7. Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom (Xbox 360) ACT V: Invasion Force - Camp Folly

ACT V - Invasion Force - Camp Folly

The fifth act of the game will introduce some new enemies and you'll have a chance to unlock another platform-based achievement later. You will start at the top of a hill. Follow the trail down the hill until you are met with a cutscene. A ship will pull up and unload some clown enemies for you to defeat. Do so. After the fight jump over to the moving platform and activate the lever switch to open the door nearby. Go back the way you came and enter through the previously unlocked door.

Up ahead you'll face your first Outhouse battle section of the act. This section has a buttload of clown enemies and is a great place to attempt the 35-hit combo achievement (but you can always go for it at later sections of the game). When the fight starts allow enemies to spawn from the outhouse and try to get a high combo chain on them. Try to take out any annoying archers first or use a quick super move on them then focus on building a high combo chain on the armored clowns. Don't worry if you die here. You will respawn at the checkpoint and can simply retry again. Remember to hit the cn_X button deliberately, wait for a chance to counter and hit cn_Y to keep the combo going. Don't mash buttons. Instead counter an enemy, hit them 2 times with your hammer and by then you should be able to counter another enemy to keep the chain going once more. You can also use cn_RS to pan the camera around to scout for any yellow fist icons so that you know when to counter. If the archers keep resetting your combo try to start a chain on them first and then continue building it on the armored clowns. If you're lucky the archers won't have time to spawn and hit you by the time you reach 35-hits. If it's too frustrating then simply press on and we can try for it again later. But with enough practice and precision you will unlock:

C-C-C-Combo Maker

Perform a 35 hit combo

C-C-C-Combo Maker
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After the fight you'll move forward and defeat another set of enemies. Then you'll be introduced to a new object called the Mine-in-the-box. This is an obstacle hazard that when tripped will shoot you into the air causing a death and a respawn. There are also archers here shooting at you. Carefully walk around the mine boxes to avoid them. You should take the right path and jump between the boxes so that any arrows that hit you won't cause you to trip any mines.

Advance forward and after entering an area full of tents you'll now be introduced to a new enemy: the Rooster Sentry. Now you have a choice here. You can either sneak past all of the Rooster Sentries without being detected to work towards the Foxdog achievement or you can destroy all the Rooster Sentries to work towards the Rooster Retribution achievement. You won't be able to unlock either achievement until you follow its requirements for the ACT VI and VII as well so now is the time to decide. I suggest trying to sneak by them if your combat proficiency isn't the best. Choosing to destroy them will require skillful play in combat and strong countering ability as tripping alarms will require you to defeat an Outhouse of reinforcements each time. There is only one jester juice in the immediate area and one checkpoint so if you die you'll have to start half the section all over again. This is all up to you. It's pretty challenging if you choose to destroy them, especially on a first playthrough so I would suggest sneaking by them. To sneak by them, just wait for them to fall asleep and then immediately walk past them while staying out of their range of vision. If you accidentally trip them then simply die on purpose and try again. The game only records progress for the Rooster achievements on a checkpoint by checkpoint basis. Just be sure to open the hidden treasure chest in this area:

[Treasure Chest 5/8]: After passing the 4th Rooster Sentry, to your left will be some crates that lead to the treasure chest. It is pretty much in plain sight and difficult to miss

After getting past all 6 Rooster Sentries you'll view a cutscene and will now have a chance to earn the Number 1 achievement. This is for getting through the upcoming obstacle course without ever having to respawn. This obstacle course contains conveyor belts, planks, moving logs, and cannons. Be sure to use your hammer throw on the archers as their arrows can mess you up and cause you to fall. As with any puzzle, study the revolutions first and then make your move. Your main enemy with this is the terrible platforming controls. If at any point you fall down, you can simply practice this section until you can beat it without ever falling. Then reload the chapter and attempt to get past it all in one go (not recommended). The platforming controls in this game are not very good and rather unresponsive but if you fail here then simply come back later and try for it on Easy difficulty. Don't stress yourself out too much with it now especially if you're not playing on Easy. But it's up to you if you really want the achievement now. If you are able to get past the entire section without ever falling you'll be rewarded with:

Number 1

Complete the Camp Folly obstacle course without respawning

Number 1
Offline Game ModeSingle Player

Once you are done with the obstacle course you will now be in an arena section. This is where the boss fight for this act will take place. There will be a cutscene and then the Purple Captain will send his men after you. Defeat them and then go activate the catapult. However it seems before you can activate the catapult you will need to defeat 3 waves of enemies. Use the 2 jester juices in the area if you need them and be sure to use your level 2 super move whenever you have the meter for it. Counter when possible and take out the archers immediately. You should be able to survive with some skillful play here. Then will come the boss fight.

Boss Fight - Purple Captain:

He's very easy to beat. You can attack him directly for up to 4 hits before he will parry you. But if you see a yellow fist icon above his head, make sure you counter him because his attack hurts a lot! If you have any super meter, then be sure to use level 1 super moves on him. I would suggest ignoring his henchmen here if you can. If you have enough health it shouldn't be a big problem if they damage you while you attack the Captain. Just focus solely on him, counter him, hit him 4x and use a super move and he'll go down with little to no effort.

After the fight, if you've been picking up every single red nose up to this point, there's a good chance you will now have the new level 3 super move unlocked. With this super move you can literally instant kill every clown enemy in your attack vicinity. To do this move, press and hold the cn_B button until fully charged then let go. You can easily clear Outhouse sections now by destroying the outhouse and using this level 3 move on the remaining enemies (provided you have 3 super bars filled). You will also unlock:

Full Power!

Unlock the Tier 3 Supermove

Full Power!
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If you don't have this yet, then don't worry. This achievement should unlock for you very soon after picking up a few more red noses. After you defeat the Purple Captain, activate the catapult to finish the act stage.

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