5. Meet the Robinsons Story Part 3 - Science Fair and Transit StationUpdate notes

Part 4 – Science Fair

Missable Achievement Requirements:

10 Scans – 68 total at end of section

3 VR Discs

This is another area you can’t revisit so make sure to get all scans and VR discs to avoid a second playthrough.

You will start outside the school entrance so begin by scanning the Joyce Williams Elementary School sign (Scan 59/130) then enter the school.

This level can get confusing as there are several areas you need to go to in a pre-determined order that take you all over the school. Not all classrooms need to be entered for story reasons, but we will need to go in these to get some missable achievements.

In the hallway if you press cn_LB, you should lock on to a locker that can be disassembled. Do so and a child will fall out. Scan him – Locker Boy (Scan 60/130). You can go into the classrooms here if you like but there are only materials from disassembling items in here.

Proceed into the cafeteria and the camera will pan to show the Bowler Hat guy in the kitchen. Scan him (Scan 61/130). There is also an Aid Station on the wall which is a new for this level and can be scanned (Scan 62/130) before proceeding up the stairs.

From where you entered the cafeteria, head down the corridor on your right. Use cn_LB to find another locker on the left side of the corridor and disassemble it to reveal The Other Locker Boy – scan him too (Scan 63/130). There is a classroom opposite the locker boy which has an Antique Disassembler Chest 1 in it so scan it (Scan 64/130) and then open it to get a new blueprint.

Go back to the cafeteria and head up the stairs. There are another two corridors up here. Go down the one you are facing (the other leads off to the left) and use cn_LB to find another locker. Inside this one is Hall Monitor Locker Boy who needs scanning (Scan 65/130).

Just before the locker boy on this floor is a classroom on the left. Go in here and disassemble the chest (it’s another Antique Disassembler Chest 1) to get a VR disc and an achievement:

Now head back to the cafeteria and down the other corridor. There is a locker on the left that can be target with cn_LB and disassembled for another VR disc and another achievement:

That’s all we can do for now before progressing the story. Come back out of this corridor and disassemble the railing in front of you. This will allow you to sidle on the ledge above the cafeteria past the clock on the wall. Once on the other side, disassemble the vent and drop into the kitchen. Bowler hat guy will run off and we have to chase him. He will drop notes on the floor that are pretty meaningless.

Head out of the kitchen, back into the cafeteria and down the corridor on the right to the end where the library is. Bowler hat guy is messing with the books. Triggering this cutscene unlocks the classroom to the left so head inside there. It’s dark and you can scan the Classroom Light (Scan 66/130) and then hit it with the charge glove to turn it on. You will see two bookcases on your right. Disassemble the big one and the vent behind it then push the smaller one under the hole so you can progress to the next room. Disassemble the next vent and drop down. Bowler Hat guy will run off again.

Go back to the cafeteria, go upstairs and down the corridor on your left. Bowler hat guy is in the science lab. After the brief clip, head back to the balcony above the cafeteria and go through the now unlocked classroom door to your left. Go out the window and sidle across to the next room. Bowler hat guy will run off again.

Come back to the cafeteria balcony and head down the other corridor to see Bowler Hat guy in… another library. There is the key to the janitor’s cupboard outside this room which will let you access the roof. Pick it up and head back down the other corridor to the cupboard. Climb the ladder to get to the roof.

Follow the roof all the way around ignoring the ladder for now and go back past the big skylight. Antique Disassembler Chest 2 can be found here so scan it (Scan 67/130) and disassemble it for another blueprint.

Go back and climb the ladder to the upper part of the roof. Scan The Big Boy Crane (Scan 68/130) – you may need to flick the right stick off of the power box to get the crane – then disassemble and charge glove the power box to smash the skylight.

Drop through the skylight to make Bowler Hat Guy run off again. Before chasing him though, look in the back corner for another chest which contains the last VR disc from this level:

After this, head back to the cafeteria and through the science fair door at the back to complete this section of the game and unlock the following achievement:

Now the real game begins.

Part 5 – Transit Station

Missable Achievements Requirements:

12 Scans – 80 at end of section

1 VR Disc (may be obtained later)

Defeat the champ at Chargeball

Note: At this point, I had three usable blue prints – health upgrades 2 and 4 and charge glove energy upgrade 2. Again, while these aren’t needed, health upgrade 2 is advisable at this point.

Head out of the lab and into the central room. Billie’s Train has been replaced with a monorail so scan the Monorail Call Box (Scan 69/130) and the Monorail Car (Scan 70/130). You can then ride the monorail to the transit station. You will be greeted by the robot who tasks you with destroying a load of robot ants. And then you will be attacked by said ants.

Same as with the robots from the basement, use the charge glove to take them out but remember to scan them first. There are two ants here, the Grunt Ants (Scan 71/130) take 4 hits and the big blue Solider Ant (Scan 72/130) takes 9-10 hits… for now. Once the danger is over, scan the Magma Industries Receptionist (Scan 73/130) and the Magma Industries Transport Tube to her right (Scan 74/130). Walk out of the door the ants came through and scan the Force Field 5000 (Scan 75/130) before all the ants are defeated otherwise it will disappear. There are a lot more of these later if you miss this one though. There is also a Magma Industries Aid Station to the right (Scan 76/130).

Activate the lift to go up to the next level. There are more ants to be defeated here and if you didn’t get the Force Field 5000 scan previously, now is a good time to do as there are only two Grunt Ants to start. Once the ants are dealt with, it’s time for the Protectosphere Course. It’s harder than the first one but the course isn’t too complicated. The fans can be tricky, you just need to time it right and move when you are at the highest point to progress. The record time is stupid so take your time and don’t worry about it.

At the end is a cut scene where you are introduced to the charge ball champ and you will have to face him at chargeball. Make sure to beat him as this has a missable achievement attached to it.

Chargeball is like blockbreaker where you use the cn_X button to fire shots to break your opponent’s blocks. Once all the blocks have been broken, you then need to hit a final shot into the goal to score. Against the champ, you will play three games where the game is a best of three goals. Sometime this can feel really cheap but if you feel like it’s not going your way, you can restart the match without penalty. When you win, you will unlock this achievement:

After the match, walk around the back of the big building in front of you to find a Magma Disassembler Chest 1 (Scan 77/130). Disassemble it for the VR Disc from this area and the achievement:

Go back around the front and use the transport tube to get back to the transit station (this is the small brown one – the big blue one starts the Chargeball minigame). Go through to other side to be confronted by a blue Soldier Ant. It now takes three hits with your new glove to kill him. Do so then activate the lift. Go across the bridge and scan Barry the Maintenance Bot (Scan 78/130) ahead of you. There is a chest behind him with a blueprint in it.

Talk to the robot and the way forward will be unlocked and ants will spawn. The Grunt Ants take one shot with the new glove so kill them and proceed down the next corridor killing ants as you go. At the end there will be a brief cutscene and then you need to defend the turrets against the ants. Scan the turret – Ant Defense System (Scan 79/130) and then start killing ants. Soon, a Sniper Ant will arrive so scan it (Scan 80/130). These are flying ants and you need to disassemble them to ground them and then charge glove to kill them – if they land on land. I had to use manual aim to hit some of these. Once you have destroyed enough ants, the shooting will stop and you can go back to the lift. There is an aid station nearby if needed.

The lift will take you to a monorail car which will take you back to the transit station. Talk to the receptionist and she will grant you the ability to travel to the industrial area – the next level.

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