4. Meet the Robinsons Story Part 2 - Robinson BasementUpdate notes

Part 3 – Robinson Basement

Missable Achievement Requirements:

20 Scans – 58 Total at end of section

1 VR Disc

As far as I’m aware, you cannot return to this area once you’ve completed it so it’s imperative that you get all the scans and the VR Disc. All will be highlighted in this section of the walkthrough.

A lot of items can be scanned during this section that you will have already scanned in the house area so I won't repeat any. Walk up to the big orange doors and whip out your scanner. Scan the Robot Receptionist (Scan 39/130) and the Robinson Power Box (Scan 40/130) which is behind the receptionist to her left. You then need to use the disassembler on the Robinson Power Box and the then the charge glove to open the door.

In the next hallway there are lasers coming from the ceiling that prevent you from progressing, but you can scan one of them for Laser Scanner (Scan 41/130). The lasers themselves are quite easy to bypass. Climb the purple pot in front of you then go up on the ledge above that to move past the first laser. There’s nothing of major value in the gap between fences but you can disassemble the red doors for yellow components if you want. Jump past the next laser scanner to get to the next room.

Before dropping down into this room you can scan the Prototype Time Machine (Scan 42/130) in the back and The Camera Bot (Scan 43/130) that’s floating around with a laser detector in front of it. In the back right is a Robinson Hand Scanner (Scan 44/130) and the Time Lab Door (Scan 45/130). After scanning these, drop down for a short cutscene where the Camera Bot’s alarm goes off. To the left of where you drop down, there will be a scannable lump in the floor. This is a Lev Turret (Scan 46/130) which we will fight in a moment but you can scan it now.

Use the charge glove to kill the Camera Bot and the Lev Turret – the Lev Turret should take 3 hits – and then the door will open to the next area. Proceed through it. In the back of this next room in front of the fish tank is a Water Dispenser (Scan 47/130). You need to use the disassembler on this so a robot will come of a door on the left to repair it. You can scan the Maintenance Bot (Scan 48/130) when it comes out. You need to go through the door the Maintenance Bot comes out of so it might be best to do this in two goes if you aren’t fast enough (I wasn’t).

There’s a transmogrifier in this room and if you have been following the guide, you may be able to build an improved carrying capacity at this point. Once you’ve done this, disassemble the fan next to it and proceed and disassemble the next fan. You will be on a balcony above the prototype time machine. To your right are some more fans that hide a Disassembler Chest with concept art so it’s up to if you get this but you don’t need it. Sidle on the ledge above the time machine, disassemble another two fans and drop into a room for a fight.

Scan the Robot Sentry (Scan 49/130) and destroy it with the charge glove (around 4 hits). More robots will appear but before fighting them, scan the red Robot Sentry Dispatch Terminal (Scan 50/130) at the edge of the room and destroy both these and the Robot Sentries. Proceed down the tunnel once they are dealt with – there’s an Aid Station nearby if you’ve taken damage. At the end of this corridor is another Robinson Power Box so disassemble and charge glove it to make a ladder and climb up. At the top, go through the fan on the right, deal with another power box and climb the ladder. Destroy the Lev Turret at the top and follow the corridor to the next room.

This room is a bit annoying. It’s split into two halves. The first thing to do is take care of the enemies. There is a Camera Bot and two Lev Turrets in the left room so destroy these. There is another fan corridor here with concept art too. Once you’ve done this, there are three Power Boxes on the wall so disassemble all of them. You need to hit all of these from right to left if you are facing the switches, and then run past all three force fields in the right side of the room where you came in.

The easiest way to do this is to use manual aim like in the Train Room and hit all three switches at the same time. The first time there may be a cutscene which shows you what happens when you hit the switches. Once you are past this bit, the next part of the level will load up.

Disassemble your way through the corridor and at the end, a platform will lower and you will see a large room. To your left is another two platforms but you need to use the disassembler to get these to drop open. Jump across, drop down and sidle to the ladder to get to the ground floor.

At the bottom is a Soda Platform Power Switch (Scan 51/130) which forms the main mechanic for this next section.

Optional: Use the charge glove on the Platform Switch to make a floor platform appear. Cross it and kill the enemies then disassemble the Water Dispenser as before and go through the door the maintenance bot comes through. You can climb up here to get a blueprint but it’s not needed for game completion.

Activate the power box next to the door where you descended into this room. Two camera bots will come out so take care of them and the Robot Sentries they summon then go through the door. You will come out on the lower level and fight some more Camera Bots and a new enemy – The Armored Robot Sentry (Scan 52/130). To kill this one, use the disassembler then the charge glove, same as the power boxes. Scan it first of course.

To proceed, walk out onto the platform sticking out in the middle of the area and turn and face the side of the force field you can’t reach. Using manual aim, shoot the power box with the disassembler and the charge glove to lower the force field. For some unknown reason, the manual aim shots go further than lock-on.

With the force field lowered proceed onward. Use the soda switch to create a walkway and take out the camera bot on the other side. Activate the next walkway and walk as far as you can go. There will be a rotating power switch to your left. Hit this when it stops to activate the next walkway and follow it to the platform on the right with the Camera Bot. Kill the camera bot and scan the Soda Platform Turn Switch (Scan 53/130). The next bit involves turning the platforms and powering them to get to our destination. Stand on the Soda Platform then hit the turn switch – power the next platform and hit the next turn switch you can see in front of you to reach the next solid platform.

Scan the Robinson Soda Pack (Scan 54/130) to the left (the big purple bottles and kill the Camera Bots on the right which will open up the way forward.

Optional: If you power up the platforms again, you can run straight across and fight another Camera Bot who you can see in the distance. There is a chest here, but it only contains components.

Go down into the lift to get to the next area. There are more platforms to navigate here. There are two camera bots to your left but these can be ignored. Hit the power switch, step on to the platform and hit the turn switch twice. Move to the next platform, making sure to top up the power every now and then, and hit the next turn switch and then move to edge of the platform furthest away from where you started. Hit the turn switch in the distance to move the next platform and then run to the end where there is a chest and a camera bot. Kill the camera bot and then open the chest to get:

Before going back the way we came, take care of the power box which is to your right if you are facing where the chest is. You will need to use manual aim to get it. This takes down the force field blocking the exit of this area. Power up the walkways and you can follow them to the exit.

Optional but helpful: instead of going straight to the exit, take the last turn on the right on the powered-up platforms. Follow this ledge around for health upgrade 2. This is useful and if you got the other blueprints for health upgrade 1 and the carrying capacity increase, it will help you survive greatly. As before though, this isn’t needed but will make the playthrough less painful.

There is one last camera bot to take care of before we leave. Once this is done, head through the door. In the next room, you will need to fight four camera bots and Armored Robots to open the next door, walk through and the game will load the final area of the basement.

Directly in front of you are scans for Maintenance Door Generator (Scan 55/130) and Time Lab Maintenance Door (Scan 56/130). This next bit can be painful. Through the door on the left, you need to navigate through a room with lasers in that if they hit you, will kill you. Not that this is a big deal as you will just start at the beginning of this room again. The easiest way to the get across is to press cn_LB and use forward, left and right rolls to dodge the lasers and get across the room. In the next room, kill the three camera bots and sentries. This will cause a Generator Lens (Scan 57/130) to appear so scan it and hit it with the charge glove. A transporter tube will open up to put you back in the centre room. Another laser room will open up which is more painful than the last but follow the same pattern and you’ll get there.

The fight in the this room is the same again except with Lev Turrets so kill all the enemies, hit the Generator Lens and take the tube back to the central room and it’s time for the first boss fight.

First things first, scan the boss – Robot Guardian XL (Scan 58/130). There are six switches in this room, three on either side. You need to use the charge glove to hit the switches of the same colour then hit the corresponding generator lens to damage the boss. At the start, the lenses are already charged so hit one of them and the boss will de-power the others. He does this by shooting blue electricity out of his hands so wait until after this before hitting any power switches.

Power up the other Generator Lenses while trying to avoid the laser the boss fires at you. After hitting the boss with the other two laser shots, it will move to phase 2.

Phase 2 is the same as Phase 1 except the boss will launch missiles at you too. Targets appear where these are going to land (sort of) so try to avoid them while going for the power switches.

Phase 3 is the same as Phase 2 except the Generator Lenses are covered with something that needs to be disassembled. Try to do all three at the beginning then follow the same steps as before to defeat the boss. If you do die, you will start again at the Phase you died on so it’s not too hard. When he dies, you will unlock:

After the cutscene you will be at the Science Fair.

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