11. Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom (Xbox 360) Miscellaneous Playthroughs & Mop up

No Supers / Jester Juice Playthrough

From the main menu, go to Help & Options > Settings > Game Settings > Difficulty. Now, switch the difficulty to Easy. Then from the main menu, select "Continue Game" and choose ACT I. Now play through the entire game without ever using a super move or picking up any jester juices. You can beat the acts while doing this in any order you wish but obviously it would be easier to play them in chronological order to make it easier to keep track. Here are some quick tips on obtaining both of these achievements during your Easy playthrough:

  • Avoiding super moves is simple; Just don't ever press the cn_B button!
  • Some jester juices are in your direct path so be sure to jump around them or hug nearby walls to avoid touching them.
  • If you touch a jester juice by accident, simply hit pause and choose to "restart" the act from the beginning.
  • Please note jester juices during some combat sections as it's easy to get cornered or knocked into them during fights.
  • If you accidentally pick up a jester juice, you should be able to die intentionally to reset from the last checkpoint (instead of restarting the entire stage). But I have not tested this. Personally, I was able to unlock the "No Jester Juice" run achievement by restarting the entire act whenever I picked one up by accident. So just keep that in mind if you choose to use the "die intentionally" method.
  • Also, don't forget to use this Easy playthrough to mop up whichever Rooster Sentry-related achievement you don't have or any other miscellaneous tasks or collectibles that you possibly missed too.

This is optional and can simply be done later using the "Continue Game" option but, when you get to ACT VI be sure to try and avoid death at all costs (for the 3 for 1 achievement). This shouldn't be too difficult on Easy but you will need to play through the act several times to master it (especially the later platforming section). You can skip a lot of the battles and sections and simply focus on defeating all of the Clown Captains and getting the 3 keys to open the gate door. Obviously you'll want to immediately destroy any Outhouses you see right away to avoid fighting more enemies. Also, play through the act repeatedly until you have memorized how to defeat each section flawlessly. If you ever die at any point simple hit pause and restart the act to try again. If you're struggling with a particular area, see the ACT VI section of the story walkthrough above for more details. Trying to do this without using super moves or jester juice can be a bit tough (even on Easy) so there is no shame in skipping this achievement for now. You can always come back to attempt it individually via the "Continue Game" option after you finish this Easy playthrough. This way you are free to attempt the achievement while picking up jester juices and using super moves along the way (making it much easier). You also have the choice of just picking up juice and using super moves during this playthrough. Just remember to come back to this act later and play through it without using a super move or jester juice to mop up said respective achievement. Nevertheless, with enough practice and persistence you will unlock:

3 for 1

Complete Fortress without dying

3 for 1
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

Once you defeat Big Nose in ACT VIII and access the door you will unlock the following during the end FMV cutscene:

No Juice for you!

Finish every act without Jester Juice Potions

No Juice for you!
Offline Game ModeSingle Player


Complete every act without using a Supermove

Offline Game ModeSingle Player

Hard Mode Playthrough

You should only have a couple achievements remaining at this point. From the main menu go to settings and switch the difficulty to Hard. Select "Continue Game" and choose Act 1 to begin your hard mode playthrough.

Hard Mode Tips
On Hard difficulty, changes in the game are just about what you would expect. Jaxx will receive way more damage from enemies and boss enemies can nearly kill you in one hit. Enemies now require more hits to defeat and some platforming and puzzle sections have become more difficult to clear. Other notes on Hard mode include:

  • You can beat the Acts in any order you want for this achievement (via the "Continue Game" option).
  • In Hard Mode, the puzzles and platforming sections have changed a bit. With some trap doors alternating more quickly and pillars shifting their patterns during Act IV.
  • You cannot simply beat Act 8 on Hard for this achievement. You must beat all 8 Acts (in whichever order you choose).

Combat Tips
In Hard Mode, constant countering and proper super move usage is essential. You should always destroy the outhouses immediately to avoid having to fight more enemies. You should not be mashing the cn_X button on Hard mode. Instead you should be anticipating enemy attacks and countering with cn_Y, following up with hammer attacks, and using super moves on tougher enemies. Try to group up enemies and hit your Level 2 or 3 super moves to make fights easier. The longer you hold down the cn_B button the stronger your super move will be. Other notes on combat include:

  • Only save and use your Super Moves for armored clowns or enemy groups.
  • Always take out the weaker Archer enemies first but don't waste your super moves on them.
  • Don't pick up jester juice in the area until you're low on health.
  • If you see a yellow fist icon above an enemy's head, quickly hit cn_Y to counter them. Don't ignore this!
  • During combat, pan the camera with cn_RS to give yourself better visuals of any enemies you can counter (cn_Y)
  • For Boss fights where you face off against Sarge or the red, blue, or yellow clown captains, always focus on the Boss and NOT his 2 henchmen. The Boss will inflict way more damage than the henchmen and you can afford getting hit by the henchmen more than the boss. Anticipate a counter on the boss, hit them three times, then use a super move. Repeat. Try to only counter the Boss and ignore the henchmen as much as you can (while picking up nearby jester juices when needed).

Once you defeat Big Nose, enter the giant door at the end of ACT VIII and during the FMV cutscene when Jaxx finally saves Comedia you'll unlock:

Ooh La la

Finish the game on hard difficulty

Ooh La la
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5 Star Ratings (Superstar achievement)

Finally you are ready to go for the 5 star ranks for all 8 acts. Hopefully you were skillful enough to obtain 5 stars in at least some of the acts while going for the other 29 achievements (this will save time mopping this one up). If not then don't worry, you'll have this one with some practice. This achievement is saved for last because you'll want to attempt it after enough experience with the game plus doing everything else gives you the chance of potentially obtaining some 5 star ratings along the way.

To get started, switch the difficulty to Easy or Medium (Medium is recommended so you can build higher chains). Replay any stages you don't have a 5 star rating in and try to score as many points as you can. Here is how to achieve 5 stars in an act stage:

Every time you complete a stage, you will receive a results screen that tells you your score which is totaled based on the following criteria:

☆ Combo Bonus: Based on the total amount of combo chain attacks made throughout the act.
☆ Nose Bonus: Based on the amount of red noses you pick up from defeated enemies.
☆ Heroism: Based on your skillful play. Dying and alerting Roosters deducts Heroism points.
☆ Chest Bonus: Based on finding the hidden treasure chest within that act. You will receive 5000 bonus points for finding it.
☆ Bauble Bonus: Based on how many of the 10 hidden bauble collectibles you found with that stage. Each bauble you find is worth 100 bonus points.

The single most important aspect of getting a 5 star rank is your Combo Bonus. The amount of high combo chains you obtain within an Act can singlehandedly decide whether you'll achieve 5 stars for an act. When playing through Act stages, insure that you are getting multiple x combo chains every time you encounter an outhouse full of enemies. You should always find the hidden treasure chest for a bonus 5000 points, pick up every red nose that gets dropped, and try to avoid dying too many times. The 10 hidden baubles won't really boost your score too much but you are free to pick them all up if you feel the extra 1000 points will make a difference. Here are some tips for how to combo chain:

How to Combo Chain

  • Press cn_X deliberately to use your hammer to land combo attacks. Press cn_Y to counter an enemy when you see the yellow fist icon above their head. This will keep the chain going.
  • Do not destroy Outhouses! Allow enemies to spawn from them so that you can constantly chain combo hits together for higher multipliers. All outhouses will destroy themselves over time as more enemies spawn from them.
  • Do not button mash too much as this can get your chain reset. Instead, when surrounded by enemies, press cn_X once or twice, wait for a counter opportunity and quickly press cn_Y. Wait for the enemy to become dizzy, press cn_X once or twice and repeat. This will help preserve your chain.
  • When chaining, avoid using super moves. These will also reset your chain.
  • For Shield enemies, do not attack them outright as this will reset your combo. Instead, only attack them after a counter then follow up with hammer attacks. Wait for another enemy counter opportunity, and counter them to keep the chain going.
  • For the annoying Archer enemies, you can either take them out first (their arrows will constantly ruin your chain) or if you're skilled enough, use them to start a x6+ chain then focus on the armored enemies. Sometimes I would burn a super move on them so I wouldn't have to worry about their arrows resetting my chain.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t get combo chains that are x15, x20, or x30 and up. The point is to get multiple combo chains throughout the entire Act each time you are faced with a gang of enemies. Even semi-high chains throughout of the stage ranging from x8 to x 15 can potentially be enough to achieve 5 stars (so long as it is consistent).
  • Avoid dying while achieving combo chains during fights. Death will revert you to the last checkpoint and you'll lose all the combo multipliers for that session!

For reference I have provided the scores I obtained (along with my highest combo chain) in order to achieve the 5 star rating for each Act. You can use it as a guide to help you gauge how well you might need to do:

ACT I: 112, 830 (x29)
ACT II: 86,940 (x23)
ACT III: 108,180 (x22)
ACT IV: 38,300 (x18)
ACT V: 94,970 (x26)
ACT VI: 130,220 (x33)
ACT VII: 109,680 (x63)
ACT VIII: 88,580 (x49)

Please note that you do NOT have to get the same score or chain as listed above to obtain a 5 star rating. You should be able to score less and still reach 5 stars under the right circumstances. Each act should not require a 5 star scoring guide. Instead, just play through each stage trying to farm as many high combo chains as possible from every single Outhouse and Boss section of each act (and you'll be fine). After showing your mastery of combo chaining and skillful play within each act you will deservingly unlock:


Achieve 5 stars in every act

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And with that you have completed Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom. Congratulations on your 1,000G, hero! And be sure to tell some of your friends about this hidden gem of a game!

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