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The five best Xbox Game Pass games

Firing up a new Xbox console, or just getting ready for a good chunk of holiday gaming time? If you're looking for a starting point, we've picked out a few of the best Xbox Game Pass games available right now.

Posted 1 year ago by Heidi Nicholas

Vote now for June 2020's TA Playlist game

So many amazing games as runners up, we thought they deserved a second chance. Vote now for next month's TA Playlist title.

Posted 2 years ago by The TA Playlist Team

Sam's favourite Xbox games of the decade

To supplement our Game of the Decade voting event and to perhaps give you some inspiration, we're releasing a series of articles from our writers, as well as a round-up of our volunteer staff's picks for GOTD.

Posted 2 years ago by Sam Quirke

Vote now for February 2020's TA Playlist game

Four more games are vying for your vote, with love and bromances taking the centre stage. Will you pick A Way Out, Gears of War 3, Mass Effect 2 or Saints Row: The Third?

Posted 2 years ago by The TA Playlist Team

The Best Xbox Games on EA Access

EA Access first came to Xbox in 2014, and its collection of EA titles includes many highly rated by our community.

Posted 2 years ago by Heidi Nicholas

Vote Now for the Final TA Playlist Game

After nearly three awesome years, TA Playlist is coming to a close. We are going out with a bang, with four of the biggest and most beloved games of the last decade and a half. Vote now and play along all throughout December!

Posted 2 years ago by Mark Delaney

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