1. MechaNika Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello and welcome to the MechaNika walkthrough! This is the second game brought to us by Mango Protocol, following the release of Agatha Knife. If you've played Agatha Knife previously, you'll have a good idea of what to expect. If you haven't, I'd suggest playing that one as well, as Agatha is featured in this game and her interactions aren't nearly as fun if you haven't experienced her story. However, you can certainly play MechaNika on its own, too.

Nika is a very unique and interesting character and you'll soon see why. She's a seven year old with a brilliant mind and a plan to destroy everything in the world that is boring, pointless or doesn't like her. Armed with a chocolate drink in her backpack that just might contain a shot of cognac, she sets out to create MechaNika to eliminate everything in the world that isn't cool.

She's intrigued by magnetic fields, electrical engineering and the transfer of energy, with all of this contributing to her master plan of creating MechaNika. We'll be finding objects in her neighborhood to accomplish this and then we'll combine them in our backpack inventory to use them. Once all objects are found, we can complete Nika's project and complete the game.

The completion should take you just under an hour and it will be an easy one. We will be doing one playthrough and there are no difficulty settings to worry about. There are a few collectibles in the form of MechaNika parts that we need to find, all of which are easy to obtain.

This game will appeal to fans of both Adventure and Point and Click games, as well as to those who are looking for a fast, easy completion. I thought this game was a really good successor to Agatha Knife. Both games are set in the same world and are connected, especially by the appearance of Agatha in this game. While the walkthrough will guide you from one point directly to the next in order to unlock the achievements, feel free to explore along the way and talk to characters or interact with objects. You'll experience more of the game and Mango Protocol doesn't hold back on the (sometimes twisted) humor, which definitely adds to the charm of MechaNika.

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