Mass Effect 3

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Mass Effect 3 Achievements

Most Earned

Driven5 (5)Return to active duty.
Bringer of War
Bringer of War10 (10)Chase down an assassin.
A Personal Touch
A Personal Touch10 (10)Modify a weapon.
Shopaholic11 (10)Visit a store in the single-player campaign.

Least Earned

The One and Only
The One and Only105 (50)Defeat a group of Spectre-level opponents on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity.
Technical Issues
Technical Issues51 (25)Investigate a strange occurrence in the combat simulator.
Simulated Hero
Simulated Hero49 (25)Score 9999 points in the combat simulator on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity.
Meticulous94 (50)Complete all the Command Center side-missions on Omega.
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