the story. So continue past him, down the next set of steps, and you'll find the actual killer.

Once again, this is another quest that requires a specific outcome in order to receive an additional quest later on. In order to collect another mission in Chapter Three, make sure to follow the quest exactly as described below.

Save the game before continuing. Then speak to Gallantry to ask about Fidelity. This opens a set of dialogue:

  • I think you did kill her.
    • [Bluff] All evidence leads to you.
  • Enough talk. I'm just gonna end you. [attack]

Unfortunately, bluffing to Gallantry will achieve nothing. So you have to attack him. That being said, when you do, do not kill him! Even if you're playing through the game with bad karma! If you do, you will not be able to complete a quest later. Once he's down (through a relatively easy fight), there will be another two options. Once again, you need to spare him to receive the quest later.

  • Better not take any chance... [Kill Gallantry]
  • You better be a real boy scout from now on. [Spare Gallantry]

Now we can return to both Faith and Charity and hand in our pile of side quests. Just follow the path behind you straight to the Sand.


You should know how to get to Charity's bar by now, but for directions: head up the ramp and turn right till you reach the end of the tunnel. Turn left, then right, and then left again and head down the path that leads underneath the building. Move up the steps and across the bridge. And then follow the path to the left until you reach the bar. When you enter, speak to Faith first, straight ahead. The quest THE COIN KILLER will be complete.

Speak to Charity next, and she'll immediately update you on the main storyline. Once she's finished, ask her about business yet again. Save before doing this.

And yet again, there is a future quest that can be lost due to a choice of dialogue. In order for Charity to trust you enough to give you additional work, you need to prove yourself to her. We have already established one part by killing the bad payer. The second part of this is right now, when she asks you about the Serum they owed. You need to give her all of the money owed, otherwise, she will not give you an extra quest. So follow the dialogue as stated below.

Speak to Charity about business, as stated previously, and she will ask for the money, giving two dialogue choices:

  • Good: Squeezed him till the last drop. [Give the Serum]
  • Bad: Actually, he was completely broke... [Keep the Serum]

You want to choose the good option here. Do not keep the money yourself, as this will void the next quest she gives you. In addition to this, once she learns that you killed the bad payer, she will give you yet another quest as well. So you should have two new missions from Charity if you followed the walkthrough correctly. Exit the conversation to see what quests you've collected. The main storyline should have updated, and three new quests should appear: WORKING FOR CHARITY, THE TRANSPORTER, THE MAFIA'S THREATS.

Before we continue further, it might be wise to check on your skills and equipment. There are plenty of merchants around if you're in need of additional supplies, as usual. You should be fairly close to filling an entire skill tree as well. Once you're ready, head down the steps of Charity's bar, stopping at the actual bar itself. In the corner is a man named Honesty, whom you will work with for Charity's quest. Speak to him to get started. Select "let's go now" and Honesty will head to the meeting point. He will urge you to hurry, but you don't actually have to meet with him yet. We're heading to Tierville next.

For directions, go left after exiting the bar, and then left again, heading down the steps by the merchant and through the path under the building. Head up the next set of steps to the right, and then down the tunnel where Frugality is and left yet again at the end of it.


Once inside Tierville, immediately save. Then speak to Honesty, who is waiting just up ahead. This quest isn't difficult, but you do receive a better reward if you keep him alive through the transport. So try to stay near him and defend him as you go. If you can't manage it, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Speak to him to begin, and then respond with "let's go". Note that your goal is to reach the marked location that's on the left path. Don't go into the market. Honesty will follow your lead, so just head straight when you're ready.

The first group of enemies will appear at the bridge. Honesty will make a remark once you approach. Just kill them as quickly as possible without him taking too much damage, and then head through the door. Next, head down the steps and then go to the left, down the second set of stairs. Another group of men will be waiting, but the same rules apply. Be careful here as some of the enemies will come from behind as well, and can easily take out Honesty if you're not careful. Once you're finished, don't forget to loot the bodies. Then continue onward. Roy will stop when you reach the wall ahead. Feel free to ask Honestly about the previous transport, however, do not ask how much Serum is there. He will take it as a sign that you are trying to cheat Charity, so just avoid the question entirely. Hop the wall when you're ready. Then head through the doorway below. One last group of enemies is waiting, with more trailing behind.

Once they're down, the quest will update and Honesty (if alive) will give his thanks. But before we return to Charity, we have one last thing to handle. Climb back over the wall and exit the area, stopping right after you climb the set of steps. Turn left, through the door and into the market, and then stop before heading down the last section of stairs. Head left, around the bend and through the door ahead. Upon entering, the quest will update. Save, and then head up the incline to fight the mob. It might be a bit difficult on extreme, but just remember to target the men with guns first, and to dodge whenever you can. Once finished, loot the bodies, and then we can head back to Charity, through the Sand. Exit through the same door as before, and then turn right, back up the steps and across the bridge.

Once in the Sand, head towards Charity's bar (you should be able to get there on your own at this point) and speak to her about business once again. She will pay you for your work, and THE MAFIA'S THREATS, THE TRANSPORTER, and WORKING FOR CHARITY should all be complete. Our focus is now entirely on the main storyline, save for a few romance quests that come later. So head to the Slums next.


When you're inside, go up the ramp and head right, hopping the wall as per usual. Follow the path until you reach the set of stairs after the door. Take out the enemies as needed, and then head straight from the stairs to enter the Seedy Bar. I recommend saving, just for progress' sake. Once you're inside, just head across the catwalk and downstairs to speak to Tranquility at the bar. He'll give you the code to speak to the Resistance. They're in the room right next to the bar. Trying to walk in the room will result in the man beside you asking for a code. Respond with "there can be no rest" and he will let you through. Then just head forward and watch the cutscene unfold. Once it's over, Innocence will leave your party and the quest MEETING THE RESISTANCE will be complete as A STRANGE EXPLOSION takes its place.

To reach the explosion, you'll need to head out of the bar, but save before doing so. There are multiple enemies waiting, including a Technomancer. I recommend using your grenades or explosives if you have extras. Otherwise, keep your distance from the Technomancer as he charges up, and try to keep from being cornered. Head straight, taking a left when the path turns, and then a right again to enter the area of the explosion. In addition to the guards, there will also be a few bandits outside. They'll attack the guards as well, so you might be able to stand back at certain moments. Once you're finished, then you can take the path to the right. Continue through the tunnel, taking a left at the bend, and then right at the next intersection. Head through the door, and you should be able to see the damage as you turn right. Enter, and you'll find a familiar face. Before interacting with Mary, loot the bodies around her. In addition to the bodies, there is a chest against the left-hand wall. (141/50) Then interact with her.

A cutscene will ensue, and then you'll be faced with a decision. The choices that follow will determine whether or not Mary remains as a companion, as well as a romance option. So follow along closely:

  • Good: I'm going to get you some medicine.
  • Bad: I'm going to end your suffering.

Select the good option, and the dialogue will end. You'll need to get medicine for her, which is actually just a health injection. If you have one, just turn around and speak to her again. If not, you can make it in your inventory, or buy one from the merchant just outside. Once you've helped her, another selection of dialogue will appear. Be careful here, as you can void her romance quest if you try to sleep with her:

  • Yes, you owe me that much. (sleep with Mary, voiding her romance)
  • It shouldn't be an obligation.
    • In that case, why not? (sleep with Mary, voiding her romance)
    • I'd rather you had other reasons. (don't sleep with Mary, keeping her romance)
  • I don't find you attractive enough for that. (don't sleep with Mary, voiding her romance)

Technically, you can choose whatever option you wish. There are three romance options in total in the game, however, only two will be available per playthrough. If you choose not to sleep with her, AN ELECTRICAL RELATIONSHIP will be added to your log. If you did, the quest A STRANGE EXPLOSION will be completed regardless, but Mary's romance quest will not be added. Now that Mary is a companion, I recommend that you speak to her again and ask her to join you. Generally speaking, her Technomancer abilities are incredibly useful in combat, however, she can deal friendly fire damage. So be careful. In addition to bringing her along, you can also ask her more questions, which is the next step in her romance quest. If you do decide to ask questions, the responses are as follows:

  • Your outfit...
    • Bad: That's completely idiotic.
    • Good: I understand.
    • Neutral: It's putting our lives at risk...
  • Where are you from?
    • No response.
  • What are the Abundance Technomancers like?
    • No response.
  • Why did you follow me here?
    • No response.
  • Innocence said he saw you before the war.
    • What were you doing in the camp?
      • Go on...
    • Why hide him away?
      • Good: I'm sorry.
      • Bad: I should have.
    • Mary's not your real name...
      • No response.

Once you're finished, and Mary is a part of your party, exit the hideout. This will begin the next story quest, MEETING WITH THE GENERAL. Outside the hideout is yet another woman: Devotion. She will be another romance option later on, depending on your choice of faction. Go through the dialogue, and Mary will ask to go with you to meet him. Accept, the save your game. Exit via the ladder once you're finished.

We're going straight to meet the general, as there are no other side quests to complete. Head down the steps in front of the merchant and turn right heading under the building. If you haven't, now is also a good time to buy supplies. Explosives and bullets will come in handy. Tun right at the next set of stairs again, and then continue down the tunnel ahead until making your third right, entering the Slums.


Once inside, head straight, passing the fenced area. Enter the tunnel ahead, through the door, and then turn left towards Tierville. You might have noticed that we took a detour to reach it. This is because this area is inaccessible from the other entrance. You have to use the entrance from the Slums in order to reach the market.


Continue forward until you reach a wall ahead. Save, then hop it to deal with quite a few guards. Your best bet is to use explosives here and avoid cramped areas. Tossing a bomb or two can easily take out five men at once. When you're finished, loot the bodies once again, save, and then left through the door. There's another Technomancer on the other side, as well as more guards. I highly recommend running past them to begin, as there's a more spacious area up ahead, which makes the fight much easier. This is the last group of enemies to fight for now. Before heading towards the general, make sure to kick the ladder down (just after entering the door, up the first set of steps) so you can use it later. Then, climb down the wall ahead, and turn to the right to loot a single scrap pile. (142/50) Then head down the next wall. Finally, head through the bunker doors ahead and into the Undercity. Save again.


Remember the moles from the well? They're all over the Undercity, so be careful. I typically rely on the nailgun at this point, as to avoid close combat. Immediately upon entering, head straight and turn at the intersection. Multiple moles will be waiting. After they're dead, there's a scrap pile just ahead to loot, (143/50) and yet another around the pillar. (144/50) Continue forward down the hall, and you'll hear a prisoner up ahead. Ignore him for now and continue forward, where another scrap pile is up ahead, against the wall. (145/50) To the right in the dead end is another. (146/50) Then go left and up the wall. You'll find the prisoner dead on the ground; loot him before continuing. Up ahead is more moles.

This area loops in a circle, which makes it easier to sneak attack some of the moles. But be careful, as there are quite a few. Once finished, return to the entrance of the room to collect loot. There are four things to loot in total. A scrap pile to the left-back wall (147/50), a scrap pile in the center as well as a chest (149/50), and one last scrap pile on the right. (150/50) Then hop the wall on the other side. Immediately to the left is a chest to loot. (151/50) Up ahead will be more moles yet again. Once they're dead, do not enter the door just yet. There's more loot on the other path, so we'll come back to the door once we're finished.

Head down the adjacent hall and turn right to collect a scrap pile at the dead end. (152/50) Then head left. There's a crate at the end of the hall. (153/50) Continue forward to kill a few more moles, and then head down to the end of the hallway for the last scrap pile. (154/50) Kick the ladder down before you turn back as well. Now that the area is looted, you can return to the meeting point. Save once you're finished, and then enter the door with the greenish light. The dialogue here should be obvious:

  • What're you doing here?
  • I have a meeting.
  • No, nothing.

Only by stating "I have a meeting" will you get inside, so do so. Once inside, you'll meet Honour Grant, who will explain his interest in an alliance. There are multiple dialogue choices afterwards, though none of them are required to continue. Once you're ready, select "I need to think about this," to leave. You will immediately return to the Sand, and the quest MEETING WITH THE GENERAL will be complete. The next quest, A BIT OF PERSPECTIVE, is quite simple. Just return to the hideout to continue. It's just ahead. Save before climbing the ladder.

As you enter the hideout, a cutscene will appear, in which an old friend named Tenacity attacks with his dogs. Note that you'll need to take out the dogs before you can attack Tenacity himself. The same rules apply for this fight, so it shouldn't be too difficult. Once you've dealt so much damage to Tenacity, the fight will end early, and more dialogue will appear. Just like with Mary, you have a choice on whether or not to include him in your party. I recommend bringing him with you:

  • Alright, you can come with me. (Tenacity joins)
  • I don't want a traitor with me. (Tenacity leaves)
  • You're going to die. (Fight continues, Tenacity dies)

Once you allow him to join the team, the quest will update, and now you'll need to check on Charity. She's not at the bar this time; she's inside Roy's place. So just go through the door behind you and speak with her. Once she's free, then you can find her at the bar, and she'll have a reward. Speak to her about it to complete A BIT OF PERSPECTIVE and to add the next quest, FIND INNOCENCE to your log. Head to the Slums next. You should know the way at this point.


In the Slums, head back to the Seedy Bar. You can get there by going straight, turning right at the bend, and then heading straight down until you reach the next area. Then turn left and enter. Save once you're inside. Mary will make some weird comments on the way in, just keep going. Speak to Tranquility at the bar to learn more about Innocence, asking about the attack. Doing so will prompt him to take you to the site. Do not go until you're fully prepared. Make sure to pick up supplies before accepting. Then say "let's go" to continue to the convoy.


This fight is simple, and the Resistance will fight alongside you as well. Just clear out the soldiers and the Technomancer to continue. You won't need to fight the soldiers above the cliffs, so don't worry about them. There's also a bit of loot here, with the first being a scrap pile that's just behind the left cliff. (155/50) Continue through the valley ahead and stop at the intersection in the path. Go left first, and head up to the top of the cliff to find another scrap pile and a crate. (157/50) Then head back down and go to the right. More guards will be on the other side. Once they're down, there's a crate to the left, behind the others (158/50) and then you can head forward. When you reach the metal circle in the ground, look left again to find a scrap pile. (159/50) And then forward again and up the incline ahead.

Before climbing the wall ahead, look past it to find yet another scrap pile in the corner. (160/50) Then turn back once you have it. There will be another wall to climb right after the first, and then a third as you walk across the train. After crossing the third, a cutscene will appear, and you'll be back in combat. This fight is similar to the last, so just take your time and avoid the Technomancer. Once you're finished, there's a crate to the left of the circle in the ground. (161/50) Then, you can head up the fourth and final wall. I recommend saving before doing so, but there won't be a fight. You'll see Innocence get arrested during the cutscene. He is no longer available as a companion, and won't be for the remainder of the game. FIND INNOCENCE will be complete and CHOOSE A SIDE will begin.

This is your last chance to do anything you need in Chapter Two! You will not revisit this area in Chapter Three, so all loose ends should be tied up. Follow the list below to handle everything you need before moving on:

  • Check Quests: Make sure you've finished everything needed for missions, as always. Unlike the previous chapter, there will be some loose ends to clear up this time around. Romance quests can carry over to Chapter Three.
  • Grind Levels: If you don't have the achievement for maxing out a skill tree, now is the time to earn it. It's the easiest location to grind levels, as the enemies almost always respawn. Furthermore, it's wise to build up as many skills as you can, especially on Extreme.
  • Buy Supplies: Although you will not be directly pushed into a fight, it's wise to stock up on supplies. Once again, you will not return to the area, so any items (like special armor) that merchants have will not reappear. I recommend ammo and explosives as well.
  • Save: Finally, this marks your last chance to select a faction, so save before doing anything else! After Chapter Two, you will need to complete the game with both factions, so you'll need to reload this point in the future. After that, you're ready to go.

NOTE: If you're playing through the game once, I recommend that you bump down the difficulty after you reload the game for your second faction. Beat the game on Extreme without finishing the side quests, and then reload and finish all the quests on your alternative faction run. That way you don't have to worry about any side quests that are too difficult. You need to reload no matter what, so there's no real downside.

As stated in the warning, you'll need to grind out levels to fill a skill tree if you haven't. Remember that each skill requires three points to become maxed out, and every skill needs to be maxed for the achievement. You should have already filled a good portion of the Combat tree, so there isn't much grinding left unless you want to be extra prepared for boss fights later on. Either way, once you have an entire tree filled, the achievement will unlock.

Specialist in Mars: War Logs
Specialist81 (30)
Unlock every skill and upgrade in a single skill tree
  • Unlocked by 659 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.70) 4,830

When you're ready, you can either talk to Judy, for the Resistance. Or Devotion for General Honour. Once again, this decision cannot be reversed. So you need to save before doing anything else. Choosing a faction will immediately jump the game to Chapter Three, unlocking multiple achievements.

Aurora execution in Mars: War Logs
Finish Chapter 2 at any difficulty level
  • Unlocked by 1,337 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.89) 4,830

Mentor in Mars: War Logs
Mentor57 (30)
Influence Innocence's personality during your conversations
  • Unlocked by 1,337 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.89) 4,830

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