Mass Effect

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Mass Effect Achievements

Most Earned

Distinguished Service Medal25 (25)Complete Eden Prime
Spectre Inductee16 (15)Player is Spectre
Medal of Exploration56 (50)Land on an uncharted world
Search and Rescue11 (10)Found Liara in Artemis Tau Cluster

Least Earned

AI Hacking Specialist43 (15)Use AI Hacking 75 times
Medal of Valor142 (50)Complete Insanity Playthrough
Neural Shock Specialist41 (15)Use Neural Shock 75 times
Asari Ally54 (20)Complete the majority of the game with the asari squad member
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Second Take: Mass Effect 3

Red. Blue. Green. Three choices that defined a series that stood among the best of the generation. Public perception would call it one of the greatest failures in storytelling ever to grace gaming. I'd call it one of the best.

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Welcome to the Future

Video games return to the science fiction genre perhaps more often than any other. But look around, some of our favorite stories are coming to fruition all around us. Science fiction is becoming science fact.

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TA Top Five: Gaming Things We're Thankful For

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we've compiled a list of things for which we are immensely thankful when it comes to our favorite hobby. Like mashed potatoes, there's plenty of thanks to be given, so come share yours too!

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