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    25 Nov 2008
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    As a comic book fan especially X-Men and Spider-Man, I looked forward to playing this game. This review does not include any downloadable content available because I didn’t download them yet, I am waiting to complete 1000/1000.

    Story and Content:
    I was pleasantly surprised on how the storyline is woven together to bring together the sheer amount of super heroes and villains within one game. The main mission in each chapter is supplemented my optional goals or mission. These optional goals do twist the main storyline a little that enhances the re-playability of the game. Speaking to people in your headquarters is sometimes not necessary but fills in a lot of comic book history. While speaking to certain NPC characters I got some tidbits on heroes and villains I wasn’t aware of. The simulator missions alone require you to play over thirty different characters.

    Game play:
    You control one super hero at time in a group of four. While you can mix and match which characters you want in your group, some get certain bonuses if chosen along side each other. As you play the game your group levels with the amount of bad guys they take care of. I wouldn’t say kill because in some instances the same villains come back to fight again. All heroes have basic attack moves you can use but each hero has special moves available that you can use. Some of these special moves become available with costumes you equip on the hero. Along the way you might be able to find items that can enhance the super heroes. Some all the heroes can use while others are specific to the certain heroes. You can also gain levels by playing simulator missions. Completing these missions under certain conditions unlock different suits, skills or items. While fighting in most areas you will be able to find coins, these coins can be used to upgrade the hero’s costumes. Some areas or villains requires some special moves by following button sequences to pass or defeat the villains. With multi-player modes you can do missions together on the same console or online. This option is great as your team mates AI is above average.

    Excellent graphics. Each super hero move is showcased and distinctive, you really get to see Spider-Man use his web shooters or Wolverine slice up the bad guys. The backgrounds are done well as they are sometimes breakable. Just in the opening sequences you do see in great detail the Shield Heli-Carrier on fire and under attack while you maneuver along the top of its hull. While the camera angle are great as it automatically rotates and zooms in and out. Only in a few area it remains stationary and takes getting used to. The cut scenes are well like a CGI animated TV show, they are placed in a way they don’t get in the way of playing the game.

    Sound and Music:
    Music score is decent and chances with different stages and levels. The sound effects are detailed as you hear Wolverine take out his blades or Thor hitting bad guys with his hammer. One thing I like is some of the foot soldiers call for backup or the sayings each hero has after disposing of a bad guy.

    You initially have two settings. Once you are used to playing the game and finish it once on normal, you can choose a harder setting. Overall this is not a hard game once you know what you are doing. I found that if your game style is weak against any villain you have a few choices. Use the simulator to level your characters or change the team to suit your needs. Also you can change the costume the super hero has use certain skills that you might require.

    Final Thoughts:
    The main story line is great and in-depth. It keeps you interested and looking forward to how the story progresses. One thing I did like and was disappointed there wasn’t more of them is puzzles. I like that your have to use intelligence or sheer strength in certain instances. Having a great depth of usable heroes and online play makes the replay value very high. I don’t know if there is anything big component missing from this game. Only thing I didn’t like was the AI can be improved in the foot soldiers where as the bosses are intelligent. I enjoyed playing this game and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid adventure game.
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    Furious GunmanGood review, and i love this game, i was going to write a review, but yours covers everything i would have said.
    Posted by Furious Gunman on 23 Apr 09 at 18:36
    The GlobalizerNot a bad review, but I'd like to see more about the gameplay itself. From the review, I have a hard time understanding exactly what you do in the game.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 28 Apr 09 at 20:12
    ERIKDOTCOMTo be honest, I found the gameplay very stale. That's why I have not and will not 100% it.
    Posted by ERIKDOTCOM on 24 Oct 09 at 13:42
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    The single player of the game is spread out between 5 acts that will take you to locations such as Stark Tower, Underwater Atlantis, a possessed circus carnival, Hell and Dooms Castle. The single player is relativly long and clocks in at around 8 hours or so [depending on how you flesh out the team, take on side quests etc etc].

    The game starts off on a Helicarrier in space, Dr Doom is threatening Nick Fury and doing this Fury creates a super team from all the "MetaHumans" he can find, and there are plenty to choose from. The game has around 15 or so characters unlocked from the start including Wolverine, Spiderman, Ironman, Deadpool, The Fantastic Four, Thor, SpiderWoman and Captain America.

    As you progress through the story there are additional characters for meeting specific objectives or attaining so many collectibles throughout the game eg// Daredevil and Black Panther are unlocked by finding 5 action figures throughout the game of the characters, Fury is bagged for completing the game, Silver Surfer for completing all comic boom missions and Ghost Rider for saving him in Hell.

    If youve played XMen Legends then the gameplay here is exactly the same, you select a team of 4 characters and control them around the level collecting coins, equipment and going through the story. Characters can be levelled up to the max level of 99 and each character has atleast 3 different costumes to use each giving different abilities different boosts when worn.

    The story itself is any comic book fans dream, Dr Doom has assembled the Masters of Evil and is trying to take over the world, you will fight enemies such as Galactus, Shocker, Rhino, Lizard, Fing Fang Foom, Mephisto, Arcade and Bullseye just to name a few, and characters from the series will have unique dialogue if in the team. Spidey will banter with Scorpion or Bullseye will have discussions about their past if Daredevil or Elektra feature in the team for example.

    Theres nothing special about MUAs multiplayer component, but atleast its there. You and up to 3 friends can tackle the story mode, each person selecting 1 character or any of the available characters if less than 4 players are playing. You can do the story in coop [which basically you just play through it together] or you can turn on arcade mode which is all against all to see who the most useful hero was in each chapter.

    Stats are tracked such as enemies killed, coins collected, and random things like who did the most grapples, who took least damage etc and your given points for each award you unlock, most awards is most useful hero and this mode ties into some achievements for winning so many rounds etc

    However it must be said the MP is not a strong draw for the game, its there, it works, you wont be playing it forever

    To be honest the graphics are probably the thing that let MUA down the most, but you must keep in mind this was a 2006 release game, the graphics arent terrible by any means but when you take the time to look at the characters in game then you can really see poor face textures and poor models, it seems all the guys have the same character model so you have Spiderman with the same build as Wolverine, just does tlook right

    The sound is pretty poor to be honest as well, the voice acting is pretty good, infact Id say its better than most games, they have really captured Spidermans cockiness or Wolverines gruff voice, the background music is what really lets it down.

    Too many times with the background music simply just stop and cut out and leave you playing the game without any [until the next checkpoint is reached or the boss your on is defeated]. To be honest this is unacceptable and can really leave you thinking, what the hell is going on?

    A solid list of achievements, youll net about half of them by playing through the story as you have your standard ones like "Mephisto Was Defeated" etc etc, through this you also have you "Defeat 50, 200, 4000 enemies" achievement, as well as thowing people off ledges etc. Youll also get achievements for completing the game with 3 other players, winning so many Arcade mode matches, completing it on HARD and unlocking characters.

    A fun list but will pose a challenge for the full 1000

    1 set of DLC has been released for the game and that is the Hero and Villains packs, the packs can be bought individually for 500MSP or together for 800MSP. The DLC features 4 new characters in each pack

    Hero: Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Hawkeye, Hulk
    Villains: Dr Doom, Magneto, Venom, Sabretooth

    and this comes with 12 new achievements, the basic ones are for unlocking all the costumes for all the new DLC and then you have achievements for story mode interactions [Sabretooth being confused for Wolverine, Cyclops meeting Jean]

    This [for me] is where the game breaks down, they have released characters in DLC which are already in the game, mainly Dr Doom, Nightcrawler and Hulk, which means you can get Dr Doom on your side for the final Dr Doom fight [this is an achievement also] or choosing to save Jean [letting Nightcrawler die, and then have him on your side next level] which to be honest I think should not have happened.

    The DLC is definatly worth it but as I said, for me I would have prefered these dual characters to have not been a part of it

    Final Score - 8/10

    HUGE roster of characters
    Lots of customizability and replayability
    Great gameplayer with a great story

    Poor graphics on inspection
    Sound glitches

    If your a Marvel fan and NOT played this game then shame on you, despite its flaws I personally consider this the greatest game on the 360 to date, definatly rent or buy it [only cheap now] if your slightly into comic books, watch out for MUA2 this fall!