Mass Effect 2 (JP)

Xbox 360Backwards Compatible

Mass Effect 2 (JP) Achievements

Most Earned

Missing in Action5 (5)Save your crew from an overwhelming attack
Very Elusive10 (10)Return to active duty
Fashionista5 (5)Personalize your armor in your quarters on the Normandy
Prospector5 (5)Retrieve mineral resources by scanning and probing a planet in the galaxy map

Least Earned

Insanity144 (75)Complete the game on the "Insanity" difficulty level without changing the setting
Power Gamer16 (10)Reach Level 30 with one character
Warp Specialist23 (15)Warp the barriers of 25 enemies
Incineration Specialist22 (15)Incinerate the armor of 25 enemies
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