Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview


Welcome to Max Payne 3 Walkthrough! This game can be considered as one of the hardest Third Person Shooter games. Most of the enemies in this game have pretty high accuracy that can kill you (or put you in Last Man Standing) in short amount time if you aren't careful enough and it's even worse in Hard or harder difficulty. Don't worry, though! This walkthrough will try to help you get through all the hardest part and unlock all achievements as smoothly as possible.

This Walkthrough will divided into 3 parts, Single Player, Multiplayer & DLC. Here's an overview.

Single Player (Story / Arcade Mode)

There are total of 35 achievements (37 achievements if include DLC) for Story and Arcade Mode, but it will take you a long time to unlock all of them. You have to complete the story at least 5 times (6 times if include DLC) to fully unlock all Single Player related achievements.

Stackable - You can complete the story on Hard to unlock "Serious Payne" (Complete the game on Hard) and "Feel the Payne" (Complete the game on Normal) achievements.

Here is all basic playthrough information:

1. Complete the game on Hard with Free Aim, this can skip a extra playthrough. When you complete this, you will unlock Hardcore and Old School Difficulty as well as New York Minute. During this playthrough, we will collect all collectible items* and complete most of the cumulative achievements as well as some story (chapter) related achievements.

* This game does have collectible items. They are Golden Guns and Clues. For Golden Guns, you have to collect 3 parts for a single gun. When all parts collected, that gun will have golden paint job and some effect of it (I will talk about it in General hints and tips). Clues will tell you more about the story or anything about it.

2. Complete the game on Old School with Free Aim to help you prepare for Hardcore Difficulty.

3. Complete the game on Hardcore with Free Aim.

4. Complete New York Minute (Soft Lock / Free Aim), New York Minute is set on Normal difficulty. You have to complete a chapter to unlock another. That means you have to complete chapter 1 to unlock chapter 2. Complete all chapters to unlock "A New York Minute " achievement and unlock New York Minute Hardcore.

5. Complete New York Minute Hardcore (Free Aim). Don't be confused - this is not the same as New York Minute and is not in Hardcore Difficulty (Normal difficulty only)! This mode requires you to complete all 14 chapters in a single sitting with time limit! So if you die, fail a single objective or quick time event, you have to complete it from the beginning again.

6. DLC only - Complete Challenge Mode (Soft Lock / Free Aim). You will unlock a chapter by completing the same chapter on Story Mode. This mode work similar to New York Minute, you have to complete a challenge within time limit in a checkpoint to continue (checkpoint challenge). Complete all chapters to complete it. More information about it can be find on Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack (DLC).

For Single Player completion, you will need 25+ hours to complete it base on your skill and how much time you take to complete a chapter or the game. For New York Minute Hardcore, you will need a lot more time if you fail or die. A complete playthrough for New York Minute Hardcore requires about 3 hours of playtime.


Multiplayer mostly is about versus (Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC Pack does contain a Co-op Mode). There are 11 achievements (30 achievements if include DLC) for multiplayer and most of them can be boosted if you have enough boosting partners (you can play it legit but will require more time to unlock some achievements).

A few achievements require you to complete in a specific multiplayer mode. More detail will be explained in both the Multiplayer & DLC Walkthrough Pages. This game also has level based achievements and requires some time to complete it, especially get to the top level (Level 50).

Overall Multiplayer is easier if you have boosting partner to help (shorten completion time). It should take you another 30+ hours base on your skill (how much XP you can earn in a game) and what mode you choose to play. If you have some or all DLC pack, you will need few more hours to complete all of them for completion.


For base game completion (1,000 GamerScore) you will need 55+ hours to complete it. If you have all DLC Pack, you will need minimum of 60+ hours to complete the game (1,665 GamerScore).

I hope you will enjoy this walkthrough and hope this walkthrough will help you unlock all achievements as soon as possible. Before we head to Single Player and Multiplayer, you should take a look at next page to learn more about the controls and extra tips on how to perform better in this game.

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