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  • jimmyclutchmanjimmyclutchman210,902
    27 Dec 2013
    29 3 5
    When a game comes out of nowhere for me and I buy it on a whim its because I see a game that is truly a winner. Max: curse of brotherhood is a tricky platformer in which you use your magic marker in order to save your brother from the evil Mustacho. It perfectly blends the environment with the use of your only weapon. A powerful magic marker that can draw various things such as vines, branches, water streams, etc. This cute yet challenging game really sets high hopes for me when it comes to future next-gen platformers in the future.

    STORY: You play as Max, a brother hating boy who casts his younger brother away with an evil spell. Then for personal reasons ("Mom is gonna KILL ME!") decides to get him back. He goes through 21 levels of puzzling fun to get his brother back from Mustacho. The evil sorcerer guy who looks mischievously like Jack Nicholson. The story is a nice addition but not the defining factor of the game.

    GAMEPLAY: With his only weapon being a marker with magical abilities, you must utilize your surroundings throughout the game. This gives you a few moments in the game where personally i had no idea where to go or what to do. But the the gameplay is smooth and personally I experience no in game lag or anything of that sort but I did hear somewhere of some lag during the game.

    ACHIEVEMENTS: The collectables are not too much of a pain I actually enjoyed getting them and their placement seems well thought out rather just tacked on wherever they seem to fit. The others include beating the last two levels without dying (actually not as bad as you would think) and many other story related achievements. Relatively easy overall.

    MISCELLANEOUS: Throughout the game there are a few side things that are going on that very much add to the game such the feud you have with a giant monkey king-kong like monster (the beast). Also the occasional slide scene is something very prevalent in the game and is something I am a fan of.
  • Cyp12Cyp12215,459
    09 Feb 2014 09 Feb 2014
    18 8 5

    Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is 2.5D side-scrolling platform game. It is a sequel to Max & the Magic Marker - which actually I did not have a chance to play.

    The story line is very simple:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I am not a fan of arcade games... as very often they are all about arcade. This one makes you think.

    Why this arcade-logical mix is so good? I will try to answer in the review below.

    Gameplay / Controls / Fun (36/40)

    From the very first level you are being challenged, even while learning the basics. The challenges are quite simple at the beginning and are getting harder and more complex in time. As challenges I mean both: typical arcade ones (when you need to do things and hurry, like run, climb, jump, etc.) and logical (when you need to figure out things first without any rush).

    Arcade part is not too hard. Usually I could overcome a challenge with my 2nd or 3rd try. Logical part difficulty increase as we play. Max is also getting new skills once a while, which constantly makes the game more complex. For me each new level was never too easy and never too hard. Very often I was asking myself a question: "what should I do next?" and on the very next second I was already able to slowly move forward. I've died many, many times while playing each level - but I was able to quickly learn from that and move another step forward. The game encourages you to try things out... not just stand and think... but actually do something. And this is a great achievement for developers to find this perfect balance for both: arcade and logical aspects.

    It took me 12 hours to complete this game. I believe this is the only negative aspect I can think of... It really could be 4-8 hours longer... therefore I rate this overall experience at 90%.

    Graphics / Next Generation (30/30)

    Graphic is beautiful (Full HD) and smooth (60fps) all the time. While playing other Xbox One games like FIFA14 or NBA2K14 it could be seen that majority of the code was taken from old generation consoles and graphic was improved, but only in some aspects. This game was made and 100% optimized for next generation. This can be noticed in every single moment of a game-play. With each new location we can admire new scenery... and every single one is really nuanced.

    I really cannot find any negatives in this aspect - therefore maximum score for me.
    If that's how arcade games are going to look on next generation consoles... I just can't wait to see more.

    Sound / Music (8/10)

    Music is quite good, however all the game sounds and voice are really great. I really like Max voice, especially while performing some difficult jumps... it really enhances overall game experience. Also the voice of a "guide" is mysterious and a bit magical... therefore it fits perfectly in with the gameplay.

    I rate this aspect on 80%.

    Achievements (20/20)

    There are total 36 achievements:
    - 14 achievements - Main story related
    You will get these in your first play-trough

    - 8 achievements - Cummulative
    You should also get all of these in your first play-trough - I just got it without even trying.

    - 8 achievements - Collectibles
    I do not like all kind collectibles related achievements - as very often they are being used to extend the time required to complete the game. This one is different, therefore it should remind all other developers (i.e. Rockstar) what collectibles are all about.

    On each level you need to find 3-5 evil eyes and 1 piece of medallion. In most of the cases you should spot them without any problems - however yet again, you are being challenged to actually collect them. To get all of them you need to pay attention to all the details in your surroundings. And no guides/walkthrough are really required... Yes, I must admit I've used guide 2 or 3 times, but I was mad on myself each time I did that.

    You can always check your collectible's progress in the level selector and restart a level if required.

    - 6 achievements - to complete a level in a specific way (i.e without dying)
    I really like when achievements makes you to masterize some aspects of a game. And usually I leave them as the last to unlock. When I completed the game only 6 achievements remained for me. I had to go back to the first-easy levels and complete them in a single run or with additional difficulty added... as well as to complete the final boss without dying. It is a wonderfull way to have a closure of this game.

    To summarize, I rate achievements with a maximum score.

    Summary (94/100)

    This game is all about fun with its beautiful next generation look
    I highly recommend this game to everyone - not only for kids.
    It is also great for newbies into console/gaming world.
    My overall score is 94/100 and as 90+ game it is a solid 5 star rating for me.
  • Skycaptin5Skycaptin5679,974
    04 Jan 2014
    12 7 1
    The Curse of Brotherhood throws you right into the story of Max and his brother of which you send into some crazed world after quickly searching online for spells. It was quite amazing how fast he search and the fact that he really didn't do any cross-referencing, though nonetheless that is basically all the back story you get. Max gets annoyed of his little brother Felix and outcasts him for you to jump right into this mystical portal to get him back. From this stand point you are tasked with travelling across a variety of differing terrains solving a many puzzles and collecting items whether that be hidden amulet chunks or in the wide open eye tentacle things that have been strewn across the landscapes. The adventure and thrill of the game is quickly apparent as you must make many quick paced decisions that spell life or death for Max in quick time events that take place every now and then. What really makes this whole experience neat is the element of Max being a child and having all these enemies attacking where you really aren't fighting back, but are using the environment or puzzles traps to your advantage. At some point near the start you are given this magical crayon type drawing utensil that will gain abilities as you make your way through the worlds. These go as far as lifting mounds of Earth, growing vines to swing on or manipulating water amongst them. It is really interesting being able to manipulate the environment and create your own shapes at certain times, though sometimes I would sit there to think about what shape I could even produce to solve the puzzle. This actually created some slow moments where everything would be frozen with me trying to think of how to continue the level whereas some just popped in my head and this misbalance could turn people away from the game. Overall the worlds looked just amazing from Jungles to Lava pits and every space that I came across in-between. The whole game just seemed to flow so well until hitting one of those annoying spots, other than that most the puzzles felt right.

    Everything within the world looked amazing with very kind spawn points and intensely quick load times that were very pleasing. It was just at times I felt certain puzzles or areas were just pure luck to come across and a certain monster area I was only able to beat on the fact that is actually glitch froze for me. That was another issues where a number of times I was getting stuck or certain environmental aspects didn't work and I had to go back to the last checkpoint. The mechanics for drawing more of your world made it feel more unique
    than really any platformer that I have played in awhile. Story telling seemed to be left out of the most of the game and to be honest it didn't need to be there based on the fact of whether you cared for the characters. Some may relate to saving the brother scenario though by the end of it I felt good with how it played out, but didn't care at all about the pair.

    The Conclusion
    Max and the Curse of Brotherhood is definitely the best of its kind at the current moments and one of the standout titles for Xbox One digital. It looks stunning at every moment, will challenge your puzzle solving creativity. Though what I guess is the intended market may have a lot of difficulty with some of the puzzles and may get slightly angered at it. Overall it is definitely worth it to check out the game and enjoy one of the most interesting puzzle solving platformers that I have played.

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    Gave Max and the Curse of Brotherhood 7.2/10