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MechaNika Achievements

Most Earned

Busted!10 (10)You interrupted a poor girl while she was in the toilet.
Meal dealer
Meal dealer40 (40)You exchanged your meal for some spray cans.
Shines like new!
Shines like new!10 (10)You flushed the dirty toilet in the school.
Fried chicken
Fried chicken10 (10)You tried to leave school.

Least Earned

RoboNerd42 (40)You won the RoboPodcast quiz!
Straight Edge
Straight Edge105 (100)You completed MechaNika without a clue.
Free pass
Free pass105 (100)You didn't spend any money to complete MechaNika.
Welcome to the NikaCave
Welcome to the NikaCave52 (50)You discovered Nika's secret lab.
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MechaNika Review

What do you do when you're 7 years old, your family pays little attention to you, and nearly everyone you know annoys you? Well, in Nika's case, you make a plan to destroy the world.

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