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    A more serious review. Sorry, no balls jokes here.

    2007 was not a good year to be Medal of Honor. Not only was this right after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but this was also the time we loathed and despised World War II shooters. Not to mentioned the more recent games in the Medal of Honor series (Rising Sun and European Assault) were "meh at best" console games.

    As a result, Medal of Honor: Airborne was critically overlooked and dismissed as "another damn World War II shooter." Since Medal of Honor essentially kick started the WWII FPS genre back in 2001, it's worth a look, particularly if you're like me and just love playing games based on the Last Great War.

    None of this "Modern Warfare: Afghanistan" crap that the new "Medal of Honor" (i use the name lightly) brings forward.

    The question is: is it still worth shooting Nazi's?

    The plot is stock WWII material, if I said anything other than "you're fighting Nazi's somewhere in Europe" then it would be unique. The hook of Airborne is that you're, well, part of the Airborne division (which is a fancy way of saying "elite paratrooper"), and of course this comes into effect. You start each of the six missions jumping out of an airplane, and parachuting to wherever you please. It's an interesting idea, but not a deep one, since you only have two real landing zones: "Safe Zones" (marked by green smoke flares) and "Dead Zones" (pretty much everywhere else). Kicking a Nazi in the back of the head before landing is oddly satisfying though.

    The actual gameplay is pretty stock as well, but it works. You can't move and shoot while ADS (aiming down sights), unless you hold another button, but you have a great lean feature while aiming. You have the ability to sprint from a crouched position and go back to crouching when you're done running; a great cover-to-cover tactic.
    Weapons are standard WWII material, but the more kills you get with them, you can gain upgrades for them, which could mean more ammo, more damage, or less recoil. And man, that recoil is beastly.

    The levels themselves are somewhat open ended, in which you can do the objectives in any order you please, with one or two

    The presentation is top notch, as it always has been in the series. Visually the environments look appropriately ruined (except for the crap Unreal Engine which takes A DAY to load textures), and the soldiers look detailed. The AI is a little dim (I’ve seen Nazi's often run right by me), but they can still hold their own.

    Some scenes are simply spectacular. One in particular on the final mission has you witnessing your plane literally getting torn apart by AA fire before jumping. Another ends with a climactic battle in Nazi occupied ruins. The "meat" of the game only truly shows itself in the last few missions, but man, it's worth it to get that far.

    The soundtrack is absolutely stellar. It reminded me a lot of Turning Point of all things (and NO, that's not a bad thing; amazingly), because I think it's the same composer. Several of the tracks are even revamped versions of tracks from Allied Assault. It's just awesome remembering the older, pre-COD days while hearing those tracks.

    There is an online component, which has team deathmatch and a capture the objective mode, but it's hardly worth mentioning since nobody plays online anymore. There is support for up to 18 players, but i've never seen more than 6 tops. The online itself isn't bad, but pretty much everyone you find is either a noob or someone who just camps with the anti-tank rifle.

    All and all, Medal of Honor has always been a terrific series that both provides a cinematic gaming experience and a fitting tribute to those that fought in the second world war, and Airborne is no exception. Sure, the game is a little on the short side, and there's hardly no innovation in the gameplay, but if you just feel like shooting some more Nazi's, it's at least worth enlisting in the Airborne division for a weekend.

    It's just too bad that the series' more recent identity crisis means this may be the last time we put our boot up Hitler's boy’s asses.
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    So I went to my local Game Crazy last week and wa looking for a new game to play and saw Medal of Honor Airborne there for $16, so me being the WWII enthusiast I am, picked it up, and I have to say that the game blew my expectations away. I just thought that it would be like the earlier Medal of Honor games such as Rising Sun, and European Assault, and just be horrible.

    To my surprise I found MOHA to be a very enjoyable game. The levels are nice, and the whole do the missions in any order you want is pretty cool as well as you can get the harder mission out of the way before you go to the easy one and can go about them any way as well. Stealth, rambo, sniping, it's upt o you which I found to be great. The gameplay is pretty good as well, the game runs smoothly with no major problems from what I saw, framerate is good. The default control setup is very weird at first, but they do have a scheme that suits a more FPS experience with the controls similar to most FPS'

    Few things I really didn't like was the fact that there were only 6 missions, each about an hour long (depending on the difficulty). The hit detection isn't that well either. Shooting someone with the Kar98K in the chest and them still standing is frustrating. So is the sniping, and I hated that the Gewehr when fully upgraded had a scope on it. Unless you sqeeze the trigger and make the scope steady you will more than likely miss the shot.

    Overall it's not a bad game, but at the same time it's not a great game either. For $16 it was pretty fun, and an enjoyable experience. I really wasnt expecting much but I'm not really disappointed with the game. Achievements are easy, although the rank Multiplayer game ones may be a little harder since no one really plays the game anymore.

    I say, if you have $15 laying around and wanna try out a new game, get this used at Game Crazy or Game, or Gamestop or where ever your game store is. I would give this game a score of 7.4.
    05 Feb 2009
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    So I decided to finish this game, and remembered why I never finished it. The hit detection is way off. You attempt to shoot either by the hip or through the sights and it takes 5 to 10 shots to kill them, thats if they don't run up on you and melee you to death. I have played many shooter games on veteran none have ever make me yell at my t.v.

    The achievements are easy to get. The only two that will take awhile are the two multiplayer ones for 500 and a 1000 kills. They are not hard to get, but time consuming just because there is only 10 to 18 players on ranked matches at a time.

    You have to play through the game multiple times to get the achievements for causal, normal, and hard.