Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Below I will show you some tips to help you get into the action. You will learn most of the tips and control on the first chapter of the campaign. (First playthrough only)

- Bullet Time

If you want to kill a enemy in bullet time, press cn_RS and aim at a enemy and kill him in slow motion, you can look at how much bullet time you have on your UI in the bottom right, beside your health bar.

- Shootdodge

When moving, press cn_RB + cn_LSc to any angle to shootdodge, you will be in slow motion until you touch the ground. If you have no bullet time, you still can use Shootdodge (in slow motion) to kill the enemy.

- Cover

Press cn_X to get into Cover, and press cn_X or cn_LSc to leave the cover.

- Roll / Run

Double tap cn_A to roll, you can use this to move faster when going up / down from the stair / in bullet time. Hold cn_A to run.

- Bullet Cam

Final kill cam, this will happen when you kill the last enemy in a checkpoint. During the tutorial, it seems like the game wants your enemy to have more holes in his body... Press and hold cn_A to slow down the bullet cam, you can shoot more bullets until the cam ends (pretty useful in Arcade Mode - Score Attack).

- Painkiller (There is a health regeneration but it's limited to when you are very close to death)

If you are low on health the game will have a pop up to show you how to take (eat) a painkiller for the first time. Press cn_up to take a Painkiller and heal yourself. Always keep your health above 50% to avoid going into Last Man Standing or dying. If you survive Last Man Standing, all Bullet time will be lost (if you have any).

* Difficulty will affect how much health is restored.

- Ammo (Not included)

In some chapters, there is an ammo crate. You can use it to refill some ammo.

In most of the chapters, you have to get the ammo from the enemy to refill.

- Extra Ammo and Painkiller when dying too much in same checkpoint (Not included)

You can only have 9 Painkillers (maximum) at the same time.

Note: You won't carry any painkillers and weapons to another chapter.

In Easy, Medium Difficulty - Dying 3 times will give you 1 extra Painkiller. (Maximum of 9 Painkillers)
In Hard or Higher Difficulty - Dying 5 times will give you 1 extra Painkiller. (Maximum of 2 Painkillers - if you start with 2 Painkillers and die 5 times, you will get no extra painkillers)

Each time you die you will have at least one full clip of ammo when you restart the checkpoint.

Expert tips:

- Collect all Golden Gun parts for a single gun

You will note that the gun not only has a golden paint job, but the gun will also have extra effect. For most of the weapons (pistol, machine guns, etc...), you will have an extended clip, which means you can shoot more bullet before you have to reload.

Example: Mini-30 (Rifle) - Normally it will only have 10 bullets/clip, but the golden version will have 20 bullets/clip.

For some of the weapons like the revolver, the golden gun will do little more damage than usual.

So collect all of them as quick as you can. They are very useful, especially in Hard and Hardcore Story Walkthrough.

- Quick Reload

Some of the single-handed weapons like Revolver need a very long time to reload before you can shoot again. There are 2 ways to reload faster.

Dual Wield - Simply dual wield with another gun. You will find that revolver reload times are almost the same as other guns!
Shootdodge - It works with almost every gun. During Shootdodge, you will perform a very quick reload or near instant reload. You can also press cn_B to reload the gun by yourself.

- Quick Shooting (Cover tips)

Enter Bullet Time -> Aim at enemy position -> Get back to cover -> End Bullet Time -> Aim and kill (quick) -> back to cover

Detail: Use bullet time to aim at a enemy (if you sure he will stay in the same cover), then get back to cover with no lock-on and end the bullet time effect. (Don't worry since you will always aim at the same place as long as you don't move your camera). When enemy pop their head / body up, quickly aim, shoot to kill and get back to cover. Most of the time you will not get shot (and you'll earn extra bullet time too!)

- Melee Tips

If you want to kill enemy with a melee kill but don't want to get shot, you can try this (works well in short to medium range):

* To roll, press cn_A twice.

Bullet Time -> Shoot a bullet to a enemy -> End the bullet time effect -> roll / run -> Enter bullet time -> roll / run -> melee kill (medium range)

If a enemy is a little bit farther away and you want to kill him with a melee kill, enter bullet time first and then shoot his body. Since he will act like a actual human, he will not shoot for little bit as he is in quite a bit of pain. End your bullet time effect and get close to him (roll / run) until he tries to shoot again. Then enter bullet time and roll again until you are close enough to melee him.

Bullet Time -> Roll -> melee (short range)

If a enemy is close enough, you can simply enter bullet time and roll (lower chance to get shot) until you are close enough to kill him with a melee. If there is more than 1 enemy and you are close enough to the enemy you just killed, repeat the process for another quick kill.

- Last Man Standing

If you get into Last Man Standing (the screen turns grey and in slow motion) and see that there are few enemies in front of you, you will have few seconds to kill all of them before you die. You can kill all enemies other than the enemy who killed you first and then kill him at last to get some quick and safe kills. (If you have aim assist, the camera will always aim at the guy who killed you first)

- Low on Bullet Time

Need Bullet Time?

Use any bullet time you have and aim at your enemy (if they have body armor, aim there), then quickly end the bullet time effect and shoot. You will actually earn more bullet time than you have used. (It's not suggest to do this in Hard or higher difficulty unless you are in cover)

Headshot kills or groin shots will also give you a big boost to the bullet time bar.

- Enemies coming / reticle still up?

Sometimes you will see the reticle point (mark) even you haven't locked on with cn_LT. That means there is a enemy coming or you still have enemies around the area you are in. If you don't know where the enemy is and don't want to be caught from behind, press cn_start to pause the game and move your camera with cn_RSc to look around to find the enemy.

For Specific Game Modes like New York Minute tips, please look at their own page on this Walkthrough.

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