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    08 Oct 2009
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    Meet The Robinsons Review

    Not surprising with every Disney movie now comes with a video game tie in. Most look like programmers did a rush job with the game with a few voice over’s from the movie, this is not the case This game adaptation is one of the few that I enjoyed. While the game has all the characters from the movie, the game covers some sections that were not in the movie. So playing with the game will not spoil anything if you didn’t see the movie yet.

    Game Play. 7/10
    This adventure style game has you running from one location to the next playing mini games along the way. You either have to fight robots or figure out puzzles to advance to the next area. You have the standard jump, double jump and all the other moves with the standard adventure games. If you get stuck there is always a help option that points you in the right direction. The mini games are fun to play and are not difficult. Interaction with the objects in the background is a nice touch, especially when destroying them to find items. There are collectables that unlock different costumes and artwork to view later. There is no online option and there is an option to play the mini games separately from the adventure when unlocked. The overall game play is not hard and easy to learn.

    Graphics 7/10
    Playing from a third person point of view, you will notice that the game looks like as if you directing the animated movie. The game while not super high detailed is, sharp enough to make you feel you are in the animated movie.

    Sound and Music 6/10
    All the characters do seem to sound like their theatrical counterpart so there is some familiarity there. The background music of robots and such does add to the feel of the game. The music is not overpowering and does change from locale to locale.

    Very easy game to complete with no difficulty setting, should be shorter if you don’t bother with the collectables. No areas that will have you frustrated either.

    360 Achievements
    There are no glitched achievements for this game but if you miss a collectable and complete a chapter some will not be available and you have to restart the game from the beginning. I recommend using a guide to save the frustration of restarting from the beginning.

    This game is great for younger gamers with it being fun and long enough to keep their attention span. For the serious gamer is it short enough to get the full 1000 very easy. For the collector the pricing for a new copy is well below $20 and used is even less. With no online option replayability is close to none and would be a rental to most people.
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    Anorexic DwarfYou said: No areas that will have you FRUSTRATED either.
    You then said: I recommend using a guide to SAVE THE FRUSTRATION of restarting from the beginning.

    Some there must be a little bit of frustration?
    Posted by Anorexic Dwarf on 10 Apr 11 at 21:45
    t3chm4nI think he wanted to said: nothing is too hard to make you frustrated. But if you miss some missable achievement, you will be frustrated because you will need to start a new game...

    BTW, nice review!
    Posted by t3chm4n on 28 Oct 12 at 03:35
    Mo the SurferIt should be added that this game is not for little kids, it's built for teens and up. Little guys will get VERY frustrated with many of the puzzles.
    Posted by Mo the Surfer on 08 Dec 14 at 05:40